Tarangi Resort – One of the Best Jim Corbett Resorts

Corbett national park, as most of my readers would know, was my first introduction to wildlife. As my father is a wildlife tour operator, we have been frequenting the park for around three decades now.

From staying inside the park’s amazing forest guest houses (like Dhikala, Khinnanauli, Sarpduli, Sultan etc) to the accommodation available outside, like boutique hotels, from simple tents, fancy wildlife lodges, quaint family homestays and lovely riverside properties –  we have tried all kinds of Jim Corbett Resorts!

Grounds of Tarangi resort

Grounds of Tarangi resort

Even though our heart lies in living within the park, we must admit that the amenities there are very basic. As true wildlife lovers, we don’t mind that one bit as the experience of living inside the jungle is surpassed by none other.

However, for variety, relaxation and luxury, Corbett has amazing properties in and around Ramnagar where one can enjoy peace and tranquility, even when away from the forest. Tarangi resort is one such amazing place.

My parents and I visited this impeccable property last month and I wanted to share our experience with my readers.

Reasons to Stay at Tarangi Resort in Corbett

tarangi resort

Lovely earthen decor in the open, airy lobby of Tarangi

While looking for a base to explore the jungles of Corbett, in search of the Royal Bengal Tiger, Tarangi makes for a good option. If you haven’t booked in advance, getting to stay inside the park can be nearly impossible. With our hectic daily schedules, it is not always feasible to plan a vacation months ahead. Tarangi, however, turned out to be a perfect alternative, both for Corbett and for the perfect relaxed option, easily accessible from Delhi, and for good reasons too.

Calm and Serene Environment

As soon as you enter Tarangi resort, you will feel a sense of calm and well being overcoming you almost at once.The warm, cozy and welcoming decor with chirping of birds in the background, gave us a feeling that we were headed for a unique vacation, the moment we stepped into we the airy open lobby.

The staff greeted us with smiles and coffee, even though we arrived at 5 am. Later we were ushered to our lovely river-facing bungalow which offered calming sounds of the gushing waters of the Kosi.

The lodge boasts of 44 carefully curated luxury rooms, bridal villa as well as a private villa with a plunge pool – ideal for private parties and those looking for a romantic sojourn.

rooms at tarangi

Amazing river facing rooms

Perfect for Fitness Freaks

I haven’t seen any resort in Corbett with a huge jogging/walking track all around. This gave me ample opportunities to enjoy morning jogs (Since Safaris were sold out) around the lush green grounds, whilst enjoying birding.

After my jog, I would take a dip in the refreshing waters of their swimming pool and later soak the sun in the spacious well manicured lawns.

Amazing swimming pool

Amazing swimming pool at Tarangi

Gulping down fresh juice at the restaurant, made from organically home grown fruits, was just what the doctor ordered. Taking in the fresh jungle air is always a big plus as well. If you are so inclined, there is an open air gym in their gardens by the river.

All in all, I would highly recommend it as wellness retreat just because the aura pulls you in and there is a lot to do for fitness lovers.

Largest Riverfront in Corbett

Tarangi Resort occupies the largest stretch of land along the Kosi River as compared to any other resort in Corbett. This is the first thing I noticed as soon as we got to our lovely rooms and I stepped into the balcony. The view was incredible and we could spot water birds right from our veranda (with binoculars, of course).

jim corbett resorts

Perfect place to work, bird watch or sip your coffee

Indulge in Good Food and Complete Relaxation

Sansha Spa offers rejuvenating massage packages to add to your relaxing getaway.

The lovely Panorama Restaurant which has amazing views of the Kosi, offers scrumptious buffet as well as a la carte options.

panorama restaurant

Excellent location of Panorama restaurant at Tarangi

Everyone from the head Chef Mr Jeet to F& B manager Mr Sanjeev and even the servers like Mr Bala; were extremely courteous and the food was out of the world. One day Chef Jeet also delighted us with the best “Basa fish fillet” we have ever tried. We asked for the recipe and tried to recreate the magic back home, needles to say, we failed miserably.

food at tarangi

Delicious food every single time!!!

