Pretty Shores of Selong Belanak beach in Lombok

Selong Belanak is one of the most popular beaches in Lombok, Indonesia. Being a popular surf spot for beginners makes pantai Selong Belanak a major crowd-puller.

On my last day in Kuta Lombok, I decided to check out this beach as I hadn’t ticked it off my list yet. After visiting other (more secluded) spots like Mawum, Mawi, Tanjung Aan and Seger, I was expecting Selong to be just as quiet. Boy, was I in for a surprise!

After a long 1.5 hour drive, owing to the constant stops due to the on and off rains, I finally made it to Selong Belanak and was surprised to see over 50 bikes and several cars in the parking lot. This was new for me – I usually find such crowds on the beaches of Bali but never in Lombok!

For me, the beaches of Lombok have always been about quiet, pristine, long white sand stretches with epic views all around. Needless to say, this beach did not disappoint with the scenery at all! Yes, there are way more people than other beaches but if you simply walk 5 mins to the right, after you reach the beach from the parking lot, you can have many quiet spots to yourself.

selong belanak

Easy to find a quiet spot as crowds flock to the restaurants/surf schools

Why visit Selong Belanak beach?

The main attractions of Selong Belanak are – surfing, food and an array of restaurants lining the beach. Mind you, if you want a sun bed, you still end up paying IDR 50,000 ($3.6) even if you eat at the restaurant/ beach shack. In most places its a norm to just order food/drinks and take the sun bed for free. However, at Selong the sun beds are from a different owner so just carry your sarong if you don’t want to pay and still lay on the beach 🙂

pantai selong belanak

I was all “beach-ready” with my sarong, book and gopro 🙂

Selong Belanak Surfing

Selong Belanak is an excellent spot for beginner surfing. Waves are small and fun and water is refreshing. You will find many newbie surfers there so if you are a total noob, you won’t feel left out at all. If you bring your friends, you can get a cheaper price on group lessons or board rentals.

Some popular and highly rates surf schools in Selong Belanak are – Mul’s surf school, SBL Surf School, Ola Ola Lombok Surf school, Papa Surf and many more.

selong belanak surf

Surf shops and cafes lining the beach

As soon as you hit the beach, you will see surfboard rental shops in surf lesson posters all around. You will also see locals calling out to you asking if you want a surf lesson. With so many options to choose from, it gets easier to haggle and be picky about the school you want to opt for.

Selong Belanak Accommodation

Several small homestays as well as fancy resorts are withing walking distance from pantai Selong Belanak. Few good Selong belanak hotels in every budget here –

selong belanak beach

High End

Seven Havens Residence


Tiki Lodge
Bukit Indah Boutique Accommodation 


Selong Belanak Bungalows
The Gazebo

Selong Belanak Map

selong belanak

Just 49 kms from the city center of Mataram and well paved roads (Unlike for Mawi beach), it offers easy access by bike or car. There’s a sign at the start of the road and its easy to reach and find this beach.

A visit to Lombok is pretty much incomplete without visiting the popular Selong belanak with its umpteen surf schools, restaurants, beach bars and the long white sand stretches!

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