Top Beaches in Bali for Beach Bums

Well as you all know, I am a true blue beach bum . During my 11 months in Indonesia, I visited Bali twice and spent roughly around a month chilling on some of the best beaches of Bali.

Although I haven’t seen all of them, I had quickly jotted down my personal favorites – a different beach for a different reason. For me, it was Seminyak for the beach shacks & pubs, Canguu for eye candy (Guilty!) and Nusa Dua for a peaceful getaway, away from the maddening crowds of Legian & Kuta (Okay this was rare, I was mostly found amidst the maddening crowds of Legian street).

Your list of top Bali beaches would probably be very different from mine but from my personal experiences as well as what I have read/ heard, here’s a list of 20 top beaches in Bali for various reasons and seasons.

With a multitude of things to do on the beaches of Bali like – water activities (Surfing, Snorkeling, Swimming, Boat rides etc), relishing great food, chilling in cafes and shacks lining the beach or simply enjoying your Bintang (local beer) while watching the mesmerizing sunsets, these beaches are your ultimate “go-to” vacation spots.

Things to do on beaches of Bali

 20 Top Bali Beaches for Avid Beach Bums 

There is an array of different beaches in Bali. You can find some amazing hidden gems and top offbeat places on the Pearlshare app. If you are a beach bum, you should surely try the offbeat beaches which are cleaner and much more breathtaking. Some beaches are created by corals or lava, and others are covered with gray, white, yellow, or black sand. What adds to the fun are the awesome beach front resorts with private beaches for seclusion and exclusivity.

Here is my own list of some of the best beaches in Bali to pick from –

top beaches in bali

Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay enjoys an ideal location between the Pacific and the Indian Ocean, and the enormous flow of water attracts high diversity of fish such as sharks, trevally, mantas and the Oceanic Sunfish, among others. You will find the white-grey sands of this beach to be less crowded. There’s a temple near the beach and some thatched huts. What makes the beach picture perfect are the clear blue waters and some exceptionally beautiful and calm diving sites. Enjoy some great spots for snorkeling here and explore the surprisingly rich marine life. Some of the popular diving spots are Toyapakeh, Malibu Point, and Manta Point.

Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua beach is like a paradise, with its rolling golden sands lined with fragrant trees and tall palms. The crystal clear blue ocean is perfect for snorkeling and surfers can enjoy the big waves towards the northern and southern sides. This is a nice and clean beach with several luxury hotels built around it. Each resort has their own area of reserved beach with enticing cabanas and comfortable beach beds. Enjoy local shopping in chic boutique shops and picturesque sides of the beach where you will come across a luxurious golf course and an up-market shopping complex as well as world-class hotels. Nusa Dua is an idyllic place for the entire family and avidly sought after by honeymooners.

Yeh Gangga Beach

Yeh Gangga is the most appealing section of the west coast of Tabanan and is notable for weird rock formations offshore. Be wary of swimming here as the sea currents can be dangerous. Explore the breathtaking beach that can stretch for miles and you can have it all to yourself, as not many visit this part of Bali. Relax on the beach and let the waves and sunsets mesmerize you.

Perasi Beach

Perasi Beach is a stretch of coast that lies between Bugbug and Perasi villages. It is known by several nicknames such as Virgin Beach or White Sand Beach. Despite its remote location, it can be quite an adventurous ride to reach the beach. The Pura Bale Agung temple is a well-known landmark, and you will come across different seafood restaurants, parasols and sun loungers. Enjoy various water activities, such as snorkeling, sunbathing and swimming or simply gaze at the excellent views around, relaxing on your sun deck chair with an umbrella in front of the small cafes on this beach. Enjoy a great Balinese massage by local masseur right at the beach.

Sanur Beach

sanur beach bali

Sanur beach lies towards the south of Bali along the visage Sanur and the long stretch boasts of golden sand and small corals. This is a safe beach for swimming because of the milder waves. Spot exotic marine life in the crystal clear blue waters, or collect shells in your free time. There is a diverse mix of shops, restaurants and bars along the laid back stretch of the Sanur Beach. Sanur’s nightlife is low key and shows a mature side of Bali.

Green Bowl

This is a hidden gem of Bali and is loved by locals and tourists alike, because of its quiet and exotic shores. Situated on the southern coast, the beach gets its name from a kind of bowl of rock it forms when the low tide occurs. The clean and white sandy beach is a paradise for experienced surfers. Renowned as one of the greatest surfing spots in Bali, the beach also offers other water activities such as sunbathing, swimming or snorkeling.

