How to travel between Barcelona and Valencia

Spain is a vast country, and it can take a large amount of time for going around the country. However, if one is planning on heading from Barcelona to Valencia or From Valencia to Barcelona, there are various options for getting there.

Valencia, a Mediterranean city of Valencia, is about 300 kilometers to the Catalan capital Barcelona. Travelling between Barcelona and Valencia is indeed an enjoyable experience. What adds to the experience are the various transport options available that add to the flexibility and choices one can take.

One can drive from Barcelona to Valencia or take a coach and even a train. The options one picks will rely a lot on how fast one plans to travel and the money they intend to spend plus the time they have on hand. The journey from Barcelona and Valencia is very interesting as one comes across the picturesque scenery.

Rent a Car

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One can rent a car and drive from Barcelona to Valencia. The advantage here is that one can go at their own pace and stop where they like. Moreover, it is a good way to explore other areas of Spain along the route which is about 350 km. The drive may take about three to four hours. Even if one doesn’t own a car, they can always rent out a car to travel down to Valencia or Barcelona. Having your own car and the open road offers freedom from the schedule as well as the chance to explore the lesser-known roads and spots of Spain. you can get adventurous when you want!

Take a coach

Another popular way is to travel by coach. One can opt for either Barcelona Sants coach or the Barcelona Nord. Coach journeys can differ in their length, but most journeys last between 4 and 6 hours. It is best to book in advance as the buses are generally fully booked. One would not like to encounter any last-minute disappointments. The tickets prices are subject to change so that one can check the website for the exact prices. The cost of the ticket will vary depending on what bus one is taking. Several buses depart every day, and the bus journey are both popular and cheaper for most.

Travel by train – My Recommendation

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Most travelers prefer to take the train as several trains regularly leave from Barcelona and Valencia.  One can easily buy the tickets at the station or online. Depending on the type of train one gets on, the journey times can vary between 3 to 5 hours. One needs to head to Barcelona Sants station, which is the biggest stations. Going by train is the most convenient and best experience in Spain. One can check the timetable of the train from Barcelona to Valencia and look forward to a great Barcelona – Valencia train journey.

Experience Spain at its best and choose the most convenient option for your Barcelona – Valencia train journey. Direct high-speed AVE trains run by Renfe depart from the Sants station in Barcelona and take you to the Joaquin Sorolla Station in Valencia in about 3 hours reaching the maximum speed of 192 miles per hour. There are up to 10 departures every day depending on the weekday. You can check the detailed train timetable and book rail tickets with Rail Ninja, where one can enjoy a curated route planning with plenty of mixing and matching. Take advantage of the railway networks of Europe which are known to be the most developed and advanced. Curated route planning & convenient online booking is the hallmark of Rail Ninja. You can travel in comfort at speeds of up to 220 km/ as you climb aboard a Talgo high-speed train or Renfe Euromed.

More than 15 trains depart between Barcelona and Valencia, and it means that one can book any train and at any time, based on their preferences. Train booking is easy, and one can buy e-ticket and get the ticket printed. The ticket can be sent to one’s tablet or smartphone.

Take a flight

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One can consider flying from Barcelona to Valencia for both convenience and speed, provided one has the budget. Save for your vacation and fly in style. However, there are plenty of low budget airlines that are really worth checking. Most flights between Valencia and Barcelona’s airports do involve a transfer in Madrid, but there are a few direct flights go between Barcelona and Valencia. Some of the airlines that offer direct flights are Vueling Airlines, Iberia, and American Airlines.

Make a smart decision when traveling in Spain and traveling by train from Valencia to Barcelona indeed seems to be a smart decision. One can avoid the effort of driving on your own or getting on the overcrowded coaches or the congested European hub airports. You save time and efforts and can look forward to an enjoyable experience as there are no illogical connections. Just settles down in your seat and look out at those great scenic views from your first or second-class seat in the train.

Disclosure – This article is written in association with Rail Ninja

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