Who Else wants to Drive Insane Flipboard Traffic to their Blog?

Flipboard is a news aggregation platform which has been around for over half a decade. However, it has recently taken the travel blogging world by storm and with the lack of information on how to use Flipboard or benefit off it, I decided to write this guide. In this piece, I will brief all new users on how to get started, why you need to be on Flipboard, how to drive an avalanche of Flipboard traffic and a few minor drawbacks to consider.

Why Flipboard?

flipboard guide

I had been hearing about the massive rise of Flipboard for months before I finally decided to jump on the bandwagon – My initial hesitation being time management. I mean, who wants “Another” social platform, right? Wrong! 

Flipboard is by far the easiest way to drive free traffic to your blog, with the least amount of time spent! 

This was my first post to go viral on Flipboard drawing in over 7000 views in one day –

7 Hacks to Get Killer Airfare Deals

Easy to Get Started

From all the social media channels out there, Flipboard is the easiest to get started on. Simply download Flipboard for Android or iOS and you are ready with your free traffic generation machine. You can even use Flipboard for windows but I personally use both web based and app versions.

You Don’t need a Shit Load of Followers

This is the best part about Flipboard. You can start seeing traffic by just curating content (We will talk about it later in the article) without having a ton of followers at all. I have spent over 50% of my blogging time into creating a social presence and getting my vanity social digits up without seeing any drastic increase in traffic. All that effort from 1000’s of hours of trying to gain followers across social channels, was smashed by spending 30 mins per day on Flipboard for one week flat!

Least time Investment viz a viz other Social Networks

Since you don’t have to spend hours building your following, you can focus on “real” content curation which will help you gain traction of Flipboard. Give yourself 30 mins a day over 1-2 weeks of flipping/re-flipping and I can promise you WILL see a huge bump in traffic to your blog. That’s how little of a time commitment Flipboard is!

Maximum Potential for Viral Content

With my blog, I have tried every viral strategy possible and everything failed. From this mega round of post to this collection of my stupidest travel fails, nothing seemed to have worked. So 15 hour work days, ton of content, super round ups with popular bloggers, huge listicles, massive social sharing, multiple pins – nada – zilch! Okay so maybe on a good day, I could get 1000 visitors but that was about it.

However, Flipboard changed everything. I had my two biggest traffic days which results in so much traffic that it crashed my site – twice!

Here’s proof from analytics –

Massive flipboard traffic

My first big bump with Flipboard amounting to 7000 pageviews in one day

7000 pageviews a day might be small for some bloggers but compare it to my previous traffic which was less than that per month (well in the graph this huge bump makes it look like I wasn’t getting “any” traffic at all) – For me, it was a big win!

If you are an already established blogger with a lot of content that you can simply flip – imagine the kind of success you can get?

And now.. the interesting part..

How to Bombard Your Blog with Free Traffic Using Flipboard

Create Your Profile

Once you have downloaded Flipboard on your phone and PC, its time to get started. Add a small bio with a profile picture (or it will simply use your Facebook profile picture if you login to Flipboard using Facebook). Ensure you mention your brand name or website in profile bio for brand recognition. Click here to check out my Flipboard profile to get an idea of how to go about it.

Curate Kick Ass Magazines

The entire basis of Flipboard is to create curated magazines using your own content and mixing it up with any pieces you like in the same niche. For example if you are in the travel niche like me, your magazines would probably look like these –

flipboard magazines

My Magazines on Flipboard

Having an interesting magazine title and description with SEO keywords can go a long way. Featured magazines drive hoards of traffic each day. So, creating a solid magazine (similar to creating Pinterest boards) is the foundation of success on Flipboard. The more followers you have to your magazine, better the chances of being featured in your niche or even having your content “reflipped” (This term is used in similar way as resharing/repinning).

