Victoria Peak Hike – Easy Beginners Trail in Hong Kong

Since the day I booked my flight to Hong Kong, Victoria peak hike, along with several other trails, were high up on my list.

In fact my only reasons for visiting Hong Kong were – Disneyland, Ocean park and the amazing hikes this metro has to offer… And, I wasn’t disappointed by any of my picks. I truly came back thinking I needed more time there. Usually, I spend just a few days in a big city but this time around, even after 12 days.. I wanted to stay longer.


Well, hikes and amusement parks!

Stunning city views from hikes in Hong kong

Stunning city views from hikes in Hong kong

I just could not get enough. Though, once you visit the amusement parks and enjoy all the rides, you would probably just want to revisit after few months but hiking is something you can enjoy every single day. With 42 trails in the city and many off beat paths and routes to each trail – there’s a LOT to do in Hong Kong for free.

Who says your trip to Hong Kong has to be expensive? Just hike everyday, stay fit and enjoy 360 degree views of the bustling city – what else can you ask for? You can totally do a budget trip to Hong Kong if you want to.

Victoria Peak was my very first hike in Hong Kong. Quite honestly, Suicide cliff was my favorite but every hike and viewpoint is different, right? Hence, I would recommend trying a few hikes and depending on your choice of paths (paved or unpaved bush), distance and level of difficulty, you will soon know your favorites too.

How to Reach the Peak

Victoria Peak is also known as simply ‘The Peak’. Reaching the Peak is not a herculean task but no matter what path you take, be prepared for a steep hike.

The Peak is one of the easy, beginner hikes in Hong Kong. However, the path you take will make all the difference.

For those who like to rough it out a bit, I would highly recommend the Mount High West hike route to Victoria Peak.  Consisting of over 2100 steep steps and a lot of walking, this is one of the most interesting paths to the top. With bits of unpaved roads and scenic views plus lots of rest stops, Mount high west trail is a great option.

mount high west hike hong kong

Views from top of Mount High West

An easy one is the morning trail. Its a well paved path right upto the top of Victoria Peak.  Many locals do the trail daily – like a morning walk.

The easiest way (and one you must try at least once) to the top is taking the tram. This funicular rail is quite interesting and just for the experience – you should try it. I took the lazy route and took the tram on my way up and hiked around the peak, then walked back down. You can get a discounted Victoria peak tram fast pass and combo ticket here.

The lines can get quite long for the tram so make sure you purchase the fast pass, plus there are two package options:

You can either buy the 2-in-1 Victoria peak tram and Peak tower ticket for just USD 11 Or opt to add Madame Tussauds museum for additional fee of USD 25.

Peak Tower observatory

Flip side view from the Peak Tower observatory

For those who have never seen Madame Tussauds wax museum before, I would recommend the second package – its a steal! I have already visited their brand in London but I found this to be equally interesting with many themed rooms and exhibits.

the Beetles at madame tussauds

Make The Beetles come to life at Madame Tussauds

Few exhibits were so life like, they were spooky! I almost said “Excuse me” to a wax sculpture twice (*Face Palm*).

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

Spooky, vibrant, life like exhibits at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

View both package options here and book!

Best Spots at Victoria Peak Hike Hong Kong for Photography

The hike to the top offers spectacular views. However, its a paved path with a railing throughout, which adds man made elements to your pictures.

vitoria peak views

This makes a nice spot to ponder as you enjoy the views

One of the top spots for pictures was above a rock en-route Victoria peak garden route. A photographer spotted it and was waiting with his tripod for the sun to set. He planned on taking some sunset and night shots from his birds eye view.

I jumped up there and indeed, this was THE best viewpoint at Victoria Peak.

I would also recommend the 360 degree views from Mount high west (they are not paved so no man made elements to hamper your nature shots).

Victoria Peak Hike Map

From Central Station, Exit K, Victoria Peak hike starting point is just a short walk away. If you have booked THIS TOUR, you will be ushered in the right direction with a guide straight till the time you get off the tram.

So have you been to the bustling city of Hong Kong? Escape the chaos by enjoying a sunset from the Peak or take the morning trail as part of your Victoria peak hike track. If you want to relax, enjoy the funicular Peak tram. Whatever mode you choose to get to the top  – Go now!


  1. This is one of the places which I missed going while I was in Hong Kong. WHats the best time to go there ?

    • Well Oct to December for sunny skies or if you are like me and don’t mind a little bit of drizzle, go anytime 🙂 For the hike itself, go early morning though I usually started around 9-10 am daily for shorter hikes.

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