Top Beaches in Goa and Gokarna for GoPro Photography

Goa is one of my top travel destinations in India. I make it a point to visit this laid back land atleast once a year. During my recent visit last week, I discovered some amazing new beaches and I was so happy I had my gopro at hand.

Since purchasing my GoPro hero 4, I have been obsessed with it – I carry it everywhere – Yes, I even took it to a cafe! Beaches and hikes (places where it is harder to carry a DSLR) are perfect for your GoPro. So this time, I skipped my Canon altogether and clicked solely with my new handy companion.

Best Beaches in Goa and Gokarna For GoPro Photography

Goa has a truck load of beaches to choose from and you will undoubtedly be spoilt for choice. However, if you head to extremely popular ones like Baga or Calangute, you will never find a shot without few onlookers or naive photo-bombers in it. Since GoPro has a wide angle it is that much harder to get landscape shots with a clean background in touristy destinations. So, head to off beat spots and try to go as early in the morning as possible.

Goa is , more or less, a party destination so you will not find people flocking the beaches early in the morning, most wake up only after mid-day. Hence, if you haven’t partied hard the night before, head out to the beach early for that perfect shot.

Sunsets are the busiest times on the beach so walk away from the crowds – cross those rocks you see in the distance to find your own spot or just head to a less busy beach.

Here are my personal picks from my recent trip and I was very happy with the locations as well as the pictures.

Keri beach

keri beach shacks

Shacks lined up at the lovely Keri beach

North Goa is the famed party haven. However, we found solace and recluse at Keri beach (Also known as Querim) located in the northern most tip of Goa.

querim beach

View from a sun bed at a shack in Keri

This lovely white sand beach stretches for around 2 kms and walking along the shoreline offers ample photo opportunities of this palm-fringed delight.

jump shot keri beach goa

Trying a jump shot at Keri – if only I could Jump…

Cola beach

Cola beach was my best find this time. Each year, I make it a point to visit new beaches and I am glad we headed to South Goa this time. Being a party lover, I usually throng North Goa but south was a pleasant surprise to say the least. Somewhat busy with a nice party scene as well, south end has some really amazing beaches and Cola is a “must-visit”.

sunset at cola

Self click using Tripod while basking in the sunset at Cola

This secluded beach boosts of a lagoon on one side and the big blue sea on the other. Lagoon is ideal for swimming and kayaking , while the beach with a total of just 3 beach shacks is a pure delight. I almost squealed with joy when I saw this beautiful haven.

Kudle beach

Kudle beach is in Gokarna, around 4 hours easy drive from North Goa. We rented a car and drove down to Gokarna in search of tranquility and we found it in Kudle. Travel light as no bikes or cars are allowed near the beach – there is a drop off point where you can leave your bags and vehicle. Just grab your basics and walk around to find a beach bungalow and bask in the solace the beach offers.

kudle beach gokarna

Secluded shoreline of Kudle beach

Nights at Kudle are quite lovely with travelers lighting up bonfires in small sand holes along the shoreline, singing songs, jamming or playing their own music. The beach has plenty of beach shacks but no loud music. Mornings are even better with people doing yoga or running on the beach – a healthier and much cheaper alternate to Goa, I would say. Needless to say, you can get stunning shots with way lesser tourists around.

kudle beach gokarna

A simple “no frills” beach shack at Kudle

Palolem Beach

Another excellent beach of South Goa, Palolem offers dramatic photo opportunities.With tons of kayaks, beach shacks, beach huts and palm trees – you will always get interesting backdrops for your pictures.

palolem beach

Lovely pictures with stunning backdrops at Palolem beach, Goa

We stayed in one of the lovely beach huts and listening to the sound of the waves day in, day out was very comforting. If I had more time, I would surely stay longer here.

Arambol beach

Arambol is rising in popularity as more and more people are discovering this hippie beach of Goa. Personally, its one of my favorite beaches in Goa for live Reggae music, paragliding, the sweet lake (Fresh water lake) and the amazing beach shacks.

beach shack arambol

Inside one of the beach shacks at Arambol

You can take long walks on the beach as it stretches on for as far as your eyes can see – I haven’t yet explored all of it but walking to the sweet lake and back is a good walk in itself.