Balangan Beach

Situated in the village of Pecatu, it is certainly among the best beaches of Bali. The small and quiet beach is located across from the greens of Uluwatu and boasts of strong currents and high waves. Therefore, the beach is not recommended for swimming. However, this is the perfect beach for strolling when the tide is low and relaxing in the quiet beach location. Several tide pools form along the shoreline which is beautifully fringed with palm trees. This is a great option for families searching for a quiet beach. Balangan Beach is best known for its huge pumping surf break, and the reefs can be tricky.

Padang-Padang Beach

Padang padang beach

Padang-Padang Beach is a beautiful beach which is surrounded by overgrown plants and big rocks. Situated close to the Uluwatu temple, the beach is covered by these huge rocks, and when the tide is high, you can enjoy a good swim.  Go for surfing during the dry season when winds flow from west and when most high waves occur.  The beach is perfect for advanced surfers. Explore the small caves on the Padang Padang beach during your free time or simply relax by making sand castles or lying down under your parasol for a good read.

Nyang Nyang Beach

Nyang Nyang Beach is another secret of Bali that boasts of crystal clear blue sea and white sands. Go trekking and get a fascinating view of the Indian Ocean. A beautiful wild garden with vibrant yellow flowers welcomes you unexpectedly as you get closer to the beach. You can have the paradise as all to yourself as there are very few tourists on the utterly magnificent beach with untouched white sands.

Karma Beach

The private beach is made of long stretches of clean white sand marking the deep blue sea. You will fall in love with the laid-back tropical setting of the Beach Club that offers five-star services for guests. Indulge in Mediterranean-inspired menu and signature cocktails and pamper yourself with nuances of a secluded beach and lagoon. Enjoy other beach activities and water sports or have picnics on the beach. Get ready for glamorous nights and carefree days at Karma.

Jungut Batu

The Jungut batu village spreads out along the beachfront and the northwest coast that is lined with lodges and restaurants. The gorgeous beach is a strip of white sand that arcs against the aqua sea. There is plenty of sand here where you put out deck chairs, but you will not find many people swimming here. However, this is an ideal location for gazing out at sunsets or watching the seaweed being farmed and dried by the local farmers.

Seminyak Beach

seminyak beach

Seminyak is looked upon as the most fashionable beach of Bali and offers a more secluded ambiance as compared to other beaches. It is home to the most luxurious resorts of the island and boasts of the finest restaurants, fashion stores, and boutiques as well as top dining spots. You are sure to enjoy the livelier nightlife scene that takes over as soon as the sun goes down. Must visit clubs in the area are La Favela, Kudeta and Potato Head.  Enjoy Bali’s special kopi luwak or don a sarong over trousers to explore the temples around. Do not forget to buy beautiful, handmade clothes in Seminyak.

Geger Beach

This stunning white sand beach lies across a much calmer ocean and thus offers a great swimming experience. However, be wary during the afternoon, when the current gets strong. Still, you can surf all day without any restrictions. Watch the local villagers harvesting sea weed and grab appetizing sea food and cocktails. Wade through the clean water as it makes small ripples over the yellow sand or enjoy a relaxing massage. This is another good option for the reclusive kinds.


canguu beach

Canggu is a coastal village lying across the south coast of Bali, Indonesia.  Canggu beach is famous for its cultural and beach activities with a relaxing atmosphere.   The rice field area is well known for the rice field views, surfing, and private villa rentals. The Old Man’s is one of my personal favorite beach bars and highly recommended.  Boasting of some of the most beautiful sunsets ever, Canguu is indeed one of the top places to dine, surf and hang around. Take advantage of the many surf schools in Canggu and if your shoulders and arms ache after a good surf lesson, get a Balinese massage, which is easily available around every other corner.

Amed Beach

The sand at Amed beach is of the coarse black volcanic variety, and the eastern shoreline of the island boasts an underwater playground. Popular among keen divers, the Beach was once known for its traditional salt farming. Jemeluk Bay is most frequented by the more enthusiastic divers. The beach is lined with traditional outrigger fishing boats, and there is plenty of coral and underwater life for the avid snorkeler. Relax on the beach during the day or take a walk on the beach when the might falls for rejuvenating experience. The beach is perfect for honeymooners as well as the adventurous types. The rustic Bali retreat offers a rather laid back atmosphere.

