2 days in Savannah GA – Travel guide to this Ghost Town

savannah things to do
Enjoying the pristine white sand stretch of Tybee

After our trip to Charleston, we three musketeers headed to the gorgeous coastal city of Savannah in Georgia. We had just 2 days in Savannah GA and I intent on making them count.

As soon as we arrived, I was simply amazed by our huge two story AirBnb with an entire backyard/ garden and 3 private rooms to ourselves. The decor was very victorian and might I add slightly spooky. With the floorbeds creaking with every little movement in the house, we were in for a few thrilling nights.

savannah airbnbs

Our cool Airbnb backyard – 100% private

Plus having signed up for the ghost walking tour on day 1 pretty much ensured I would have a hard time sleeping. The second night we went above and beyond and even purchased an Ouija board to summon the spirits of Savannah (After learning that Savannah is one of the most haunted cities in the US). I had to take a sleeping pill that night to ensure the spirits who visited us won’t haunt my dreams (or nightmares!).

However, Savannah is not just a famed ghost town 😉 – it has a lot more to offer. So, here’s my detailed 2 day itinerary for Savannah though I must say even a week is not sufficient in this magical fairytale town.

How to Make the Most of 2 Days in Savannah GA

Day 1 Savannah Itinerary

Highlights – Walking around town, Visiting Forsyth Park, Taking a Ghost tour

walking around savannah

Lovely historic houses in Savannah

Walking around the moss covered Oak trees in Savannah is a pure delight in itself. The city looks like it popped right out of a spooky yet enchanting fairytale.

moss covered oaks of savannah

Moss covered Oaks all around Savannah

I felt like it was love at first sight when I first started exploring Savannah. Eat in cool cafes, explore the parks and gawk at the beautiful houses – you can easily spend an entire day doing just that. However, with just few days in Savannah we had little time to smell the roses.

savannah ga houses

Forsyth park, spread across 30 acres is the largest and oldest city park in Savannah. The huge fountain in the middle catches the delight of many and getting a photo clicked here is pretty much a norm! So, we obliged, ofcourse.

Forsyth park

Forsyth park fountain

While you are at the park, grab a bite at the famous Collin’s Quarter at Forsyth. Sit outdoors to enjoy nature while having your cuppa.

Collins quarter at Forsyth

Collins quarter at Forsyth

If you have a sweet tooth (unlike me), you can head to waterfront for the world’s best pralines or grab a cold brew at the Warehouse pub.

Warehouse Pub

Warehouse Pub

Plus did you know in Savannah its perfectly okay to walk around with beer? So big hell yeah for drinking chilled beer on the streets while strolling around in the heat.

The highlight of the day and infact my trip to Savannah was surely the ghost walking tour at night by Tinggly experiences. The tour started at 9pm and lasted for 2.5 hours taking us to the top haunted spots of Savannah.

The most fun part were the K2 EMF meters they provided us to help us detect electromagnetic fields aka paranormal activity. Our K2 EMF meters were pretty much buzzing all throughout the tour which meant there was a lot of unusual activity in the areas we visited.

Ours was the only tour I found online with the K2 EMF meters, which I think were pretty cool. Check out tour details and book here.

We covered haunted houses and burial grounds and most of the time we were literally walking atop dead bodies as the entire city was just a burial ground (And hence the uneven pavements) – eeeks! We were spooked to the core especially when one person in our tour group happened to click a spooky white image atop a tombstone – I legit had goosebumps!

Here I took a video of spots we visited and how our K2 EMF meter worked/beeped – https://www.instagram.com/p/ChXRE0evZKD/

The most haunted spots in Savannah (For incase you want to do a DIY tour and walk around yourself) –

haunted house savannah

How spooky is this house? The story behind it is even spookier

savannah haunted places

Haunted houses galore in Savannah

most haunted in savannah

Yes even the church!

1. Madison Square
2. Colonial park cemetery
3. Lafayette Square
4. Chippewa Square
5. Wright Square
6. Oglethorpe Square
7. Sorrel weed house
8. Andrew low house

However, I would STRONGLY suggest booking one of these top rated ghostwalking tours in Savannah, GA as the stories and photos they share are unique and will drive chills up your spine. This experience is unparalleled and no DIY tour will offer this. So here’s my selection of the top 3 ghost tours of Savannah

#1 – Ghosts & Gravestones tour – This is in a trolley bus incase you don’t feel like walking for 2.5 hours or are traveling with seniors who need this comfort.

#2 – Psychic guided Paranormal Mystery tour – Go hunt for spirits in spooky Savannah with a psychic.

#3 – Haunted Pub crawl and Ghost tour – Want to have some late night drinks while you hear gory tales? This is the tour for you then.

#4 – The EPIC tour I took which is the only tour with the K2 EMF meters. Click here to buy the same tour. 

