Travel Through Time with Ticket to Mystery, Bangkok

Holding a dimly lit torch, I rummaged through blood stained clothes containing fingers and chopped body parts of innocent women. Instinctively, my stomach churned and I covered my nose with my free hand. There was no stench and I forced myself to remember that it was just a game…. and I had to escape, fast!

So, a little background story before you all start wondering if I was simply hallucinating after shrooms – (No, I wasn’t, by the way).  I was looking for something fun and unique to do in Bangkok. With several visits to shopping malls, party streets, clubs and themed pubs under my belt, I wanted something obscure yet entertaining. Luckily, I found exactly what i was looking for – a time machine.

Here’s my story of the day when I entered a time machine…

Well not literally but yes, I found a themed escape room where I could go back  in time and solve the greatest mysteries the world has ever known. It was time to grab my magnifying glasses, get my ‘Sherlock Holmes’ mode on and save human kind!

playing detective

Getting our ‘Holmes’ mode ON. My funky DJ Jahman Racerback dress available at – TheMountain

Enter – Ticket to Mystery. Finding this place was a mini mystery in itself as my friend and I ran across every floor of Gateway Ekkamai Mall and finally found this tiny shop on the 3rd Floor. Obviously, my poor navigational skills rubbed off on my friend too so GPS was pretty much useless.

Anyways, we finally made it and I hadn’t expected it to be tiny, by any account. However, that was just the entrance – there were 4 escape rooms inside, each tastefully designed in the theme of a different game, era and place. Ticket to Mystery offers 4 mind boggling live escape games – Ghost Tower, Ripper, Curse of the Pharaoh and Honjo’s sword.

ticket to mystery bangkok

Ticket To Mystery reception

We decided to try the games Ripper and Honjo as recommended by Gary, TTM owner. Upon entering, our game master, Sali, explained instructions and announced that we will be given clues to open locks/door and solve the mystery. We had 55 minutes to solve all clues and escape the room and if we get stuck, we can ring the bell and she will give us another clue to help.

It was our first time and we were both excited and nervous. My brain cells were pretty rusty from not being in use for a long time so no wonder I was worried of being stuck in the year 1888 (Ripper)!

Since phones, cameras and bags are not allowed inside the escape rooms, we took some silly pictures at the lobby/reception and left our bags at the counter.

Loved the decor, props and my kick ass DJ Jahman dress, grab your own fabulous tee/dress at

Tip – As you can see, they have some rock solid props for your selfies, wefies and quirky pictures. You will be spending around 20-30 mins just clicking photos, so it is advisable to arrive early.

old skool props

Plenty of props to choose from – wigs, cigars and a ton of old skool stuff

Our first game Jack the Ripper, set in the year 1888,  comes with a fantastic back story. You need to find out who the real ‘Jack the Ripper’ is or you will be shunned forever as the evil Jack in Whitechapel, London. The game has all the elements of mystery and the room has effects and decor to match it. It is dark inside so you get a torch to look for clues. Rummaging through torn, bloody clothes and body parts with sounds of angry mob closing in on you, was the perfect effect one can hope for. We were able to quickly unlock the first door but didn’t realize there was another and there on, it was total chaos. We were confused and struggled to escape the room and sadly could not beat the clock. Luckily, Sali saved us and with her help, we made our way to freedom.

travel through time

Gamemaster Sali to our rescue.. time and again

Not for long though, as we had another mystery at hand to solve – Find the fabled Honjo’s sword. The Honjo Masamune is the great samurai sword which can split light and make the holder invisible. This mystery is set in 1725 in Japan. You are at the thief’s house and have to play detective again (A very smart one at that) to find the missing sword before all hell breaks lose. Absolutely lovely Japanese decor in this room and I enjoyed it for the extremely smart (And tough) clues and the adorable theme. I actually felt as if I was in Japan in the 18th century.

sherlock holmes in bangkok

Silly Picture #4. Sherlock Holmes in Bangkok lol

So even though we could not solve either of the games without Sali’s help, we had a blast. Ripper is an awesome game if its your first time in an escape room with the sound effects, somewhat easier clues and the entire spooky ambiance. Honjo is amazing as your second game or for more experienced escape roomers (is that a term?) in that perfect Japanese style.

To book your own time machine, simply visit –  or Email – Call – +66-(0)99-049-3058. If you are looking for awesome places to stay in Bangkok, check out this guide.

Disclaimer – My friend and I were hosted by Ticket to Mystery for two awesome games and already raring to put our thinking caps back on and revisit!


  1. It’s perfect!! i didn’t know about this time escape room!! Thank you so much sweetie <3

  2. So cool! I did an escape room once and was surprised by how difficult some of the pizzles were!

  3. I love escape rooms!!!! Really nice narrative on your adventure! It’s sad when one cannot reach the escape on time, but it’s so funny and frenetic all the time inside the room that it’s extremely worthy! 🙂 The last one I did (last week) I was on the wild-wild-west 🙂

    • Oh wild wild west sounds super cool.. did you do a lot of these? I agree, the “Thrill” is worth it, even if you don’t really escape on your own – I heard 10% people actually make it out, without help!

  4. How fun. I have never done anything like this but I surely would enjoy it. Need to look out for activities like this when I travel.

  5. I have not yet done an escape room myself, but my friends rave about them. It looks like you had an amazing time.

  6. Escape rooms totally freak me out! I’m a little too claustrophobic for that I think. At the same time this looks really fun, so thanks for writing about this so people know it exists in Bangkok

  7. I’ve done something similar in Poland but it was a horror themed escaped room. This looks much cooler and interesting! Didn’t know there was one in Bangkok 🙂

  8. What a unique thing to do! Although, I’ll admit to wondering what kind of blog post I was getting myself into with that intro 😉 A cool way to get the brain cells ticking over and having fun at the same time!

  9. I’ve seriously always wanted to do an escape room! 🙂 Your article made it look so fun!

  10. What a cool thing to do! Thanks for writing about this. In my head Bangkok was saturated with ladyboys and cheap shopping :/ Gives me a great reason to go 🙂

  11. I loved my time in Bangkok. Didn’t get to do this though! You make it look so fun!

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