Things You Don’t Want to Forget on Your Next Camping Trip

Organizing a camping trip needs more time, energy and thought than a regular trip. After all, you need to remember to take your own accommodation for starters! You also need to figure out how to cram everything into your car. This is where Vault Cargo can help. Their products can help you to add extra space for all your gear, such as by using a roof rack or a cargo hitch carrier. They also have a good selection of straps, ensuring that your items are well secured for transit.

Having a checklist makes it easier to pack for any trip, and camping is no exception. Here are five things you really don’t want to forget when taking your next camping trip.

tent for camping

Tent and all Necessary Accessories

Most people wouldn’t dream of being able to set off on a camping trip having forgotten their tent. However, you might be surprised by the number of people who arrive at their destination only to realize that they have forgotten a vital item to help them erect their shelter. Depending on your type of tent, you’ll also need poles, guy ropes, the correct type of pegs, and possibly a ground sheet. Don’t forget a hammer to knock the pegs into the ground. Having spare pegs and ropes is also a good idea.

Sleeping Bags and Other Bedtime Gear

Getting snuggly under canvas after nightfall is all part of the fun of a camping trip. Airbeds, a pump, pillows, and sleeping bags should be on your list. Depending on the climate, spare blankets may also be advised. Don’t forget your pajamas! If you haven’t used your air beds for a while, or will be away for a longer period, a puncture repair kit can come in handy. You don’t want to try to blow up your bed only to find that the air is leaking right back out.

Cooking Supplies and Food

Unless you’re planning to camp on an organized site with facilities such as restaurants, cafes, bars and stores, you will need to take at least some basic cooking supplies. Besides, having a campfire is often one of the most quintessential parts of any camping trip. While it’s unlikely that you’d forget larger items, such as a camping stove, gas bottle and pans, it’s the smaller things that may slip through the net. A can opener, matches, firelighters, skewers, tin foil for cooking in the fire, toasting forks and tongs should be in your equipment along with crockery and cutlery.

cooking in camp

Clothes and Footwear

Your choice of clothing and shoes for your camping trip will obviously be based around the time of year, climate and choice of activities. Plan to take a mixture of clothes suitable for hot and cold conditions, keeping in mind that temperatures can drop in the evenings. It’s also wise to have a waterproof jacket and a hat with you. Pack your bathing suit if heading to the coast, a lake or anywhere else where you may want to take a dip. Flip flops are ideal for communal shower blocks and the beach, sneakers are often perfect for day-to-day activities and hiking boots may be appropriate if you plan to spend a lot of time trekking.

Toiletries, sun cream, a basic first aid kit, sunglasses, a flashlight and spare batteries for gadgets are also important on a camping trip. You may also want a good book, a map to help in tricky spots and leisure items, like games or fishing poles. Don’t forget the essentials! Have fun sleeping at the heart of nature and enjoying the great outdoors.

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