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Travel across Asia through the most beautiful and most sought after destinations in Indonesia, Thailand, India, Philippines, Laos, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Nepal. Browse to discover amazing adventures and experiences. Meet new people and discover new cultures and learn a little bit more on where to go and what to do to add to your travel experience. Get valuable and useful content on food and travel in Asia all under one roof. Keep coming back for more Asian travel related info to mull over.

Apart from being the only holy place to three major monotheistic religions, Israel has a lot more to offer than you can imagine. With amazing round-the-year weather, sensational cuisine, excellent transport and infrastructure, and awesome beaches, Israel is one of my favorite destinations. Maximize your time with my perfect Israel itinerary to help you do more. Walk around and do fun things in the old town of Nazareth, or drive across the Judean desert for an exhilarating off-road experience. So, read about my adventures in Israel in the blogs below and fuel your wanderlust. 

With its magnificent tropical beauty, white sandy beaches, breathtakingly stunning landscapes and sumptuous cuisine, Thailand is a destination on everyone’s bucket list. Go on a shopping spree in Bangkok or get a spiritual Sak Yant tattoo. With plenty of natural landscapes, you can uncover exotic marine life in Koh Tao and explore various national parks. So, start reading about my personal escapades before you plan your Thai adventures. 

Blessed with an intoxicating natural beauty and landscape, Vietnam is among my all-time favorite destinations in Asia. You can wander around the old quarter of Hanoi or go crab fishing on a bamboo boat in Hoi An. You can go cruising across the touristy Halong Bay or just rent a bike and make your own mini road trip. So, go ahead and read about my exciting journey across Vietnam and discover the Land of the Ascending Dragon.

With its undiscovered vibe, Myanmar is a place that offers plenty of unspoiled natural beauty, ancient customs and culture, and opulent pagodas that have a sense of mystery attached to it. Explore Yangon and the iconic Shwedagon Paya pagoda complex. Travel from Yangon to Inle Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in Myanmar. Try out many fun things to do at Inle Lake and learn more about boat making and shop for souvenirs made from bamboo to help the local artists. Discover more about Myanmar and its undiscovered beauty as you read more about this little-known country. 

The Philippines is a place that blends a lot of fun with stunning scenery, delicious food, vibrant festivals, incredible islands, and friendly locals. Flock to some of the wildest party venues - Boracay and party hard all night long. Put your adventure gear and head out to pristine diving spots for some underwater sports activities. Walk the beaches, explore the museums, go island hopping, and eat delicious Filipino cuisine as you discover more about this beautiful archipelagic country.

With an impressive heritage, culture, and natural wonders, China can surprise visitors with its ancient treasures and monumental marvels like city walls, temples, and pagodas. Considering its geographical vastness, you would need handy travel tips while traveling across various Chinese cities and towns. Cities like Guangzhou offer a lot of fun activities to do as you go hiking the Baiyun Mountain. Discover more about my travel adventures and some interesting places to cover in China. 

As my very first solo travel destination, Laos will always hold a special place in my heart. Laos is nothing short of paradise for nature enthusiasts and adventurers. With jaw-dropping landscapes, spectacular wildlife and bird life, amazing food, and nightlife, Laos has a lot more to offer.  Go dirt biking for the ultimate adrenaline rush. Try various water sports activities like river tubing to explore the unspoiled nature in Vang Vieng.  Explore the stunning waterfalls and caves and discover local flora and fauna. Get to know more about what Laos has to offer and the various activities you can do here.

Dotted with highland forests, sandy beaches and miles of coastline, Malaysia is a traveler’s paradise. Steeped in long-standing traditions, rich culture and history, Malaysia offers so much more than you can imagine. From the artsy streets of Georgetown, Penang to amazingly fun-filled Selangor. Food lovers can enjoy some of the best street foods that take you on a gastronomic ride while nature lovers can visit Bako National Park.  Adventure seekers can go bungee jumping at the Sunway Lagoon or enjoy outdoor activities in Kiulu Valley. So, discover more about what Malaysia has to offer through my travel journeys and experiences in this amazing country - My favorite destination being Kuching in Borneo.

Known for its steep mountains and lush forests and landscapes, Taiwan offers a great blend of Japanese and Chinese traditions and culture. Dotted with some of the most fascinating temples and architecture, Taiwan has plenty of history to talk about. With plenty of national parks, incredible scenery and cascading waterfalls, Taiwan has a lot to offer to nature enthusiasts. With a relaxed Taiwan itinerary, covering my favorite Jiufen town (that inspired Miyazaki's Spirited Away) you can be assured of an amazing time in Taiwan. Go on and explore this wonderful land now.

From sun-kissed beach holidays to stunning wildlife, Sri Lanka has it all. With remarkable cultural diversity and fascinating culture, Sri Lanka is a destination that offers something to everyone. With plenty of interesting places to visit, Sri Lanka offers a culinary experience peppered with exotic spices. Put on your adventure gear and head for some great water sports activities, or just spend a week in Sri Lanka lazying around various beaches and mangroves. So, read more and discover more about the cool places and things you can do in Sri Lanka.

The Land of the Mighty Himalayas, Nepal is on every adventurer’s bucket list. With its charming and laidback vibe, Nepal offers the inner peace and the adrenaline rush that most people seek. Put on your hiking boots and head on a trek to Gokyo Lake or try one of the hundreds more. Go river rafting, paragliding, zip lining and even bungee jumping. Explore the wildlife at the Chitwan National Park, pray at the Pashupatinath Temple and discover the lovely Nepali cuisine soaked in local culture and traditions.

Hong Kong is a city of irresistible dim sums, skyscrapers, annual festivals and unlimited shopping. It is one of those rare places that offer an amalgamation of Chinese customs and western influences. If you are a foodie, go on a food tour that offers a peek into local culture. Hong Kong also provides some amazing hiking trails with breathtaking cityscapes for a rewarding experience. Take a short trip to Hong Kong covering plenty of places and do more with the right itinerary. So, read more information about my travel experiences and the fun things I did during my visit to Hong Kong to inspire your own adventures.

With its rich culture and heritage, Cambodia instantly teleports you into a world of its own. Visit the iconic Angkor Wat at sunrise or go exploring other Hindu temples across Cambodia. Explore Phnom Penh, and know about its history, culture and traditions. Discover the architecture, art and walk some of the beautiful beaches and parks that make Cambodia a place worth visiting. Find out more about various things to do and places to visit while you are in Cambodia.

What makes Indonesia unique is that it has something to offer to all kinds of travelers. Home to a wide array of indigenous animals and boasting of incredible beaches, the country is a popular holiday destination. Explore the top beaches in Bali, bask in the untouched beauty of Flores or just discover the best underground drinking holes in Bandung. Food and accommodation are cheap, and there is plenty to do and see here, such as diving in Gili or exploring abandoned  amusement parks. So start reading about the many wonders of this land which I fondly call my second home.

A land of multitude experiences, ancient cultures, bustling markets, extravagant festivals, and unforgettable landscapes, India is a kaleidoscope of diversity. Go tiger spotting at the Jim Corbett National Park and do some fun activities in Uttarakhand, or traverse across the cleanest parts of India. Experience Rajasthan royalty, walk around Delhi’s Lodhi Art District or explore the scenic state of Kerala and do much more. Find out more about my travel experiences and journeys across incredible India, the place I call home.

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