Sweet lake, Arambol

Sweet lake, Arambol

Amazing photo opportunities at the sweet lake and especially if you choose to para glide. Sadly, when I experienced paragliding over sweet lake few years ago, I didn’t own a GoPro, and I can only imagine the kind of shots you can get from that view!

Anjuna beach

Anjuna is one of the most popular beaches in North Goa. Even though it is flocked with tourists, it has a great vibe and it remains one of the most sought after beaches by one and all.

white wine anjuna

Fancy some free white wine? Head to one of the cafes at Anjuna

With flea markets, colorful hippie joints, amazing beach shacks, it can make ideal backdrops for your Gopro photos.

GoPro Beach Photography tips

  • Wipe your GoPro cover every time you take underwater shots as the water droplets stick to it and can result in blurry images.
  • Ensure you have all your GoPro mounts and a GoPro 3-way stick handy. I used the tripod in my 3-way stick to self click some of these shots.
  • Since GoPro runs out of battery pretty fast, I would highly recommend carrying an extra charger or two (Especially if you are traveling longer and further from the touristic spots). If you are traveling from abroad, please read this guide onย travel adaptors to carry to India. It is an in-depth comprehensive piece put together by Electrical Safety First, which details plug types and supply voltage for your chargers.
  • If you want to take any action shots like water sports or jump shots, opt for the burst mode to ensure you don’t miss out on anything.

Want to experiment with beach photography yourself? Check out these Best Deals on GoPro Camerasย now!

waves at beach

Yes! You can take your GoPro with you bang into the waves!

Have you tried GoPro photography at the beach or do you prefer other cameras or maybe your trusted phones? Share your thoughts and tips below.


  1. Wow these beaches look so good! I have a GoPro too and I am obsessed with it. Just like you I take it everywhere and even take a few shameless selfies haha!

  2. I am loving the vibes at the different beaches. I want to be in Goa now on one of those colorful houses porch sipping on some coffee before taking a swim! It looks like an incredible place for photography and some sunset timelapses!

  3. Cola beach looks amazing and I am a big fan of Arambol but also its neighbour Mandrem. I absolutely hated Calangute though and would avoid it like the plague. it was far too commercialised for me and was not remotely relaxed.

  4. We also own a GoPro and it takes magnificent outdoor photos. This beach in India is gorgeous. Makes me want to go now!

  5. I’ve never been to India, but I’m loving your pictures of Goa and would love to visit someday!

  6. Wow! this looks beautiful! I’m not a massive beach person, but that shack on Keri looks pretty amazing! Also, this may seem silly, but I got a great jump tip – just bring your knees up and it automatically makes it look like you’ve got major ups! ๐Ÿ˜‰ My husband loves beaches so this is definitely a great reference for our upcoming trip to India! Cheers!

    • Thanks Paige.. Yeah thats always my plan (To bring my knees up) but somehow, I just can’t do it. Last week, however, I practiced jumping “before” the jump shots and it actually helped. I finally have a shot now with my knees up – yay!

  7. Those beaches look awesome! I love go-pro shots for underwater, and its great for scenery too but I still don’t like that fish-eye look when you’re indoors or if something is close to the edge of your view. Still, as my phone isn’t waterproof, the go-pro definitely wins for beach shots!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. It seems like half of my Facebook feed is coming from Goa these days. The beaches look lovely! I don’t have a GoPro, but I think I’m the only one who doesn’t!

  9. From the middle of big walls of snow in Romania, this awesome post from India fills my heart with warm, hope, and dreams of a summer holiday. It seems that you had a great experience and I can’t wait to go to Goa, too – that photo of you just relaxing on the beach in the perfect spiritual moment.

  10. I just got a GoPro for Christmas and am so excited to get out and adventure! This looks like a great place to do so!

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