6 Places to Visit in Wayanad To Enjoy Monsoons to the Fullest

Paris Peacock butterfly wayanad
Paris Peacock butterfly showing off its lovely neon blue underparts and bright green wings

Updated On – 12th July 2022

Wayanad is a lovely hill town in Kerela, India. This South Indian district seems like it has jumped right out of a storybook. With lush greenery as far as your eyes can see, ample places to visit in Wayanad and spellbinding views, this destination will steal your heart and make you want to come back for more.

The beauty of Wayanad is highlighted with the onset of monsoons. The trees look greener, the air is fresher and the mountain tops are covered with mist, which makes for surreal views. So its safe to say that Wayanad in July is simply magical.

wayanad in july

Driving around Wayanad is basically hills, trees and mist in the fresh air. Can you feel the freshness?

As an adventurist, Wayanad in monsoons was the perfect getaway for me. With plenty of hikes and treks in exotic jungles, it was quite an adventure just to walk up and down those narrow trails whilst balancing my camera and umbrella at the same time. Ah and of course the idea was to do all of that without falling. I am happy to announce that I succeeded.

Two days in Wayanad are usually sufficient to enjoy the various attractions this lovely town has to offer. Kozhikode airport to Wayanad takes around 3-4 hours by road. So, if you have more time on your Kerala road trip, keep two extra days for relaxing, traveling and exploring some longer day treks in the area.

tea coffee stalls wayanad

Enjoy a warm cup of tea/coffee in one of the many roadside stalls

Let me take you along on my fairy-tale experience of exploring Wayanad in the monsoon season of June to November.

Places to Visit in Wayanad during the Monsoons

Even during monsoons, there is so much to see and experience at the Wayanad points of interest. Most of the touristy spots are open and in fact are quite popular during the rains. With entry fees as low as Rs 20 (camera extra – Approx $0.75/Rs 50 for both) at most places, you can really do a lot without putting a dent in your wallet. For complete peace of mind, you may even opt to book hassle free Kerala tour packages.

Prior to my visit even I was skeptical about what to do in Wayanad in July, when I visited during heavy rains, but my mind was put to rest as soon as we drove through the green valleys and mist-covered mountains as I witnessed the freshness that only the downpour can bring. I had one mind to just book a lavish Ayurvedic resort like Jeevess Ayurveda, and enjoy the rains from it’s comfortable rooms. As soon as I witnessed the fresh outdoors, I had no inclination to stay in at all, rains or no rains – Wayanad was simply gorgeous.

Places to visit in wayanad

Pookode Lake

Pookode lake is a natural fresh water lake very close to the city center. There are walking paths along the lake and I was simply splashing around in puddles and enjoying the lush green foliage.

Pookode lake

Walking paths up Pookode lake

USP of this lake, apart from the scenic views, is its shape. If you manage to get an aerial view, you can see that the lake is shaped like the map of India.

Blue lotus in Pookode

Blue lotus in Pookode

This lake gets its name from an array of Pethia Pookodensis, a species of freshwater fish known to be found only in these waters. The surrounding forests are home to many species of flora and fauna. Boating facilities are also available here in case you feel like enjoying Pookode from a different viewpoint.

Paris Peacock butterfly wayanad

Paris Peacock butterfly showing off its lovely neon blue underparts and bright green wings

cormorant in rain

A Black Cormorant enjoying getting drenched in the rain

Entry Fee and Timings – Rs 20 pp (Approx $0.30). Open from 0900 – 1700 hrs

Banasura Sagar Dam

This is renowned as the second largest earth dam in Asia, and the largest in India. The view from outside is spectacular and makes for excellent photography. Make sure you click some before getting into the main entrance.

Banasura Sagar Dam viewpoint

Banasura Sagar Dam viewpoint

There’s a lovely walk upto the main viewpoint which is highly recommended. A speed boat can be accessed either on foot or by Jeep, which takes you around the lake and can be quite exhilarating.

attractions in wayanad

The pathway leading up to the main dam viewpoint

Entry Fee and Timings – Rs 20 pp (Approx $0.30). Speed Boat facility at Rs 750/$11 (Boat can fit 5 persons) Open from 0900 – 1700 hrs

Meenmutty Falls

This waterfall was perhaps one of my favorite spots and is also the biggest waterfall in Wayanad.

meenmutty falls

Meenmutty Falls – View from top

A 2 km trek can take you right up to the top of Meenmutty falls. There are viewpoints made after every 200-300 meters. You can enjoy the falls from there before returning or choose to move further up. I went right to the top, and I am glad I did as I was rewarded with stunning scenery. If you are looking for things to do in Wayanad in July – this is ideal as long as you are prepared for the rains.

wayanad in monsoons

Enjoying the view from one of the many viewpoints

Waterfalls are best enjoyed during monsoons as their flow is stronger and so is their roaring sound.

