8 Kick Ass Things to do in Hradec Kralove Region For Adventure Lovers

mountain scooter riding
Our rider gang :)

Hradec Kralove is a gem nestled in Czech Republic’s Bohemia. It’s not just a quaint, pretty city, but a mecca for adventurists. There are plenty of things to do in Hradec kralove region and if you an adrenaline junkie you will be pleased with the quality of thrills on offer.

Un-missiable Things to do in Hradec Kralove for Adventurists in Summer time

With so many awesome things to do in this city, you can be spoilt for options. However, for adventurists, there are quite a few fun options to choose from. From mega to mini thrills, there’s something for everyone.

Mega Adventures to try in Hradec Kralove for Adrenaline Junkies

things to do in hradec kralove

No dearth of natural beauty, architectural wonders and adventures in Hradec Kralove

For those who like to live on the edge and enjoy mega thrills, here’s my list of top adventures in the Hradec Kralove region to stimulate your senses.

Cable Wakeboarding

Yes! this is totally a thing and instead of being roped to a boat, you are pulled by a cable. If you happen to be in Hradec Kralove, visit the awesome cable wake park for a thrilling experience. You can start with the beginner wakeboarding and you can get 2-3 cable rounds to try your skills. This sport is a combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing. So if you know either of these, your chances of getting a hang of sticking to your wakeboard are quite high.

wakeboarding czech republic

All geared up and prepping for my first wakeboarding experience

My first try was a disaster and I kept falling face first in the water. However, once you have the technique sorted, it would surely be a breeze. In any case, just trying a new adventure sport is always a good rush. The lovely park on the lake with green surroundings gives you a nice overview of the Hradec Kralove region as well.

Cost – 300 CZK (Approx $13.5) for one hour and 600 CZK for full day

Opening Hours – Mon-Fri 1200 – 1800 Hrs / Sat 1000 – 2000 Hrs / Sun 1000 – 1900 Hrs

For More Fnfo – CableWakePark.cz

Mountain Biking and Tricycling at Ski Centrum Ricky

Hradec Kralove is a paradise for skiers in winters. Ski centrum ricky, like most other ski centers, turns into a kick ass bike park in summers.

sky centrun ricky

First look at the awesome Ski centrum Ricky

I tried mountain biking for the first time here.

This is what to expect – You grab a bike, sunshades and helmet and go up the ski slope in a chair lift.

ski chairlift

Enjoy lovely views on the chairlift

Once on top, you simply need balance (Which I lack) and brakes to go down the slope at neck breaking speed on your bike. After I fell on the safety net once, I almost gave up. It was challenging and fun adventure , which is right up my alley but a little more practice on the mountain bike or heck even a cycle would’ve ensured a scar free memory.

mountain biking czech republic

Riding a mountain bike for the first time

Unfazed, I went right up on top of the ski slope one more time. This time, I wanted to try the tricycle as there is no balance required.

However, it goes down the slope swiftly too. You have option to break and I almost skidded when I tried it. Plus, the last part is literally like a steep vertical wall. So, the best thing to do is enjoy the super bumpy ride and just believe in gravity.

tricyle ski centrum ricky

After mountain biking fail, I tried my hands on the tricycle

Both adventures are highly recommended to get your heart pumping.

Cost – Starting from 200 CZK for 3 passes

For More Info – https://www.skiricky.cz/

Rock climbing and Rappelling in Broumov

We enjoyed a wonderful few hours rappelling down steep rocks in the Broumov area with our guide Tom.

rock climbing czech republic

First we posed on the rocks we rappelled down 🙂

Unfortunately, we could not try rock climbing in the region but Adršpach and Broumov are both spectacular spots for rock climbing in Czech Republic.

You can also try other adventure spots with Tom like slackline, horse riding, cycling, sailing and more.

