10 Wildlife Parks That Promise The Ultimate African Safari Adventure

Africa is a large continent, offering multiple safari options in its numerous game reserves and national parks. Even if you have been on a wildlife trip before, it is just impossible to resist the urge of returning into the savannah, cameras loaded and ready for non stop action that the African wilds has in store for you. All parks are not equal, so I have compiled this list of some popular parks for your wild escapades.

Top Wildlife Parks for best Adventures in the Bush

1) Masai Mara, Kenya

A cute Ostrich

A cute Ostrich in Mara

Also called the Mara, this is without doubt Africa’s best safari destination. Venue of unarguably the greatest wildlife spectacle on the planet, the great migration, Masai Mara attracts millions of visitors every year.

2) Kidepo National Park, Uganda

This could probably be the most beautiful park in Africa,set amidst a background of lofty mountain peaks and vast savannah. A less explored park, sightings here can be phenomenal because of the exclusivity on offer.

3) Ngorongoro crater, Tanzania

This is perhaps the ideal venue in Africa for a Tanzania safari, where you are almost guaranteed to see the Big five in a short duration. This is due to the compact area where these animals can be easily spotted.

4) Etosha, Namibia

This hypnotic park is a part of a lake bed, created millions of years ago, resulting in giving it a white pan look from which the park gets its name.

5) Kruger National Park,South Africa

Elephants at Kruger

Elephants at Kruger

This astounding strip of wilderness, extending to 300 km, lies between the limpopo and crocodile rivers and is the leading park of South Africa. Apart from the great sightings, accessibility to Kruger and the infrastructure in place is the best in the world.

6) Okavango delta, Botswana

The biggest inland delta in the world is home to massive crocodiles and hippos. A dugout African safari here is said to be an unforgettable experience.

7) Perinet reserve, Madagascar

The only place in the world to see the giant Indri, a black and white lemur, Perinet is located among the largest rainforest tracts along the Indian Ocean. The haunting call of this lemur, is considered to be the most unforgettable sound of the wilderness of Africa.

8) Ahaggar National Park, Algeria

Apart from being a large wasteland, set amid the biggest desert in the world, the Sahara, this park boasts of some huge dunes and tall mountains. The best place to view the desert landscape and tske in the culture of the Tuareg tribes.

9) Kalahari, Botswana

For an experience of untamed desert wilderness, far far away from the nearest settlement, Kalahari park has no peers. The only place where you can camp within earshot of lions roaring throughout the night.

10) Zululand Rhino Reserve, South Africa

black rhino charging

The rare black rhino ready to charge in Zululand Rhino Reserve

This amazing reserve was specially created by wildlife enthusiasts in 1995, between the property owners and the World Wildlife Fund to provide a haven for the black rhinoceros. One of the most endangered animals in the world, the black rhino, thanks to the conservation efforts, has a sizeable population here. The park has a good population of other animals too, including the nyala and large varieties of birds.


  1. Great Post Jo! I really really want to go on a Safari – on my bucket list. Hopefully the Masai Mara one day! It looks incredible!! Xxx

  2. I want to get to Africa SO bad. These places sound amazing and some of them I’d never heard of so thanks for that!

  3. great list you have put together there, i have been to quite a few of them and i agree, so glad they are on the list. great post 🙂

  4. Great list! An African safari is high on my priority list.

  5. Awesome list, Jo! Definitely loads to see in do. We’re itching to go to Africa!

  6. I love a safari, and according to your list I still have many places to go. I’ve only been to 2 on your list. We are doing a safari in a couple of weeks in Uganda…I cannot wait!

  7. Conversations of Us December 4, 2016 at 8:02 am

    These places are truly part of our bucket list! We wish to go to Africa real soon!!!

  8. this part of Africa is really on my bucket list. I wish I could go to Africa again. Great list, thanks!

  9. I haven’t thought much about going on a safari, but this list looks like a great starting point. My parent’s went a couple of years ago and raved and raved about it.

  10. I really want to go on safari!! This is a brilliant list and very useful on where to start 🙂

  11. Wow, so many safaris to choose from! I’ve never been on one, but it is definitely on the list 🙂

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