Must-try Foodie Restaurants in Adelaide

This is a post by guest blogger Danica Karigbak.

People keep saying that Adelaide is Australia’s wine country. While this is true, sometimes people forget that the best way to appreciate a good wine is through celebrating it with fine food. Believe me, there is a lot of that in Adelaide. If you think it’s only the fine dining scene that has amazing food, think again. Good old Addy is a gastronomic center for all things delicious and delightful. Don’t believe me? Check out some of my favorite grub places.

Fine Dining

Restaurants in Adelaide


1/285 Rundle St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

08 8232 3444

$95 to $195 per person

If you’re into French style fine dining, you’re going to love this. Orana, which directly translates to “Welcome” in some Aboriginal languages, is one of the best examples of how traditional aboriginal food and modern cuisine blend to make an exquisite gastronomic experience that can only be described as uniquely Australian. From the ingredients to preparation, to the philosophy behind its central theme, Orana embodies the future of a truly Australian dining experience. Remember that the courses come with backstories for the ingredients and dishes, and typically range from 7 to 20 courses, depending on the time of service and what’s in season. You’re going to want to set aside a few hours for the Orana dining experience. But believe me, if you love fine food and storytelling, it’s completely worth it.


160 Hutt St, Adelaide SA 5000

 08 8232 7955

Like any great Italian restaurant worth their salt, Chianti specializes in picking only the finest ingredients to give you a visually stunning and absolutely mouthwatering work of art. Expect a completely different menu every now and then as the Chianti menu adapts to the changes of the earth (what’s in season). This ensures your palette that each component of each dish is nothing but the freshest produce — sustainably and locally sourced. At chianti, you get a little bit of everything: from classic Italian dishes, to more modern twists to the classics to healthy vegan and vegetarian meals, to some absolutely sinful dishes. Expect sumptuous food and consistently excellent service.

Cheap Eats

Cheap eats in adelaide

FB’s Fancy Burgers Restaurant

17 Synagogue Pl, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

61 8 8227 0857

In case you haven’t noticed, Adelaide is big on showcasing the best of local produce and products, and Fancy Burgers restaurant isn’t any different. If you want a true blue gourmet burger experience that won’t break the bank, head to FB’s over at 17 Synagogue. Sink your teeth in the most mouthwatering meat with the freshest produce, wrapped lovingly in some of the homiest daily baked buns and breads. Add in some of their Fancy Sauces and you have an awesome party in your mouth with little explosions of flavors. By the way, their patties are 95% fat free, and their breads have no added sugars or preservatives. All the flavors you will taste are the natural flavors from the earth of the South Australian countryside.

PROTIP: If you are vegetarian or you have friends who are vegetarian, FB’s also has Fancy Veg Burgers that give the oooohh in umami. Trust me, they’re so good that even meat eaters would want to eat them.


3/26 Bank St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

61 8 8231 3303

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If you want budget friendly eats that are bustling with flavor, Asian food is definitely the way to go. One of the best places to get it in Adelaide is Mandoo. Yum Cha and Chinese food in general have always been popular in Australia so you probably have your favorite restaurants and tea houses to go to. But have you ever tried Korean food — and in comparison, to their Chinese counterparts, Korean dumplings? They are bomb, I promise, and Mandoo is one of the best places to get them in Adelaide. After all, the word Mandoo directly translates to traditional Korean dumplings from the cuisine of the Royal dynasty. So, head on and eat like a King.

Vegan Food

vegan food Adelaide

RAW Conscious Eatery

2/2 Chapel Street Glenelg, South Australia

61 8 8294 2122

raw eatery

Image by RAW Conscious Eatery via Facebook

For a region that’s known for having some of the freshest produce in the country, you know that Adelaide’s going to have some amazing vegan dishes. While loads of restaurants and cafes already have vegan options, some people just want more variety in the menu than the typical 4 or 5 items in regular vegan options. RAW, being one of the best vegan places in Addy, has a large selection for vegetarians, vegans, and even raw vegans alike. From organic noodle bowls topped with roasted veggies, to tofu marinated to perfection, to invigorating cold-pressed juices, to fun and colourful smoothie bowls, to even delectable raw desserts, you’ll be spoiled for choice with the multitude of hearty and healthy options in RAW.

Red Lime Shack

158 St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide SA 5015, Australia

7225 5658

Want to taste the finest tasting coffee in South Australia? You’re going to want to head to the Red Lime Shack. Pair SA’s finest coffee with some of the healthiest and most indulgent breakfast menus this side of Australia’s has ever tasted. Think artisan muesli with fresh and frozen berries and a scoop of banana ice cream, or freshly made steaming hot waffles topped with shack-made ice cream drizzled with berry coulis and maple syrup, maybe even whole wheat bread crammed with figs and apricot, served with nut butter and jam — that’s just breakfast. Wait until you try their mains and daily specials.

These are just a few of Addy’s gems when it comes to tasty treats. If you really want to experience them all, you’re going to want to get a move on from the city center to Barossa and beyond. You can either book a few tours to find them all or book a car hire in Adelaide Airport before your trip for a self-drive.

Trust me, there are so many foodie must-tries in Addy that you’re not going to want to miss out on. Whether your health conscious, a carnivore, a junk food junkie, presbyterian, vegetarian, vegan, or even just a big sweet tooth, you’ll be spoilt for choice with all the sumptuous to downright sinful delights that the restaurants in Adelaide and the whole of South Australia have to offer. Bon appetite!

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