Lodhi Art District – Showcasing Best of Delhi’s Street Art

Wandering around the streets of Delhi was not my idea of spending a lazy afternoon. However, as soon as I arrived at Lodhi Art District, I changed my mind.

Lodhi Art District is India’s first public open air art gallery hiding in plain sight between Khanna and Meherchand markets. Showcasing over 22 colorful wall murals by international and local artists, this place is a mecca for art lovers or anyone who has an eye for beauty!

delhi art street

Image Courtesy – Sandeep Juyal, Empty Bag Films

This district cropped up during the festival “St+Art 2016” where over 28 artists from around the globe joined hands to paint the streets of Lodhi colony over a three month long art festival which started in Dec 2015.

With stunning displays like – Shekhawati painting, Meteorite, Vishwarupa, Original aboriginal, Lava tree, Dead Dahlias and more, there’s no dearth of inspiration for artists, creative minds and passing onlookers. Surely one of the top places to see in Delhi.

With the kick ass team of Empty Bag Films with me, I was able to bring out the best of this stunning street to my readers through wonderful pictures and this awesome video –

Let me Take you Around the Exquisite Lodhi Art District

Being born and brought up in Delhi, I never knew this street even existed .. until last week, that is. 

As soon as I saw these artistic grandeur right in the middle of bustling Lodhi colony, I was simply amazed. It’s easy to spend an entire day walking around these streets trying to look for art. There are over 6 blocks on one side and 3 on another which are curated with these art works and you need to hunt them down first to bask in their beauty.

We asked around some friendly street vendors but there are no clear directions or a map to take you to these pieces of art – you just need to walk around and explore. That’s one thing I absolutely loved about this place – You never know what you will find in the next lane (or not).

Walking around exploring in traditional style is one of the best ways to check out any place, isn’t it? They have curated walks on weekends (Cost : Rs 1500 pp, 1600-1800 hrs) but I would much rather just walk around on my own and be rewarded when I come across one of these pretty walls.

street art in Delhi

Since I could barely decipher any of the paintings, I had to dig deeper and take help from big G to get some info on artists and what these colorful paints represent. Here’s what I found out –

Colours Of The Soul by Senkoe

This was one of my favorites (one of many, actually). Senkoe is a Mexican artists who loves birds. This mural represents the various colors, diversity and ethnicity of people of Delhi and how they need to communicate with each other, just like these pretty birds would. Let’s take a hint or two from these pretty birds now,shall we?

Colours Of The Soul by Senkoe

Fusion Art by Rakesh Kumar Memrot

Another one of my favorites (okay, I need to stop saying that!) this fusion art by Rakesh Kumar Memrot is a true masterpiece. This is one of the classic art forms of India called ‘Gond Art’. This piece in itself depicts the co-existence of animals and forest and how they are closely entangled. Since sparrows are such an integral part of Delhi, they have been skillfully woven into this epic piece of art.

Fusion Art by Rakesh Kumar Memrot

Astronaut by Nevercrew

A stellar masterpiece by the Swiss duo Christian rebecchi and Pablo togni sits pretty at Block 9 in Lodhi colony. This is a meteorite with an astronaut perched on the top. It depicts a different perspective of viewing things and gives us all some food for thought – doesn’t it?

Astronaut by Nevercrew

Original Aboriginal by Reko Rennie

Australian artist Reko Rennie is closely linked to community and hence he created this exquisite art piece that represents Kamilaroi people. You will be easily drawn in with these colorful geometric patterns and bright pink prints.

Original Aboriginal by Reko Rennie

Hands Underwater by Gaia

The crew of Empty Bag Films and I spent a lot of time pondering over this one. We couldn’t quite figure out what it truly represented but thats another interesting thing to do while you are there. Just go, look at the art and ponder over what it might mean.

This artwork by Gaia is actually a showing one of the most pressing issues of today’s era – global warming. The glass dome in the backdrop seems to be the savior between the inflated and deflated earth on either side.

Hands Underwater by Gaia

Unseen by Shilo Shiv Suleman 

This eye catching piece by Shilo depicts a sexworker and her daughter – the fog all around helps in hiding them from the world. Her work often has strong feminist attributes and she tries to bring out these unsung women through this masterpiece.

Unseen by Shilo Shiv Suleman

Vishvaroopa by Inkbrushnme

This epic mural derives its meanings from Indian mythology ‘Mahabharata’. Marking the start of the 18 day battle, this mayhem of heads and animals is like a mini Bible on the wall.

Vishvaroopa by Inkbrushnme

We Love Dilli by Lek & Sowat

This needs no introduction as it seems to be one of the most popular walls in Lodhi. It says “We love Delhi” in lovely 3d Hindi prints and makes me proud to be a ‘Delhiite’. The black backdrop makes the colors in forefront truly pop and one look at the wall is enough to keep you inspired all day long.

We Love Dilli by Lek & Sowat

Typography by DAKU

This piece was epitome of shadow play and is only visible from 0930 – 1430 hrs after which it fades away with the setting sun. The best time to see this wall is bang at 12 noon when there’s no slant in the shadows and each letter can be read clearly. This is a wonderful metaphor for changing time and how things change with it.

Typography by DAKU

Like what you see? This post wouldn’t be possible without the amazing photography and videography skills of the talented Sandeep Juyal from Empty Bag Films. Follow their journey for more cool stuff – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram.


  1. Splendid gallery of a massively cool idea. First off, I loved how organized the street art was. Second, it was so diverse in theme and presentation. Third, how incredible is it that the worked in their natural spaces like archways, windows, or even the way the light would play across that particular theme. This is perhaps the best street art gallery I have ever seen.

  2. They have become pretty famous off late. But this is the first time I am seeing someone exploring them in such detail with the artists name and all.

    Also go to Sharpur Jat for more of them.

  3. Mikkel Paige Mihlrad February 18, 2017 at 11:09 am

    Wow, this is incredible! I love that you discovered this where you grew up. I ADORE street art. It would be a “must” for me if I visited!

  4. this is really gorgeous, I love the window portals incorporated into the design work of each image – lovely street art.

  5. Oh, this is nice! Love the murals, their colors and the details. Really interesting place to visit!

  6. Bordeaux Food Tours February 18, 2017 at 3:49 pm

    Looks like there is a lot to take in wandering around this village! My favorite is definitely the elephant with the forest scene.

  7. I am going to Delhi in April so cant wait to check out some of this street Art. I am from Bristol in the UK and we have a great street art scene

  8. When I think of India I think of vibrant colours. From the beautiful traditional Sari to the Holi Festival of Colours and all the colourful spices used in cooking. It seem like colourful street makes perfect sense. I love the elephant!!!

  9. I love street art…and these are better because they are not hodge-podge!

  10. I’d definitely take time to visit this part of Delhi. Such stunning art and the buildings are so varied as well. The Shadow Play and Astronaut were my favorites concept & spatially but why choose. Beautiful decision by the district to foster and support this creativity.

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