12 Fun Things to do on Lantau Island Hong Kong

Nestled in the Pearl river, Lantau is the largest island of Hong Kong. For first time visitors, there are plenty of fun things to do on Lantau island to keep you fully occupied for a day. Hence, its a popular day tour destination and flocked by many for its amazing attractions.

Your typical Lantau island itinerary will surely include a visit to Tian Tian Buddha,  a ride on the Ngong Ping 360 cable way and a visit to Tai O village, among others. If you have more time, I would recommend spending an entire day to cover Hong Kong Disneyland, which is also on this lovely island.

So if you are wondering what to do in Lantau island, there is no dearth of options. Based on your schedule, you can try adding few or all of these to your Lantau island tour.

Best Things to do on Lantau Island Hong Kong

A visit to Lantau island is on every Hong Kong itinerary. By default, it has popped up as one of the top attractions in the city. Once you visit, there is tons to do and you can see why it witnesses hoards of tourists every single day.

Walk around Ngong Ping Village

Ngong ping map

A visit to the lovely Ngong Ping village tops my Lantau island things to do list. You cannot go to Lantau and not visit Ngong ping – it’s that simple. This cultural entertainment hub can be found as soon as you step out of the cable way. Hard to miss, right?

Ngong Ping village has several attractions and dining options spread across 1.5 hectares. Some top things to do at Ngong Ping village include trying out the new innovative VR 360, Walking with the Buddha, Stage 360 and Motion 360.

Walking with the Buddha

Walking with the Buddha

stage 360

Stage 360

The village also has plenty of photo opportunities around Chinese good luck charms and authentic wishing trees.

ngong ping village

Health or Bliss – what do you choose?

Did I mention the village is also very cute and artsy? I even saw a caricature artist drawing freehand styles and some cute wall murals.

Painting and Caricature stalls at Ngong Ping village

Painting and Caricature stalls at Ngong Ping village

Taste Artistic Flower Tea

At the popular Linong tea house, you can try their brand new product – Artistic flower tea. There is a free tea demonstration 3 times a day where they explain health benefits as they demonstrate the right way to enjoy a cup of this amazing flower tea.

artistic flower tea

Flower tea making demo and benefits

Linong also has the cutest tea sets for sale. I spent 15 mins just staring at these carefully curated pieces.

tea sets china

Cute tea sets at Linong tea house

Enjoy Surreal views from Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car

Ngong Ping 360 have branded themselves as the top tourist attraction in Hong Kong and rightly so. Where else can you enjoy surreal views of city, ocean, mountains and jungles in a long 25 min cable ride? This 5.7 km ropeway also gives you the first look at Tian Tian Buddha and I must admit, this is one of the best view points to the urban jungle of Hong Kong.

Ngong ping 360 cable car

Ngong ping 360 cable car

Tip – Choose the glass bottom “Crystal cabin” to really enjoy the birds eye view.

crystal cabin ngong ping

In my lovely glass bottom crystal cabin

Gawk at the Mighty Tian Tian Buddha

Undoubtedly this hilltop big Buddha statue of Tian Tian is one of the most sought after attractions on Lantau island. This 112 ft bronze statue is one of the top 5 largest Buddha statues in China.

Tian Tian Buddha

Tian Tian Buddha

Symbolizing harmony and peace, the statue was completed in 1993 and has been a tourist attraction and mecca for Buddhism in Hong Kong, ever since.

Pay Homage at Po Lin Monastery 寶蓮禪寺

Po Lin Monastery

Po Lin Monastery

Located in the Ngong ping plateau of Lantau island, this monastery is surely a must visit while there. Po lin monastery is an architectural delight and several tourists and locals flock to pay homage by praying and burning incense sticks.

 Po Lin Monastery grounds

Pretty Po Lin Monastery grounds

You can even see several cows in the monastery grounds. Yes, that’s right – cows! Lovely, beautiful holy cows loiter around and are often part of tourist selfies. Though there are several signs advising tourists not to go near, touch or feed the cows, it seems the signage is usually ignored.

Walk around the Lovely Tai O Village 大澳

Strolling around Tai O Village

Strolling around Tai O Village

Tai O village is totally different from the more urban and upscale Ngong ping village. Tai O is a local fishing village and gives you a peek into the traditional culture and lifestyle.

Since it is now a tourist attraction, several locals have started selling food, souvenirs and other items, to bank in on the influx. It is surely a commercialized little town but a lot of fun to walk around.

Tai O fishing village on stilts

Tai O fishing village on stilts

You can easily spend a day taking pictures here and enjoying a sneak peek into local life.

tai o fishing village

For example, I have never seen a toilet that just has a hole – everything goes straight in the sea. I am not sure if it’s considered good for the environment (or the marine life) but that’s how the locals live!

Hike the Lantau Trail

If you are a big fan of adventure and want to try hiking in Hong Kong, Lantau trail is a good option to challenge your skills. If you are on a budget, you save up on the cable car tickets as well.

However, hiking the 70 km Lantau trail is NOT a breeze. Most sections are arduous climbs and can take upto 3 hours to complete (one section).

Another popular mini trail (2 hours) is from Ngong ping village to Lantau peak. Those who wish to catch the sunrise, can stay overnight at Ngong Ping and start at around 4 am for the peak.

Click here for detailed routes and time taken vs distance covered for each section.

