Pulau Macan Aka Tiger Island [1000 Islands, Jakarta]

Pulau Macan aka Tiger Island, is part of the popular thousand islands and makes for one of the best day trips from Jakarta.

Jakarta, being the capital of commerce in Indonesia, is bustling with traffic, shopping, tourists and historic spots. As is the case with every metropolis, a break from big city madness is always needed. Being a big city girl myself, I know how important it is to take a break and head to the hills for a weekend. Luckily, Jakarta has the lovely thousand islands as a getaway for locals, expats and tourists seeking solace from the chaos.

Things to do on Pulau Macan


Pulau macan has plenty to offer for travelers. We only did a short day trip to the island, however, if you have more time in Jakarta, I would highly recommend spending at least a weekend at the lovely Pulau Macan Tiger Islands Village & Eco Resort.

Huts at the Tiger island eco resort

Huts at the Tiger island eco resort

Lounge area at the resort pulau macan

Lounge area at the resort

Relax and Rejuvenate

As soon as you walk down the wooden ramp to the island, you are welcomed by a warm atmosphere. I felt like I was in a pristine paradise and instantly plopped myself onto the hammock.

tiger island jakarta

Hammock life – Perfect way to relax on Tiger Island

Next, I heard soothing lounge music in the near distance and went off to explore like an excited kid in Disneyland. I jumped with glee as I saw a lovely lounge bed under a bamboo hut. Instantly, I knew this is where I would be spending most of my day and threw my day pack to block my spot. This was my favorite spot at the island and you can even watch the ocean, read a book or simply relax whilst you enjoy their excellent playlist.

Pulau macan

Perfect lounge hut

There are other lounge areas like sun beds on the flip side of the island and even swings and hammocks all around. The island is not very big and its easy to walk around and find your own special spot.

tiger island ego resort

Lounge in the perfect cubana styled rooms of the tiger island eco resort

pulau macan island jakarta

Or find your own serene sun bed to work, read a book or take a nap

cat pulau macan

Even cats look relaxed here 😉

For ultimate relaxation, try a massage from the in house therapist who excels in rejuvenating treatments but don’t forget to book in advance.

Snorkel in the Pristine Waters

snorkeling at pulau macan

Snorkeling at Pulau Macan. Image Credit – FootlooseDev

It was surprising to find such brilliant underwater life at Macan island, considering its close proximity to Jakarta. In fact, I didn’t snorkel but from the shore itself I could see various schools of fish and different types of corals in the clear blue green waters. At one point, I saw a school of over 300+ fish, which was quite astounding.

Take Instagram Worthy Shots


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When you are in a paradise like Tiger island, taking stunning pictures is simply a must. Even if you are no Instagram queen, you will still want to take shots of the beach, clear waters, underwater life, beach huts, boats, lounge areas, sun beds and just about everything.

pulau macan aka tiger island

Instagrammers paradise for sure

Trust me, I clicked more pictures in few hours at Macan island, than 3 weeks in Indonesia. So, needless to say, its a photographers abode.

photographs at Pulau Macan

So many lovely spots for your photographs at Pulau Macan

Enjoy Various Activities on Land and Water

Water activities at Pulau Macan include – paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving and wind surfing. Even on land, you can enjoy a variety of activities at the eco resort like – ping pong, billiards, board games, badminton, slacklining and a lot more.

ping pong at pulau macan

Headed straight for the ping pong table 😉

Gawk at Nature

I kept hearing bird calls from tops of the tall lanky trees but sadly didn’t spot any. After checking with the resort workers, I found out the island is home to various species of birds. A short walk around even offered multiple encounters with monitor lizards.

monitor lizard tiger island

Giant monitor lizards roam freely at Tiger island

As a wildlife lover, this turned out to be more exciting that a visit to a pretty beach for me.

Eat Scrumptious and Healthy Food

At the Tiger island eco resort, you can enjoy lovely buffet meals which are produced with great affection by local chefs using organic produce. The menu consists of mouth watering Indonesian and global cuisine keeping both your taste buds and health in mind.

Tiger island eco resort

Lovely buffet meals at the eco resort

So, if you are like me and enjoy peace and serenity, just book your stay at the lovely tiger islands eco resort now.

How to Reach Pulau Macan

Pulau Macan is just a short 2 hour boat trip from Jakarta’s Ancol harbor. We took this trip with Sheila tours and our journey was absolutely hassle free. Click here for boat costs and booking info for Pulau Macan or any other of the thousand islands.

Boat to Pulau macan

Boat to Pulau macan

To reach Jakarta, Malindo Air has 11 daily flights to Kuala Lumpur from Delhi and 3 connecting flights to Jakarta so you can be assured of finding a good connection.

Disclaimer – My trip to Pulau Macan was part of the #WonderfulIndonesia tour with Indonesian tourism board, Travel Earth and Malindo Air.

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