Cost – 300 CZK per Hour

For More Info – Tomadventure.org / Email – [email protected]

Mountain Scooter at Skiresort Cerna

Ever tried zipping down a rocky trail in a mountain scooter? If not, skiresort cerna is the perfect place to do so. Another summer time adventure was a 10km scooter ride.

mountain scooter

Thats what a mountain scooter looks like

Given that I am balance challenged , needless to say, I almost fell off a few times but finally got a hang of it after the first tricky few kms.

mountain scooter riding

Our rider gang 🙂

Our guide even took us to a spectacular view point for these killer valley and mountain views.


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hradec kralove

Lovely view point if you just climb a few rocks!

Other activities at Ski resort Cerna include winter skiing, sledging, snowboarding, rock climbing and more.

Cost – Mountain Scooter rental at 200 CZK for  3 hours, detailed rate card for winter sports here

For More Info – https://www.skiresort.cz/en

E bike at Pecka Hernia Krajina

E bikes with their powerful battery operated pedals sound like a dream. In reality, they are way harder to ride for first timers. For me, since it was the first time riding an e-bike that too uphill, it was a challenge for sure.

e bike ride

Yes, I can ride an e-bike lol

However, once I got a hang of the bike and gears, it was smooth sailing throughout. We rode around 20 kms up and down pristine valleys with lovely views all around.

Mini adventures to try in Hradec Kralove

If you are the one who likes soft adventures, there is something for you as well in Hradec Kralove. You don’t have to be a die-hard adventure lover to enjoy these small explorations of the region.

Slide down tree top to roots at Krkonoše Tree Top Trail

The Krkonose tree top trail situated in the lovely Krkonose national park is one of the top tourist attractions of Janske Lazne. Stretching over 1300 m, this is a lovely day out for families with young kids. They take you through the forests and animals of Krkonose and it is a fun, educational experience for children.

Krkonose tree top trail

Krkonose tree top trail

The view from the top of the tower at 45m, atop the trees is quite breathtaking and the mini adventure lies in sliding right down from the top to the roots. You zip down in a covered slide using just a mat and no breaks.

Cost – 220 CZK admission and 50 CZK for the slide

For More Info – Stezkakrkonose.cz

Safari adventures at Dvur Kralove Zoo

Ready for an African offroading adventure in Czech republic? Yes, that’s right, you can go on an Africa safari right at Dvur Kralove zoo. From lions to cheetahs, hornbills to giraffes, they have almost every African animal and bird you can think of.

Also the place to spot the extremely endangered rhinos and other species of mammals and birds in a free , yet protected environment.

dvur safari

Our offroad Safari vehicle

I also liked the part how your safari vehicle has a drop down cage around it when you enter Lion territory. So you are behind bars, instead of the freely roaming lions, which was very refreshing to see.

The animals are well taken care of with a vet on call round the clock.

They also have an amazing camp site where you can live right next to the animals, separated only by a fence. If I ever revisit, I would surely opt for a weekend stay at the camp site or one of the lovely tree houses.

camping dvur

Awesome campsite at Dvur

The food served in restaurants at Dvur is varied and caters to all sorts of taste buds.

Cost – 220 CZK 

For More Info – Safaripark.cz

Exploring Castle Ruins – Hrad Potstjen

Walking around and exploring castle ruins can be a mini adventure in itself. Especially if you are like me and decide to climb the rickety castle walls 🙂

castle ruins hrad

Sitting pretty atop the castle ruins

Our visit to Hrad Potstjen was simply amazing with a short hike to the castle, stunning settings and then free time to explore/ climb, adventure around on your own.


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Opening Hours – Mondays closed,  9000 – 1700 Hrs all other days

Cost – 60 CZK

For More Info – http://www.hrad-potstejn.cz/

Adventure lovers certainly have many things to do in Hradec Kralove so I would recommend you to book your flights to Czech republic now and experience this stunning region.

hradec kralove brave hearts

Our gang of brave hearts 🙂

Disclaimer – My wonderful adventures in Hradec Kralove were part of my post-bex tour sponsored by Czech Tourism and TBEX

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