Strong gush of water at Meenmutty

Strong gush of water at Meenmutty

Entry Fee and Timings – Rs 20/$0.30 for entry and Rs 300 (For Indians)/ Rs 600 (Approx $10 for foreigners) for a 2 km treacherous trek. Open from 0730 – 1600 hrs

Edakkal Caves

Want to be transported to the pre-historic Neolithic era in a jiffy? Well, then visiting the Edakkal caves should be high on your list. These caves boast of engravings dating back to 5000 BC.

Walk up to Edakkal Caves

Walking path up to Edakkal Caves

As all other attractions in Wayanad, this one also showcases a spectacular setting. A 1 km steep hike takes you to the entrance of the caves.

Walking further up these rugged stairs takes you to the Edakkal caves

Walking further up these rugged stairs takes you to the Edakkal caves

Once there, you hike further up and into tiny openings to squeeze yourself inside these caverns.

Edakkal caves

Edakkal caves

Soon after, you will reach an opening which gives you bird’s eye view of the lush green valley and mountains. This was the best part of my cave exploration. The stairs down to the exit are quite like a path to heaven, or so they seem.

Stairway to heaven

Stairway to heaven, anyone?

This narrow descending steel stairway surrounded by cliffs, mountains and trees, which leads to the exit was one of highlights of my visit to Wayanad. Plus, I saw “Zero” people here – maybe not many very brave enough to go up to the top of the caves? In any case, I had this heavenly path all to myself and I enjoyed every bit of the serene beauty.

edakkal caves stairs

Walking back down the steel stairs

Entry Fee and Timings – Rs 20/$0.30 for entry. Opening hours 0900 – 1600 hrs. 

Karapuzha Dam

Located on the Karapuzha River, this dam is also one of the largest earth dams in India. Entry is free and it only takes 5 mins to walk up to the viewpoint from the main road, where you can easily park your car.

Karapuzha Dam

Karapuzha Dam

Entry Fee and Timings – Entry free. Open from 0900 till 1700 hrs. 

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary (Muthanga)

As a big time wildlife enthusiast, I knew I had to check out the forests of Wayanad. The wildlife parks are located on the outskirts and it took me around 2 hours to reach Muthanga from Vythiri.

Entry to Muthanga

Entry to Muthanga

As expected, once you are inside the park, you can enjoy the fresh forest breeze and the beautiful tall trees on either side.

Muthanga wildlife sanctuary

Tall trees inside Muthanga wildlife sanctuary

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is nestled in the Nilgiri biosphere and consists of a wide range of animals and birds. Elephants, Leopards, Tigers, Wild dogs and different types of deer are found in the thick jungles of Muthanga.

deer in wayanad

Spotted a few ‘spotted deer’ enjoying the monsoons in the park

I spotted few deer, common birds and a lovely giant squirrel (surely the highlight for me) during my one hour jeep safari.

Indian Giant Squirrel

Indian Giant Squirrel bolding shooing away a Monkey from her precious Jackfruit

Entry Fee and Timings – Rs 110 (For Indians) Rs 300/$5 (For foreigners) , Rs 600 for the jeep safari, Rs 75 jeep entrance to park. Jeep can be shared among 4 persons, entry fee is per person. 

Where to stay in Wayanad

With plenty of Wayanad hotels and homestays to choose from, Vythiri resort is undoubtedly the most popular option for tourists visiting Wayanad. Its a lovely , high end property in the middle of the jungle with all modern amenities and a huge waterfall inside the premises.

Other top rated resorts in Wayanad are – 

Wayanad Wild – A lovey rainforest-like environment to make the best of the monsoon season in Wayanad.

Serene Crest resort – Looking for a sustainable travel property in Wayanad? With a rating of 9.7 on booking, this is your best bet.

Mount Xanadu resort – Excellent for nature walks and bird watching opportunities in Wayanad.

However, I chose something off the grid and less crowded. Stream Valley Cottages in old Vythiri district was the perfect place for me. They have 20 lovely cottages right in the middle of a forest with a lazy stream flowing by.

