The Day I Joined the People of Tomorrow at – Tomorrowland, Belgium

As a music festival virgin at the ripe age of 35, when my 25 year old friend suggested we must attend a kick ass festival during my 2 month Euro trip, I was both skeptical and excited.

As a big time party go-er who has been to the wildest nightclubs, craziest party destinations and maddening beach parties , first and foremost it was hard to admit my festival virgin status to anyone – so I kept it subtly hidden under wraps.

Needless to say, I told her I will look into it and started finding small scale festivals around Europe over the summer. I mean, I didn’t really want anything big or overwhelming. After all, I didn’t know what to expect. From what I read online or watched on the idiot box, music festivals were more for 20 somethings than those nearing their 40’s.

Absolutely not! Well, Maybe a bit.

Like everything else in the world, to each their own. Take things with a grain of salt and make your own judgement and do what makes you comfortable in your skin.

At this point, attending a big ass music festival didn’t even cross my mind.

So how did Tomorrowland happen?

tomorrowland 2018

Music festival virgin at Tomorrowland – woot woot

While planning my Euro trip, I told my friend in Belgium about my upcoming visit to her country and that I would love to meet her. Alas! She said she was headed to Tomorrowland for the weekend.

That was a lightbulb moment.

The biggest, baddest, awesomest music festival of all time was happening in the country I was headed to for the very same weekend. That was a sign – It would be a CRIME to miss it.

I mean how cool would it be to break my music festival virginity with Tomorrow Fuckin Land????

After a quick reasoning session I decided to take the plunge and go for Tomorrowland 2018 – There was absolutely no other way.

I was all set and prepared for a mad music filled weekend in Belgium.

Tomorrowland – Expectation vs Reality

My friend Ola from Poland joined me and we were both equally excited. She had attended several festivals before so I didn’t even dare tell her about my “virgin status”.

The minute we got our bracelets, we were like kids in Disneyland. Even though we both were nursing hangovers from the night before as we were getting closer to the music, our hearts started beating faster and there was a spring in our steps. We quite literally danced our way in.

In reality, Tomorrowland was everything I expected and more. Of course I anticipated it to be packed to the brim with stoned college kids – which it was. I also anticipated it to be huge , stunning and amazing (maybe even overwhelming) – check check and check!

main stage tomorrowland 2018

Massive madness and unlimited fun at Tomorrowland

What I did not expect was that it wasn’t just huge.. it was MASSIVE.

The stage decorations were out of the world and with 13 stages, I barely made it to 5 or 6 at best.

With Boris Brejcha playing upbeat music at the main stage with the underwater world theme, I felt like I was in heaven! No kidding.

The dubsteb stage with the dragon spitting red confetti and smoke was my absolute favorite –

You could even go on a free ride on the Ferris wheel. I would recommend going after dark to enjoy the lights. From the top you can actually see how insanely huge the festival is.

There are many parks to just grab a beer and chill at if you are tired.

Tomorrowland 2018 Photo Gallery

I was so psyched, I could not stop taking pictures of the wonderful decorations all around me. Truly felt like I was in WONDERLAND.

dubstep stage tomorrowland

My favorite stage at Tomorrowland with the dragon

Main stage with Boris Brejcha

Main stage with Boris Brejcha

stages at tomorrowland

Another awesome stage

tomorrowland stages

My second favorite with the purple mushrooms

tomorrow land

Epic decorations and pretty scenery as far as you can see

The Verdict – To go or not to go?

I would say a BIG HELL YEAH!

Tomorrowland is an experience! You must try it at least once in your lifetime.

Be prepared for maddening crowds and you will sail through and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

I was so happy to join the people of tomorrow and totally abide by their slogan –

“Live Today, Love Tomorrow, Unite Forever”

Next time I might just go camping on a music festival too – who knows? You are never too old to try new things 🙂

So, have you been to Tomorrowland or whats your favorite music festival? Tell me in comments below and I might see you there next summer.

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