Gain followers

Getting new followers is not an integral part of the platform but the more people who follow you and your magazines, higher the chances are for getting your articles reflipped. To find like minded people to follow,  look at those who are commenting/ engaging in your niche. Another way is to follow followers of other profiles in your niche. You cannot click on “followers” of others from the Flipboard webpage but you can do that through the app. It is indeed the fastest way to gain new followers on Flipboard.

Engage, Engage, Engage

The entire setup of creating profile to curating magazines would hardly take 30-60 mins. Spare atleast an hour each day just to fill up your magazines. Reflip content from other similar curators and magazines. Just use search bar on top to find your niche, follow magazines of your interest and reflip, like and comment on relevant articles. Engagement is hands down the #1 way to drive genuine traffic and followers back to your profile.

Pro tip – Add your own posts through the web version of Flipboard which offers you an option to add a note “What’s interesting about this” before you choose a magazine to flip to. Use this space wisely with a short crisp description of your article using your main keyword.

Join Flipboard Threads

To get initial traction to your magazines and reflips you can join daily Flipboard threads on this Facebook group – Flipboard for Travel Bloggers (I personally use this as I am in the travel niche) or Travel Bloggers Mega Share for an on-going Flipboard thread which you can join as soon as you hit publish.

Get into a Habit of Checking Analytics

When you are logged on to your Flipboard account, simply click on the small graph in your bio or go here to check your analytics page. I love analyzing my traffic on GA and other social media

flipboard traffic

My Flipboard analytics dashboard

Share your newest Articles ASAP

Okay from my experience newer articles gain more traction (This could be because its a news site?) than old content. This does not mean you won’t get any traffic at all to them – it is still a great idea to diversfy, break down all your content and dump them into your Flipboard mags. In fact you can create magazines based on your website’s categories so that curation becomes easier.

Topics that tend to Work Well on Flipboard

Tips and deals do very well on Flipboard so any budgeting tips, coupons, special offers/fares , hacks are almost sure shot winners on this platform.

Tips from Fellow Bloggers Who Have Had Success with Flipboard

Since everyone has their own ‘strategy’, I decided to get a few bloggers here who have had huge success with Flipboard – Over 7-25k pageviews per day. They “must” be doing something right. Here goes –

Penelope Louise from TheFlyawayGirl

“For following people my strategy consists of checking out different boards in my niche and seeing where they ‘reflipped’ the content from. I then click through and have a look at that board and, if it’s interesting and relevant to my niche, I’ll follow the board. I also check out the person who owns the board (are they a flipper??) and I might follow them or some other boards they have!

Just be careful – it’s a total rabbit hole and you can accidentally spend hours on Flipboard going from board to board… I’m guilty of that!

I also like to comment on content that really peaks my interest or if it’s somewhere I visited and I have something valuable to add. Always add value – that’s the key!”

flipboard traffic screenshot

A screenshot of Penelope’s live GA traffic when Flipboard traffic was soaring

Allison Green from Eternal Arrival

“My biggest tip for Flipboard is to produce epic content. I created a huge monster post of 40 countries you can travel to for under $30 a day. I didn’t even Flip it myself — enough people must have that it got featured on Flipboard and I reached 25k pageviews over two days!”

Flipboard traffic Proof

Eternal Arrival’s traffic went through the roof – Thanks to Flipboard

Jamie Lee from A Bite of Culture

“I’ve found that I’ve had the best results with Flipboard when I:

1) Use feature images that fit Flipboard so the text of the image isn’t flowing off the side.

2) Use keywords that will tag my articles in the right category. This is not always easy because the algorithm that Flipboard uses is still not understood. It’s quite literally a guessing game, but I’ve found that if I want my articles to be categorized under “Travel”, I need to use the word travel a lot as well as use other keywords such as “plane” or “Europe”. This is what has worked for me.

3)  Listicles do best. Every single one of my articles that have gone “Flipboard viral” have been listicles. A couple examples include “10 Places in the American Southwest You Have to Visit” and “18 Travel Accessories Every Budget Traveler Should Have.