Lovina Beach

Lovina beach is covered in black sand that comes from the Agnung volcano-cooled lava. Be warned that it could be hard to walk on this beach under the hot sun. Swimming is enjoyable and pleasant as there are no ocean currents. This is a paradise for families with small children. The tall palm trees that line the beach edge offer protection from sun and there are plenty of quiet spots. Visit the greatest waterfall on the island as well as the thermal springs. Wake up early to catch a glimpse of dolphins that come towards the shallow waters at sunrise. Enjoy watching those amazing sea creatures that make for a unique experience and unforgettable opportunity.

Bias Tugal

top bali beaches

Bias Tugal is also known as the Little Beach that is situated near Padang Bai. What makes the beach unique is that it is secret and deserted and can be accessed only after a short trek down a rocky track. However, you are welcomed by a wonderful body of water plus swaying coconut trees and a long strip of white sandy beach. Play in the waves or go for a swim or soak up the sun. You can relax on the beach and gaze at the boats that come in or leave Padang Bai. The rustic beach rarely gets crowded and is a paradise for those looking for an offbeat experience.

Ungasan Beach

Ungasan beach is located on the southern tip of Bali and is known to be the prettiest beach of Bali. It would be a mistake to miss out on this little slice of paradise. The fine soft sand feels delicate under your feet, and the water looks strong azure in color. The hard waves roll in to form some beautiful white patterns. Go for a great swim when the ride is low and the waves get stronger later during the day. There are some great beach restaurants that serve delicious food. The evenings are quiet and peaceful.

Gunung Payung Beach

This hidden paradise promises panoramic views of the ocean. The clean white beach is simply perfect for trying out some yoga. For those who are adventurous, there are interesting activities like surfing and snorkeling. Explore the area to get a glimpse of the local ways and watch the sea urchin collectors or the seaweed farmers going about their daily chores. Gunung Payung Beach is peaceful and quiet with no crowds, and this is why it is the perfect venue for a comfortable and private holiday.

Bingin Beach

The stunning Bingin Beach offers an unrivaled view of the Indian Ocean and boasts of the best surfing points by surfers across the globe because of the great waves. This is the spot to be at if looking for an adrenaline rush! The beach is perfect for professional surfers. Located on the Bukit, a walk along the beach offers the view of the exposed coral riff is. There are white limestone cliffs on the west coast, and one can enjoy simply breathtaking views from this region. This is an ideal holiday getaway, with its private villas and small boutique resorts.

Bali’s beaches are simply ideal for those looking for paradise.  It is hard to resist those fine white sands and clear blue waters that offer perfect venues for relaxation or fun-filled water sports and activities. It is time to discover your favorite coast in Bali!

Here’s a nifty Bali beach map to guide you to these 20 spots –

So, have you been to Bali or plan to? Which are your favorite beaches in Bali or ones you want to visit someday?

Pro Tip – For a quick reference, download the Pearlshare travel app to learn more about Bali or find offbeat, hidden locales across the world. 

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Disclaimer – This post is written in collaboration with Pearlshare travel app. All beach destination ideas are my own. 


  1. These are absolutely beautiful! I’m not sure I’d do anything but beach now in Bali!

  2. These beaches look marvelous! I want to be at Padang Padang Beach!

  3. Great tips for my intended trip to Indonesia next year 🙂

  4. I was in Bali for just a few days about 3 years ago. this post really makes me want to go back. Hated Kuta, I must admit, but many of these look really nice.

  5. Christine Krzyszton July 5, 2016 at 7:47 pm

    You have put together a nice collection of beach recommendations. Great post!

  6. I went to Padang-Padang! Beautiful water. Would have loved to have gotten to Green Bowl but there’s never enough time in Bali. 🙂

    • Ah tell me about it – plus I am a lazy beach bum – Usually I just pick one beach and chill with beer – just laying there like a crocodile soaking the sun whilst enjoying the soothing sound of the waves. lol

  7. Happy to meet another beach bum 🙂 Glad you liked the post. Unless its for work, my destinations are almost always chosen based on the distance from the nearest beach.

  8. Love this! I was heading to Indonesia this month until August, but I’ve decided to cut my trip early to visit my grandpa in America this October. I definitely want to make a trip ASAP, and since I’m moving to New Zealand it’ll be so close. I’ll definitely refer back to this post. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I am a total beach bum at heart too and one of the very reasons Bali is on my list of places to go to. This makes me want to even more!

  10. Love em all 😉 My fave is Pandawa Beach on the Bukit. So peaceful, beautiful and it’s more locals and a few tourists, so nice ratio 😉

  11. in my opinion, all beaches in Bali are top

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