Yeh Gangga Beach [Secret Spot near Tanah Lot Temple, Bali]

yeh gangga food
Cool local warungs on the left side of the beach

Bali has so much to offer for a beach bum, that you will literally never run out of shorelines to explore in the island of the gods.

Over several visits and spending more than six months in Bali, I managed to see a few hidden beaches and crowd free spots. However, there is always a new beach or a secret spot popping up while you drive along the vast coast. Whenever I look at the map, I always find a beach or two, which I haven’t even heard of before. So, this year, I was back on my quest to discover the beaches of Bali and yet again, I wasn’t disappointed.

As always, I stayed in Canggu and decided to explore the shoreline along Tanah lot as it is just 30 mins from where I was staying and driving all the way to Uluwatu , Sanur etc can be quite tiring in the scorching heat. Don’t get me wrong, I have done that too but this trip was shorter and with my limited time, I could only manage to handpick a few close spots to explore.

Delighted to find a hidden gem on the map, I went off to explore another beach as I typed “Pantai Yeh Gangga” on my phone GPS.

What to Expect at Yeh Gangga Secret Beach In Bali

yeh gangga beach

This sign clearly marks where you need to stop/ park for Yeh Gangga

First off, expect literally zero crowds. When I arrived at Yeh Gangga, there were two bikes and one car in the parking lot, which I assumed belonged to the staff or owners of one of the beach shacks.

Soon, I spotted one guy reading a book at a small warung. It was good to know I was not the only “tourist” in the area.

To the left of the parking lot were small restaurants (aka warungs) which looked lovely but aloof.

yeh gangga food

Cool local warungs on the left side of the beach

On the right side was a big bold ‘Lobster specialty restaurant called Warung Tulus Lobster ‘ playing lovely lounge music and commercial beats. I noticed two couples sitting here so decided to grab a spot at this way safer locale. They had WiFi too which was indeed a big plus as I had ran out of 4G data and needed to get back to Canggu. With my broken inbuilt GPS, having data was an absolute must. It was an easy decision.

Warung Tulus Lobster

Warung Tulus Lobster

From what I read and saw online, sunset is a good time to visit Yeh Gangga beach as the big rock in the middle makes for some stunning captures. However, I am not a big fan of navigating (read: getting lost) in the dark so I decided to get out in broad daylight.

Spending a few hours at Yeh Gangga is really easy esp at Warung Tulus Lobster restaurant as they have lovely sun beds, lounge chairs as well as indoor dining options to beat the heat, if you so prefer.

pantai yeh gangga

Lovely bean bags and sun beads to chill at Warung Tulus Lobster

If you want to get away from the crowds, this is an excellent option. My only companion was a lovely cat as I watched the waves and decided to come back with friends next time around.

yeh gangga beach bali

My only companion at Yeh Gangga – No complaints 😉

Activities at Pantai Yeh Gangga

Yeh Gangga is a great spot for surfing but not suitable for beginners. Honestly, I didn’t even spot people strolling the beach, let alone anyone in the water. However, I do hear ATV rides and horse back riding are popular spots at Yeh Gangga beach as well. Maybe the crowds start pouring in around sunset as that is surely the best time to visit this beach.

yeh gannga tabanan

Empty shoreline of Yeh Cangga at noon

How to Reach Yeh Gangga beach

Located just 20 mins from Tanah lot temple and approx 30 mins from Canggu, it is very easy to drive down on a bike. As is the case with most beaches of Bali, you simply have to pay IDR 5000 ($0.30 cents) parking fee before you enter.

Yeh Gangga Beach Map

Have you been to Yeh Gangga beach in Bali or found other hidden beaches and secret spots? Tell me in comments below so I can put them on my overflowing Bali bucket list.

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