4)   Study what big accounts flip and what kind of articles they like. One account that flipped one of my articles that had over one million followers. From that, I got hundreds of flips from articles that had 50,000+ followers.”

flipboard traffic screenshot analytics

Jamie’s GA screenshot proves how she got over 15k sessions off two posts that were flipped

Paul Johnson from A Luxury Travel Blog

I enjoy relatively healthy traffic as it is (around 140,000 uniques per month), but still Flipboard spikes have a significant impact on the Google Analytics graph.

Here are the articles that saw significant spikes in traffic during January (the number of views is displayed on each article just below the title)


The URLs show the dates of the posts and you can see these largely correspond with three ‘peaks’ in the attached Analytics data.

Traffic screenshot of a luxury travel blog

A luxury travel blog saw big spikes in traffic when their content was ‘flipped’

I don’t have a great deal to offer in the way of tips since in each of these cases, the spikes happened as a result of others ‘flipping’ the content. You could say that, to some extent, it’s ‘luck’ but I also think you make your own luck. I post very frequently on A Luxury Travel Blog as we have multiple authors (we post new content – full articles – around 50-100 times per month) and, by virtue of doing that, whilst at the same time still focussing on quality, some of that content will get picked up.  The spikes are sufficiently significant that it’s made me focus more on developing my own Flipboard account – this is still in its infancy just at the moment but can be found at https://flipboard.com/@luxuryflipper

Drawbacks Of Using Flipboard as a Traffic Generation Medium

Crashes too Often

Flipboard app crashes all too often, there’s a cap on following people/ magazines too fast and sometimes you might have to refresh several times in order to follow someone or “Flip” an article. The app as well as the web version have constant errors and can be a deterrent to getting on the platform altogether. However, the idea of easy free targeted traffic is a great lure to keep going back.

Pro tip – If you experience any bugs/issues using Flipboard, their customer support is easy to reach and quick to respond. Simply head to Settings > Help > Contact Us on the app and they will handle the rest.

Traffic is short lived

Traffic is very short lived and lasts 1.5 day on average. You might have some overflow over the next few days but it is next to nil and you need to go back to your brainstorming sessions to create the next viral piece. So, it is continuous effort to build Flipboard traffic but in my opinion, with much better and faster results than any other social network.

The Verdict

Pros surely outweight the cons and Flipboard is a great source of generating traffic to any website across all verticals. Have any questions about Flipboard, write in comments below and I will answer them to the best of my knowledge. I know other bloggers who have had much better success with even 25,000 pageview days “just” with Flipboard (As mentioned above) so its high time to create your profile now.

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Happy Flipping!

Disclaimer – This post may contain affiliate links. Which means if you purchase anything at no extra cost to you, it adds to my travel kitty – Yay! 


  1. I’ve heard a couple of times about flipboard, but I’ve said like you, why would I need another social platform. Well, I think you made me try something new. Thx for sharing.

  2. Thanks for this overview – I’ve heard good things about Flipboard but unfortunately, my hosting platform does not support it as of now. The developers say they are working on it though, so I hope to be able to take advantage of these perks soon (I especially like the idea of curating your own magazine)!

    • It doesn’t depend on your hosting platform – i am surprised they wouldn’t support it or they can stop your content from being shared? You can even add a Flipboard extension to your chrome toolbar (like a Pinit/ SU button).

  3. Great tips. I’ve been flipping for a while and just love it! I hope this helps some other people get started. It’s so easy and fun. I love using it as an different news source for my hard news. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This has been super helpful and very detailed. Thanks for the post Jo!

  5. This is very helpful! I’m going to go back and follow your instructions for using Flipboard as a travel blogger when I have a little more time. Your article definitely convinced me that it would be worth my while.

  6. Haha my thoughts exactly- With sooo many social networks, its hard to choose. Hope you find success flipping

  7. Great article. I agree, as a Flipboard user, I have seen a spike in my own blog traffic. I am experimenting with other bloggers by adding their blogs to different magazines to see what happens in Google Analytics. So far many have been pleased with the spike in traffic. I just downloaded Flipboard 4.0. The app is revolutionary and it can take any blog and make it look amazing. I flipped your article “7 Hacks for for Getting Killer Airfare Deals” it caught my attention.

