Things to do in Lake District National Park [England]

The Lake District National Park in England, also happens to be its largest. The park provides the right type of environment for an array of exciting activities which range from the serene to the extreme. The deepest Lake in England enjoys centrestage here, with tourists thronging the shores to unwind and spend quality time in the backdrop of a wild countryside. Beauty and hospitality go hand in hand here, thereby making the Lake District the number one attraction for enjoyment and exploration. From rock climbing to boat cruises on the Wastewater Lake, these selected top draw attractions will cater to the whims and fancy of every visitor to the Lake District. So prepare yourself to take on the Lakes like a pro, in order to explore one of the most fascinating natural part of the world.

Awesome Things to do on Lake District National Park

things to do on lake district national park

Explore the Lake District by cruise

There is simply no better way to discover the splendid beauty of the Lake District than a cruise along the lake. The cruise, which are of varying time duration, from 45 minutes to day long trips, show visitors the small bays and islands which would otherwise have not been possible. One can begin their journey from either Bowness, Ambleside or Lakeside to access these destinations.

Admire the boat collection at the Windermere Jetty Museum

From sailing yachts, steam boats, motor boats and a stunning exhibit of speed boats, the museum endeavours to bring tourists close to the heritage of boating on the Lake.This unique exhibition is located adjacent to the popular tourist destination of Bowness by the Windermere Jetty on Rayrigg Road.

Tour the picturesque village of Ambleside


There is no better way to get immersed in the history of the region than by visiting the sixteenth century cottage of the world famous poet William Wordsworth, namely Rydal Mount. The late poet, known for his romantic verses, has left an indelible mark on almost each place in the Lake District.
The quaint little home displays an altogether different perspective of the eminent man,with views of self landscaped gardens and a peek of his personal possessions, still intact inside his writing study in the attic.

Go wine tasting at the Lake Distillery

This is considered to be a relatively new attraction, having opened its doors to visitors only as late as 2014.The principal draw here is the alcoholic produce which is said to of high quality, being made from locally available material.The Lake Distillery, has since become a fast growing must visit destination, where tourists can either opt to attend wine tasting sessions or enjoy the superior gin, whisky and vodka in the attached restaurant.

Give a boost to the local artists

Located within the boundaries of the modest Cumberland Pencils Factory, lies the brilliant Derwent Pencil Museum. The top draw here is the first ever pencil produced in the world. In addition, there are pencils which were used for espionage work during the Second World War, a retail outlet, a cafe and some really emerging artists in residence. These notable persons, display their expertise in classy looking workshops, and are definitely worth the visit to the museum.

Scale the highest point in England


Regardless of the pain and suffering achieved from climbing this 978m peak, the hike to the top of Scafell Peak is really worth the effort. Even though you are almost certainly to return with broken skin and blisters, the spectacular view from the top of the Lake District National Park is sure to keep your ego inflated. Care should be taken to check the forecast for the day before attempting the climb and to don the appropriate gear, especially for coming down hill.

Taste a brew with a view

After a hard day of walking, what better place there will be where you can put up your feet and enjoy an excellent brew. The Drunken Duck, is an absolutely superlative pub, doing the rounds since 1997. A variety of fine lagers and good British food topped with some of the best and most refreshing golden ale would do wonders for your long hikes. Apart from all this, there is a range of beverages on offer to be tasted while admiring the gorgeous views.

Spend an evening at the Mortal Man

Established in 1689, this old Inn was once a school.Today the Mortal Man attracts visitors with its character and charm, complete with a roaring fire and ceilings with low beams. Located just near to Ambleside and Windermere is Troutbeck Valley, which is home to this impressive lodge. On a given day in summer, one can enjoy a great British meal, and depending on the program, live music and partake in a quiz competition.

Get inspired by going on a walking tour

The Lake District is a leading destination in the world for walkers who come to explore and experience the surreal landscape. From a moderate hike to something more adventurous, there are scores of Lake District walks and routes to choose from for hikers of all abilities. Lake District expert guides can assist you in scaling Scafell Pike or explore other remote areas. They will help you in selecting the right clothes, additional kit, like walking poles etc and emergency survival kit.The guides will also chalk out some of the most classic walks in the prime areas around the Lake.

Explore the fascinating Honister Slate Mine

The Honister Slate Mine, was incidentally the last of the English working mines which used to manufacture green slate. This exciting exhibit is a must for all age groups and all abilities. Visitors are sure to be kept on their toes during the various guided tours which go through underground mine shafts, scaling mountain sides and ultimately crossing the fearsome trinity bridge. People throng to the Honister Park cafe, the highest eatery in the entire National Park for a snack and to purchase some really good souvenirs.

Gaze upon the Castlerigg Stone Circle

This unique display of boulders, dating back to 3000 BC during the Neolithic age, are strewn over a large area, reminiscent of the famous Stonehenge, roughly a thirty minutes walk from Keswick. Sheep graze, unmindful of the presence of tourists, between these fascinating set of huge rock circles, with panoramic views of High Seat and Helvellyn forming a lovely backdrop. Entry here is free and allows for a passing a wonderful and tranquil summer day by taking an extended tour of Carlisle Castle and Hadrian’s wall to witness the Roman footsteps. Castlerigg today, is considered to be the dramatic stone circle sites in England.

The Lake District, has a stupendous right of way of around 3100 km.This vast tract can be traversed in a number of ways, like cycle,walk and boat and has a large number of activities, than anywhere else in the UK. The wealth of historical places, museums and beautiful gardens has to be seen to be believed. No other place offers total relaxation, great food and stunning scenery all in one place as in the Lake District. There can hardly be any doubt that this is crown jewel of England, with the National Park itself acting as a wonderful inspiration to all.

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