Enjoy a Fun-Filled Day at Hong Kong Disneyland

disneyland hong kong 2018

Disneyland is my happy place 🙂

Hong Kong Disneyland is also part of Lantau island. You can, however, reach Disneyland by MTR and then changing to Disney train. You don’t have to take the cable way or hike up.

Disneyland offers fun filled big thrill as well as kiddie rides, along with the spectacular live Lion King theater, Disney parade and several photo opps with your favorite Disney characters. Click here to skip the queue and pre-book your Disneyland tickets.

Embark on a Boat Tour to Sight Pink Dolphins

tai o boat tour

Boats that take you on short excursions around Tai O

At Tai O village, you can hop on a boat tour for a chance to encounter the rare, endemic pink dolphins of Hong Kong. We did a short 15 min ride, which was included in our Lantau island tour. Sadly, we didn’t spot any of those endangered beauties. However, I have heard from other travelers who embarked on the same tour and were lucky to see them few times in one trip. So, apparently they are pretty common in these waters.

Buy Cute Souvenirs at the Fishing Village

I found the cutest souvenirs ever in the Tai O fishing village. Starting at just HKD 10, my favorites were the adorable sea shell turtles with spectacles. However, there were plenty of other options too.

turtle souvenir

Turtles with specs – how adorable?

cute souvenirs

So many cute ones to choose from

Try “Husband” and other Unique Local Delicacies

There is so much to taste at the Tai O village. One local delicacy was called “Husband” which I have only ever found here. I simply HAD to find out what this delightful sounding cuisine entailed.

Basically, these are pork and shrimp pancakes. I also loved their logo which shows a pork chef and a shrimp dancing closely. It was hilarious to find this signage saying “Husband – Only HKD 28”. This cracked me up and called for a picture –

husband tai o village

What? HKD 28 for Husband? Can I have two please? 😉

Apart from “husband”, fish balls and doughnuts are other popular local items but there are several more street food and dining options at Tai O and even in Ngong Ping village.

tai o village food

Fish ball time – yay

fresh juice tai o

Fresh juice anyone?

street food tai o

More local street food options

Visit a Cat Cafe at Tai O

Tai O village has cat cafes with real cats. Can you believe finding a cat cafe in a local fishing village? I have never seen one before.. in a village! So, I would say add it to your list of awesome, fun, cool things to do on Lantau Island because hey – cats are amazing.

Cute cat cafes in Tai O village

Cute cat cafes in Tai O village

cat cafe tai o

Colorful, upbeat decor at the cat cafe

Lantau Island Map

How to reach Lantau island

Tung chung cable car terminal is the starting point of the ropeway. To reach there, simply take MTR to Tung Chung station, then walk for 3 mins from Exit B. There are clear maps for direction and little scope of getting lost.

ngong ping cable way

Follow the sign

Once at the station, if you have pre-booked your cable car tickets, you can skip the hour long queues and go straight to your standard/ crystal cabin.

You can also opt for to hike up via the Lantau trail which starts from Mui wo.

Where to Book your Lantau Island Tour?

If you are visiting for the first time and looking for a discounted guided tour, I would highly recommend taking this tour via KKday.

ticketing ngong ping

Skip the queue when you book this tour

I enjoyed the tour  (though usually I am a DIY person), as it had a lot of free time. So it is not really a hand-held type of tour and you still need to reach Ngong ping village on your own – which entails taking a MTR and cable car on your own.

Once there, you meet your guide and learn more about the island as well as get transported to Tai O village. Tour also includes bus tickets and snack passes.

You get time to explore on your own for an hour at Tai 0 and later you can spend as much time walking around Ngong ping village and Po Lin monastery at your own pace.

So basically the tour offers a discounted combined deal on all attractions whilst giving you ample time and space.

Lantau island tour tickets and map

Lantau island tour tickets and map

Click here to book Lantau island tour now!

So have your been to Lantau? Which are your favorite things to do on Lantau island Hong Kong? Tell me in comments below.


  1. What a great list of activities to do on Lantau Island. We definitely don’t get bored! I am a huge tea lover, so I would love to check out the Linong tea house, where I can see the free tea demonstration. What was your favorite activity?

  2. It’s been a long time since I went to Hong Kong, but I really enjoyed Lantau Island. The Husband dish sounds interesting, did you try it?! The Tian Tian Buddha is incredible; it was probably the highlight of the visit for me.

  3. A wonderful guide to Lantau island in Hong Kong. I am glad to know about the flower tea and it’s health benefits! I would love to take a ride in the cable car too!

  4. I didn’t realize how much Lantau island had to offer. I’m a sucker for wanting to try all sorts of teas, so I’d love the flower tea. The cable car looks like something you’d absolutely have to do — very cool.

    I’d skip disneyland, but the hike from Ngong ping village to Lantau peak sounds amazing. There’s nothing quite like watching the sunrise in a new place.

  5. I’ve never heard of Lantau Island, but now I definitely want to visit. It seems like there are so many things you could do here! I love that they have a delicacy called “husbands”. I’d love to make my husband eat a husband – they sound pretty tasty as well! Thanks for introducing me to a new destination to put on my wanderlist.

  6. dear Jo, thanks for sharing! i´ve been in hong kong and would love to return to discover more the islands and thanks to this post i´ll have more info for my plan 😉 greetings from Lisbon, PedroL

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