  8. To Do List for Tomorrow: Flipboard
    Thank you for this super helpful post. Fingers crossed for some success!

  9. Great Post Jo! Thanks for taking time to put it together. Did you also measure bounce rate from Flipboard traffic?

  10. Wonderful useful information. I will look further at Flipboard as a way to increase traffic to McCool Travel.

  11. Thanks for the great post. Flipboard has been popping up a lot on my radar recently, and I knew very little about it. I’ll be giving it a go!

  12. Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for: how-to guide with all details explained for a beginner. I had a Flipboard account for years, but rarely used it before (too many SM channels to managed anyway). For the past two months, all I hear is “Flipboard+travel bloggers”. Naturally, I became curious, but hesitant to add another beast to this wild SM flock. Looks like its worth a try 🙂

  13. Hey Jo, great post. Any insight on to what bounce rate should be for Flipboard. Mine was pretty huge, bigger than stumble upon. Wondering how I can work on that

  14. Great post with GREAT info – thanks so much for you insights.

  15. I learnt about your article from Rutavi Mehta of Photokatha. If you are getting a lot of traffic from Flipboard, then a hat tip from me to you. And if you are in Delhi, then let’s connect. Hope you get a million visitors every day. All the best.

  16. Thanks for the info. It doesn’t seem to be getting my articles out there 🙁

  17. Interesting post! I’ve been using Flipboard for a while now. Hoever, never thought about adding my blog posts to it. I am definitely giving this a try today. Thanks for the tutorial!

  18. Great post Jo,
    I experienced some hits and many miss, probably quite common LOL. The drawback of short lived is absolutely right. It’s like any Social Environment. you need to feed it on a constant basis and unfortunately what may work well on FB may not work with Google which means I end up writing for 2 days traffic, not ideal.
    It works very well though if you work on quantity (lot of posts), I believe, or/and lots of guest posts
    I also tried to contact some of the guys that flip the most, just to see if they are interested in articles I posted. In few cases worked well, actually even better, because the post was not really with a viral title or content. It was flipped by the right people and they added me to their RSS (which basically means I do not need to contact them constantly).
    This may be another option too.
    Have a great time and see you around 🙂

    • I agree, the more often you post, well more chances of having those “viral days” but I do prefer long term strategy myself aka SEO.
      Wow you got the big shots to put your blog on their RSS – That’s genius, Stef! How did this convert for you, in terms of pageviews back to your blog? I bet the snowball effect of multiple “power” flips adds up!

      • I am also more into a long term strategy, although the short term may help in creating new contacts. Basically I keep open all the opportunities, however my priority is on long term.
        Whenever I post articles of interest to these “influencers” (mostly on cameras stuff) I can see a few days of traffic increase, don’t think anything crazy, as the post is more into the niche, nothing viral. To give you a number probably 1500-2500 pageviews increase (in 2 days), it could be less or more based on the subject.

        • Well, Stef driving 1500-2000 odd pageviews literally on demand is pretty epic. Does this work for your fresh posts or even old posts? I have noticed best engagement when its content published same day.
          I have seen your photography first hand, so I am sure that “Camera stuff” you share is pretty “share-worthy” and useful 🙂
          Have you even tried affiliates w/t Flipboard? That’s another thing which has worked for few bloggers – $xxx+ a day with a single Flip of an affiliate post! You never know what gets noticed.

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    Rekha @ http://www.theunconventionalgirl.com

    • Well, I am confident you will see a dribble of traffic atleast if you follow the steps/tips 🙂 good luck!

  21. Thanks for this post Jo! Got me started on Flipboard and my results fluctuate but started almost instantly 🙂

  22. Awesome post Jo! I was recommended to read this post by my friend and it’s now convinced me to sign up to Flipboard! Thanks for sharing your tips and advice!

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