12 Shades of India – Colorful and Enticing

India is truly incredible with it’s vibrant colors and exotic environs. Come and experience the different shades of India through Christine’s lens.

Elephant in Amber

Elephant in Amber Fort

If you trust the media, India is a dangerous country to travel to. And if you trust the media it’s also a beautiful country where you’re bound to have the trip of your lifetime. Also when talking to other people it seemed like you either love or hate India, there’s nothing in between. If you’ve read my postings about India so far you can easily guess on which team I am. But sometimes words are just not enough.

Snapshots to make you swoon over India

shades of india

Riding an elephant up to beautiful Amber Fort. A classic touristy experience but I wouldn’t want to miss this. It just gets you into the right tune for the sights waiting for you at the Fort.

shades of india

Happy at Amber Fort, the fort is beautiful and the view from up there is just amazing. Wouldn’t mind living in a palace like that.

shades of india

I’ve never seen so many temples in my life, they seem to come in all colors and shapes, this one is a small hole in the wall-temple in Jaipur, and yes, people really pray there, basically on the sidewalk.

shades of india

The holy cow is everywhere to be found – a beautiful animal that’s even more majestic if you see how they ignore the hectic life and chaotic traffic around them. Certainly an attitude I need to learn.

blockprinting in india

Tried a lot of different things, here I got my hands on block printing in a factory near Jaipur – it’s so impressive how fast and accurately people can do this. Well, certainly not me though.

shades of india

I really love all the colorful clothing people wear and how they incorporate their religious beliefs into their day-to-day life. Also for me colors make crowds more process-able, at least you’ll never be stuck in a muted mass of people in India.

wall paintings pushkar

Lovely painting on a wall in Pushkar.. And yes, I still deeply regret that I didn’t buy some of these wooden stamps. But…next time!

fatehpur sikri

Getting granted 3 wishes in Fatehpur Sikri: one for myself and two for friends or family. And of course you can never tell – otherwise it might never come true.

taj mahal agra

Finally – a visit at the iconic Taj Mahal in Agra. If you ever have the chance – go and visit the Taj, it’s truly amazing!

arts and crafts museum delhi

At the Arts & Crafts Museum in Delhi – one of my favorite places in Delhi. It is amazing to see arts & crafts from all over India and they even have live demonstrations.

henna on groom india

Amazingly detailed henna paintings on the grooms hands at a wedding in Nagpur. I love details like this and I feel like it’s a good metaphor for India – if you are willing to look you can find beauty in the smallest things.

shades of india

Going with the flow and having the best time dancing at a wedding in Nagpur.

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