No doubt food makes a big difference in your experience and Tarangi ensures homely food in this wonderful clean and green environment.

Pluck and Eat Concept – Fresh fruits, right off the trees

fruit plucking

Just looking at those dangling Mangoes made us want to eat them!!!

Where else can you enjoy fresh fruits, right off the trees? I know you can do so in an apple orchard in the hills, but this concept is not very popular in these areas. We had fresh Lichi’s and mangos and we picked the best ones ourselves off the trees. Brought me back to my childhood days when picking cherries and fruits was a norm.

Tarangi Offers “Something for Everyone”

What I loved best about Tarangi was it does not cater to just one segment or niche. For example, nestled in Corbett, you would consider it to be a wildlife lodge. However, it caters to every sort of traveler be it history buff, birder, book work, fitness freak or someone coming for a corporate retreat to relax and unwind.

tarangi resorts

Amazing bungalows at Tarangi resort

The resort was washed away by the Uttarakhand Floods in 2013 and was recently relaunched in April 2018, which gives it an interesting history to boast off. Then, having the fruiting trees and the flowing river around, makes it a mecca for birds. With a lovely well stocked library at the lobby, you can enjoy your days chilling in the sun bed by the pool, curled up with your favorite book. Or, if you feel so just pre-book your safaris and enjoy the thrills of the jungles of Corbett.

tarangi resort corbett

Pick something off the shelf at their cute library

As a special honor for us, they had us plant a sapling in our names at the resort. This was such a wonderful gesture for nature lovers like ourselves and touched us immensely.

Pictures by Mr Anil Dutt Bothiyal of Tarangi Resort

Quite honestly, I went for a relaxing weekend to Tarangi with absolutely no expectations and came back pleasantly surprised with a lovely three days under my belt.

Corbett Wildlife Watching Diary

During our stay at Tarangi, we were lucky enough to get one “Tatkal” safari in Dhela zone. This was my first time in Dhela (usually we frequent Bijrani or Jhirna and Dhangiri if we stay inside the park). Needles to say we didn’t have high hopes for sighting the big cats.

I would say this turned out to be one of the luckiest safaris for us. Not only did we sight a Tiger but also one of the most magnificent Tusker I had ever seen. Such a wonderful safari and here are some pictures and videos that match our enthusiasm —

Greater flameback

Greater Flameback Woodpecker

sun trees

Sun peeking through the trees

Bengal Bush Lark 

A cute little Bengal Bush Lark hopping around

Sunsets in Corbett

Sunsets in Corbett can be mesmerizing

tiger in corbett

We spotted this lone Tiger – My missed shot turned out artsy

Tarangi Resort Information and Bookings

Phone no – 070170 75843
Address – Ramnagar, Dhikuli, Uttarakhand 244715

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Tarangi Resort Map

Special Thanks to all the staff for the VIP treatment given to us. Chef Jeet and Mr Sanjeev (F&B manager) ensured we were served excellent meals, based on our requirements and fresh produce of the day/season. At the front office Mr Anil took special care and helped us procure last min tatkal train tickets when we were home-bound and ensured everything was seamless.  The GM of Tarangi, Mr Menon was very kind and took special care of all of us. Last but not the least, it was an honor to meet Ritu, co-owner of Tarangi, who was lovely to talk to and takes pride in their new establishment. 

Three cheers to Jade for co-coordinating everything to perfection! 

Disclaimer: My parents and I were guests of the lovely Tarangi resort. I am happy to honestly and proudly recommend this quintessential resort to all readers. 


  1. What a beautiful resort! I’ve never heard of Tarangi or Jim Corbett resorts before, but this has brought it to my attention. I love the view from the balcony, and really do feel a sense of calm from just reading it! I’ve never been to India, but the landscape and scenery is so pretty!

  2. Wow, this looks like a wonderful resort and spa. I haven’t stayed at many but this looks so chill and not many people there. The last resort I stayed at was crowded. The photos from the wildlife trip look amazing, I would so do that trip. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. This sounds like such a lovely place to relax and be at one with nature. I wasn’t aware of these resorts until now so will have to keep this on my radar! Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

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