Why Touring the UK in a Car Is Gaining in Popularity

Guest Blogger Bill Clark tells us about the surge in popularity of road trips around UK.

Referred to as ‘single traveller holidays,’ it has become more and more popular for individuals to go journeying around the country in recent times. However, families and groups of friends are also travelling about by car rather than by public transport or tour buses which leaves you to wonder why touring the UK in a car is gaining in popularity. Actually, there are several reasons why people choose to drive their own car or hire a van to drive and some of them may amaze you.

touring UK by car

The Obvious Reason – Cost

When travelling in a group of more than one person, driving a car would probably be the cheapest mode of transportation. Each fare on a tour bus, train or even in a plane often costs more than it would to hire a car and drive about the UK. Bear in mind that the UK is quite small in terms of world countries and you can get from one end to the next in as short a time as a single day. Compare the cost of petrol to the cost of a train ticket and you’ll see that driving several people is so much cheaper than just a single fare.

Visiting Places off the Beaten Path

Then there are those places that you really, really want to see that aren’t accessible by train or bus. Several of the country’s most cherished historic castles and some of the nation’s most popular national parks are simply not accessible in any other way. One thing you might want to do if you are learning to drive solely to take a tour of the UK in a car is to study your theory well. Learn about hazardous driving conditions you wouldn’t experience on the roads at home and certainly not during your actual behind-the-wheel driving test.

There are many practice driving theory tests on various sites.  Remember, practicing at home isn’t going to be the same as traversing rough mountainous terrain, so study the theory behind driving on each type of road before getting in a little practice behind the wheel.

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Your Time Is Your Own

Finally, the most important reason many people say is their reason for touring the UK by car is because they can come and go as they please. They are not limited to making train or bus schedules, do not need to join pre-arranged guided tours and can simply arrive or leave at their own leisure. When making stops at a destination that has always excited or mystified you, there is no reason to leave before you’ve had your fill of the local flavour. If you want to stay a few extra days, then you are free to stay because you will not be missing a ride to the next stop.

Touring the UK by car certainly is getting more and more popular but not always because it’s cheaper than buses or trains for a group of people than it would be to book commercial passage or taking public transport. You can also go wherever you want, see whatever you want to see and if you feel like staying longer there is no reason why you can’t. Those are great reasons and can save a huge amount of money so next holiday, you just might want to consider driving.

Bill is a freelance journalist who specialises in writing about culture and the arts, however will write about anything that piques his interest including business, travel and lifestyle.  Follow Bill on Twitter @BilboClark01



  1. Quite right, there’s a lot of places in the UK worth visiting that it’s not that easy to get a coach to, driving (especially for a group) is a great idea! Good post 🙂

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