Day 2 Savannah Itinerary

Highlights – Tybee Island , Bonaventure cemetery, Tiki Bar & Ouija board night

Our day two was reserved for some fun at the beach. So we picked Tybee Island which is just 30 mins drive from the main city center.

The best way to reach Tybee island is by car. We drove all the way from Tennessee so we had our own wheels, but if you don’t fret not. You can easily take an Uber or Lyft or if you are like us and enjoy your privacy then simply rent a car in Savannah for convenience.

Tybee island

Entrance wooden planks to Tybee island

I really enjoyed the vast white sand beach stretch at Tybee. After a short swim we even saw Dolphins right about where we were swimming. I have never seen Dolphins so close to shore before in my life so this was a fun surprise.

savannah things to do

Enjoying the pristine white sand stretch of Tybee

The beautiful Bonaventure cemetery was on our way back to the city center so we decided to take a detour. It is magnificent with the most beautiful tombstones.

Bonaventure cemetery

Stunning tombstones at Bonaventure cemetery

It was heart warming to see families and even kids buried together but the cemetery itself with its moss-covered Oaks , nestled atop Wilmington river. It is very scenic and serene and a walk around is a must when you are in Savannah.

Wilmington river

Wilmington river

Our next stop was for a cooling drink at the Bamboo Room tiki bar.

the Bamboo Room tiki bar

The Zombie cocktails at the bar were a sure hit and added to the ghost town vibes. It was really cold inside the bar so I would recommend carrying a jacket.

tiki bar savannah

Yummy cocktails at the tiki bar

tiki bar savannah

Tribal interiors of the Tiki bar

For dinner, the best place we visited during on trip was Aligator Soul.

Aligator soul savannah

They serve exotic dish of the day which was ‘Nilgai’ – the blue bull from India. It was quite a surprise as we were expecting some African antelope. Plus the cocktails here were simply mindblowing in a great setting with smiling staff. Surely one of our best finds in Savannah.

exotic dish savannah

Nilgai anyone?

As we were wrapping up day two, we decided to head to Barnes and Nobles to buy an ouija board. We managed to invite a family of friendly spirits, had our share of goosebumps and respectfully bid them adiue. Now, I am not entirely sure how Ouija boards work but we were torn between the scientific and spiritual explanations. It was a good way to end our trip in the ghostly town.

Tips for Visiting Savannah, Georgia

  1. Be prepared for rains – carry good shoes, rain jacket and some board games for those indoor nights. You can also try an escape room in Savannah on those rainy days.
  2. For ease of traveling around the city and esp visiting places that are away from town, rent a car for a couple of days to ensure full freedom of movement.
  3. Always, always carry your travel insurance. I use the annual multi-trip insurance by Heymondo which is just perfect for my nomadic needs. I don’t have to buy or renew before every trip and its valid worldwide, plus it covers Covid 19 too. Click here to buy this annual worldwide insurance for 5% off as a WanderWithJo reader. You can also get this 5% discount on single trip or long stay policies here.
  4. Get your US E-Sim beforehand to avoid issues at airport/ in the city. I used Holafly eSIM for USA. Here’s my full review. Use coupon code “WANDERWITHJO” for additional 5% off 😉
  5. March to July are the best months to visit Savannah, GA. We visited in August and experienced a little downpour which I didn’t mind at all.
  6.  Get the Savannah tour pass which gives you admission to 30+ tours & attractions and a whopping 40% discount. Skip the lines and embark on your cultural journey with this pass.

Where to Stay in Savannah, GA

airbnb savannah

My lovely room at the Victorian house in Savannah

We picked this Airbnb for our stay and I would recommend one especially since it gives you a good idea of charming historic Savannah style houses. However, if you prefer hotels, here are a few top rated options in all budgets, though, in general, accommodation in Savannah is definitely not budget friendly.

Budget hotels in Savannah

I have selected some hotels based on rating over 6 and cost under $60 per night which is literally the cheapest accommodation in Savannah –

Days Inn by Wyndham Savannah Airport

Red Roof Inn Savannah – Southside/Midtown

Quality Inn Midtown Savannah

Mid-Range hotels in Savannah

You will have better luck with midrange hotels in Savannah as there are plenty of good options in $100 – $150 budget with 8+ rating –

The Thunderbird Inn – This lovely hotel in Historic Savannah is an excellent option in $100 budget, centrally located plus offers free breakfast – Surely, my top pick for hotels in Savannah!

Hilton Garden Inn Savannah Midtown

avid hotels – Savannah South – Gateway, an IHG Hotel

Luxury hotels in Savannah

These are a plenty and here are some top rated options with 9+ rating –

Perry Lane Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Savannah

The Marshall House, Historic Inns of Savannah Collection

Eliza Thompson House, Historic Inns of Savannah Collection

So this is how I spent my 2 days in Savannah, GA. Have you been to this ghost town? If so, share your favorite spots and ghost stories from Savannah in the comments below.

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