2022 Update – [ Stream Valley cottages are currently closed ]

stream valley cottages

Rustic charm in the bush at Stream Valley Cottages

I used to enjoy my morning cup of coffee in my balcony with the view of the water passing through dense forests, birds chirping, pitter-patter of rain drops and croaking of frogs. I couldn’t have asked for a better escape from chaotic city life.

digital nomad wayanad

What an amazing place to sip coffee and work on my blog!

Stream Valley Cottages are surrounded by greenery and have excellent amenities. You can enjoy the local cuisine of Kerala or even opt for Chinese delights in their multi-cuisine restaurant. Plus, you have Wi-fi in all cottages. However, all through Wayanad I could barely find a signal, let alone Wifi/4G. Still, at the Stream Valley lobby, you are sure to get uninterrupted internet connectivity (for digital nomads like myself who need to stay connected, for obvious reasons). Honestly, if traveling wasn’t work, I would rather do a total digital detox and choose Wayand is the perfect place for that.

things to do in wayanad in july

View from my lovely cottage balcony

Even though I didn’t click many videos, I found this stunning Wayanad monsoon trip video on Youtube which will be sure to fuel your wanderfust –

Best time to Visit Wayanad

wayanad monsoon season

Wayanad climate is almost constant throughout the year. Others say best time to visit Wayanad is October to May but if you need to experience the monsoons like I did, then June through October is ideal. Wayanad in July is particularly stunning especially since I can vouch for it 🙂

Wayanad map

If you want to follow my footsteps on your next trip to Wayanad, here’s a handy map to the Wayanad points of interest I mentioned in this article –

How to Book your Wayanad Holiday?

Want to enjoy these attractions in Wayanad when its pouring? Well, then, contact Monsoon Getaways for your perfect wet adventure.

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Have you been to Wayand in rainy season? If not, I am sure these Wayand photos and my travelogue will lure to visit this amazing destination NOW!

Disclaimer – My trip was sponsored by Monsoon Getaways, however, all opinions, ideas, pictures and writeups are my own.


  1. Grassroots Nomad July 20, 2016 at 1:02 pm

    Monsoon season looks so fresh and lush! It is so cool that Pookode lake looks like a map of India from above – great tips and beautiful photos! 🙂

  2. That giant squirrel is huge! And, furry! Wow!! The squirrels where I live are probably half its size.

  3. Love the pictures and what a GRAND adventure. Question: did you have issues with mosquitos? This place looks like a wonderful gathering spot for bloodsuckers to feast on my delicious body.

    • Haha good question. Yes, you would be in the middle of dense forestation so def the bloodsuckers are around. However, I survived without mosq repellent (And usually, I can’t – only got bitten like 6 times, not too shabby) So, it wasn’t all that bad 🙂

  4. Great pictures! Definitely not a way i would usually plan trips around *bad* weather, but this guide is a great way to tackle it thanks!

    Thuymi @ http://www.AdventureFaktory.com

  5. What a great idea to put together a guide for monsoon season! I bet it is much cheaper to travel during this time as well. Good to know there are many options available for visiting Wayanad despit the monsoon.

  6. That mist really does make everything look surreal. And the wildlife is incredible. I’d love to see the giant squirrel and that butterfly in person. I am just dying to visit India–there seems like an endless list of possible things to do!

  7. I think this is a brilliant idea because so many people avoid traveling to regions during monsoon season, but it’s great to see some things that you can do! That butterfly photo is incredible, by the way!

  8. Wow that Paris Peacock butterfly! So cool that you captured wit without it flying away. And that Indian Giant Squirrel looks so interesting too. I want to see the wildlife here!

    • Haha well I was literally running after this exotic butterfly for 15 mins, waiting for it to sit still for 20 secs so I can get a decent shot – plus I wanted to capture those incredible neon blue underwings (atleast we got a glimpse in this shot).

  9. I love waterfalls and Meenmutty Falls immediately pulled at my heart. You also take fabulous animal photography!

  10. Wow, it must have been amazing to see all of that without so many tourists around, though I’d be worried to be on those steep stairs solo! I’m a bit of a klutz! And that butterfly – gorgeous!

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  12. Fantastic post! I really enjoyed it. I thought Wayand can only offer a scenic view in summer or winter but never heard about visiting here during monsoon and getting even more thrilling experiences than any other period throughout the year.
    Great Job! Keep it up.

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