Disclosure Policy

Wander With Jo started as a travel blog where I would simply jot down my escapades and adventures.

As I grow as a blogger and a traveler, I have been approached by several establishments to review their travel products or services.

For footing my travel bills, sometimes I get paid by travel brands to write about them or mention them in my blog. In such cases, I always add a disclaimer at the end of the article to let my readers know. Sometimes, I get complimentary stay, meals, tours or activities and everything is disclosed for full transparency with my readers.

On December 1, 2009 the U.S. Federal Trade Commission released guidelines governing endorsements and testimonials, basically requiring bloggers to disclose whenever there might be hidden interests or unspoken biases related to recommendations.

So here’s my Disclosure Policy:

  • do use affiliate links in content at times. I will only recommend brands/products which I have used personally or believe in 100%. If you buy through my affiliate links, you don’t pay anything extra – infact , sometimes there are discounts and special offers.
  • If I ever receive compensation for providing any information, advice, or recommendations on Wander With Jo, I will always let my readers know.
  • If I ever receive compensation for mentioning any company or product on my travel blog, I will disclose it.
  • You can be assured that — whether or not I receive some benefit — anything I see or say will be covered as my own experience.
  • I won’t recommend a product or place that I didn’t like, just because it was free. Period. I am building trust with my readers and I always give my honest opinion, no matter what.

Feel free to contact me for discussing work opportunities with WanderWithJo or for any questions regarding disclosure policy. 

Thank you for your continued support.