7 Ways to Finance your Dream Vacation

Who does not love a holiday? Infact, I am always dreaming of my next vacation, even when I am on the road. Everyone wants to take a break from the humdrum of life and get away from the hectic lifestyle, at least for few days.

A great vacation is the perfect stress buster, and one comes back with his mind, body and soul rejuvenated.  It is a mistake to keep delaying those holidays and shun your dream vacation away, simply because of funds.

You will never have money for a lavish getaway, on the contrary you will always find ways to finance your vacation, if you really want to. The truth is that dream vacation that seems so far-fetched right now, is more achievable than you think.

Here are some of the coolest ideas to get funds for your vacation.

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Put away a weeks salary

You would be surprised to know, but your once-a-year vacation is not going to cost you more than a week of your salary. However, this is just a rough idea and everyone, of course, is going to have their preferences regarding where they want to go, stay, how much to spend and what kind of retreat they are after.  You can still plan a great vacation on a week’s salary or a weekend getaway at least.

Auction your luxury items at unbeatable prices

Remember that diamond bracelet you bought on impulse but never really wore? Or that watch you thought you cannot live without and it’s locked away somewhere? I am sure you have made impulsive jewelry purchases that you regret or would just prefer to have the liquid cash to funds your travels . In such cases, you need a reliable marketplace of vetted and knowledgeable buyers. Check out Worthy.com and get the best rates for your beloved items. Unlike others, Worthy uses an auction format, so it allows for multiple bids per item, which ensures for fair bidding and a much quicker turnaround. Additionally, they encourage you watch the live auction and let you choose whether to accept the highest bid. By the time holidays arrive, you will have made some neat stacks of cash and your perfect dream vacation suddenly becomes a reality.

Get a personal loan

Personal loans are most convenient for funding a holiday. Go ahead and use them for a world of travel opportunities such as luxury accommodations or taking a cruise or even going on a safari. Now you can plan any holiday and can be confident of affording it. You can easily get personal loans from $5,000 to $35,000.

Start saving in your holiday fund

The best way would, of course, be to start saving for the holiday that is still months ahead. Start a saving account with an interesting and motivating name such as my dream holiday and make an automatic money transfer every week. You will have enough funds saved by the time you set off for the vacation. You can also join hotel and card programs to collect points and add to your savings. Learn more here.

Let your Company Pay

Take advantage of your annual leave entitlement and take your vacation. Those annual leave entitlements are referred to as paid vacation days, and the term is self-explanatory. You can go for your vacation, but your employer continues to pay your salary even while you are on a holiday.

Go to destinations where the exchange rates work in your favor

There are locations where you can get more out of your bucks as the exchange rates work in your favor. That means you are able to spend more because of your currency enjoying a strengthened position. Thus, it is a good idea to choose a destination based on the exchange rates.

Rent your home while you are away

People who travel with their family can rent their house while they are away and let the house make some money. This is an easy and simple way to find some funds for your holiday. The home can be rented for the days while you away and that extra money can certainly help.

Apart from these things, you can even try to get a paid scholarship to fund your travels and kick start your career. The Worthy Women’s Professional Studies Scholarship 2016 offers multiple scholarships of up to $2,500 per recipient to women pursuing a new career.

Let your dreams come true and all you need to do is some careful organizing and planning. Don’t let money come between you and your dream vacation. Not everyone has that extra cash for the holiday times. Just follow the above ideas to finance your dream vacation now and enjoy a great holiday without feeling guilty or worrying about the moolah.

Disclaimer – This post is brought to you by Worthy.com


  1. Great thoughts, I like the idea of having a holiday fund and saving for the vacations!

  2. Great tips, and weeks salary is a good measure to start with.

  3. Great tips.I think renting your home is a good idea because it means you know that someone is also looking after it for you!

  4. Thanks for sharing such a “worthy” cause! A weeks salary really puts that into perspective. I definitely will be passing on the auction and scholarship sites.

  5. Some fab ideas here – I love letting your company pay!! I took that approach while in University – there were a huge amount of grants on offer for students to participate in student exchange. I figured why not!! So that’s definitely something to consider if you’re a student – sometimes the government offers grants too depending on where you live 🙂

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