Seger Beach Lombok – [Sunset Points and Stunning Views]

Seger Beach Lombok is a pristine stretch of white sand known for awesome sunset view points, hilltop hikes and breathtaking scenery in the lovely island of Lombok, Indonesia.  During my three weeks in Kuta Lombok, I frequented this beach and absolutely fell in love.

Reasons to Visit Seger Beach Lombok

With so many pristine white sand beaches in Kuta Lombok to choose from, why should you stop by Seger? Well, I have not one but six reasons to add Seger to your Lombok itinerary.

Hike up a Hill for Insane Views

If you are like me and enjoy short hikes, stunning views and ‘over the edge foot shots’ (I have no idea how these started but now its totally a thing for me), then Seger hill is perfect for you.


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Seger beach has a couple of lovely hills you can hike easily – sometime in less than 5 mins but be careful as the rocks can be slippery. The path to the top is easy to hike and you can enjoy lovely views en-route too.

seger hill

Mid-way view point 🙂 You can see its not much of a hike!

From top of “Gunung Seger” (aka Seger Hill), you can catch the entire shoreline and get an epic bird’s eye view of Seger and surrounding areas.

seger beach lombok

Lovely 360 degree views from the top

Seger beach lombok indonesia

Once you make it to the top, just pick any spot for your “over the edge” shots

Seger Beach Lombok Sunset Point

Seger beach is extremely popular for sunsets and even sunrises. However, since I am not a morning person, I would only ever make it to the sunset.

seger sunset

Lovely sunsets at Seger

I would recommend the shorter hill (in the front, closer to the beach) for sunset views as you can see the sun dipping into the ocean and the vibes here around 1700 hrs are pretty great. Many people hike up this small hill and lay down with their guitars, speakers, Bintangs, coconuts, books and cameras. It is like a mini party spot during sunset hours.


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Lovely White Sand Stretch Minus the Crowds

Offbeat places and isolated spots are a big draw for me. As a party lover, I do enjoy my fare share of wild nights but when you seek peace; you need a quiet, tranquil environment.

Seger beach offers a vast, almost crowd-less, shoreline. Surely, there are people riding waves or enjoying hill top sunsets but there are barely any people actually at the beach. It’s a great spot for enjoying some “you time” whilst being close to the chaos.


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Ride a Wave

Surfing at Seger beach is all too popular among new and advanced surfers. It is advisable to keep tide timings, under currents and sea urchins in mind as they can cause misadventures in your surf trip easily.

Seger beach

Usually surfers go on the flip side of this rock

Refreshing Coconuts at Local Warungs

Seger beach Lombok has an array of local warungs serving pipping hot Indomie and fresh coconuts. You can also opt for a chilled Bintang but there aren’t any freshly cooked meals or lavish restaurants here. So enjoying a fresh coconut on the lovely white sands of Seger or whilst watching the sunset, would be a good option.

seger beach warung

Several warungs by the parking lot

Breakfast at the Hill

Novotel resorts offer an exclusive breakfast atop the Seger hill. This is a unique experience and offered free for their in-house villa guests. Even if you are not staying at Novotel, you can just as easily make a lovely picnic day out here.

Breakfast with a view :)

Breakfast with a view at Seger 🙂

How to Get to Seger Beach Lombok?

Just a short 15 mins drive from Kuta Lombok, Seger is easy to reach on a bike. After you cross Novotel, you can even walk up by crossing a rickety bridge towards the hills.

how to reach seger beach

Cross the bridge if you are coming by foot via Novotel

Seger Beach Lombok Map

Where to Stay at Seger Beach Lombok?

Quite honestly, there are not many options close to Seger beach. In fact Novotel Lombok resort and villas is the only hotel in walking distance to Seger. However, here are some other options within 5 km radius of Seger.

private pool at novotel

Private villas at Novotel

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So, have you been to Seger beach Lombok? If not, add it to your Lombok itinerary now!

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