How to Plan A Honeymoon Holiday For Your Adventure Loving Partner

I can think of nothing more romantic then jumping out from an aeroplane hand in hand with my partner on our honeymoon. The plunge is no less scary than the plunge I took when I decided to get married and no less rewarding than a marriage with its thrills and excitement.

What could be more romantic than to live your bucket list with your partner? And if your partner loves adventure as much as you do, here are the things to keep in mind while designing your honeymoon package.

The adventure could be anything from a hot air balloon ride to a skydive to snorkelling to rafting to indulging in a wildlife expedition to a trek. You may want to focus your honeymoon solely around the adventure activity you and your partner have on your bucket list. However, choose a destination that offers you much more. For you can’t just do that for the entire duration of your honeymoon.

  • Save the Buck

Some of the adventure destinations may be remote and an expensive proposition to travel. Booking tickets and hotels, well in advance will help you save some of the hard-earned money.

  • Details do Matter

It is important to think through the timing of your vacation with your chosen destination. Temperatures, rainfall, crowds can have a huge impact on your trip and also the availability and pricing of your chosen adventure.

  • Do Your Research

Your and your partner’s safety is of utmost importance. Do thorough research on your adventure operator and ensure they have valid licenses and certifications. Try to get feedback from their past customers. Also, ensure that you book the activity with a reputed operator before you set out and take maximum information from them. You may not want to go all the way and find that there are no slots available for you, right?

  • Its “Us” and not “him or her”

So, you may want to plan a holiday for your adventure loving partner. However, it may be different for you. Take some time to know what both of you want and include that in the itinerary. It’s a honeymoon and not a solo vacation.

  • Train Yourselves

If your adventure requires strenuous walking or climbing, train yourself for it. The training is fun in itself. Also, gear yourselves well for your chosen adventure. You may want to have enough clothing and protection.

  • Make Room for Some Quiet and Relaxation

Even an adventurous honeymoon needs relaxation and romance. There are beautiful locations around the world which offer you everything from spectacular sceneries to history to some of the best adventure activities. Along with the adventure, do not forget to indulge in simple pleasures of life.

  • Take the Plunge, but Stay Insured

We never anticipate any mishaps. However, it’s always prudent to check your travel, personal accident or health insurance policies before going out on holiday. Most travel plans exclude adventure policies. However, a few insurance plans cover adventure sports as well.

  • Keep an Open Mind

Always be prepared for the unexpected even after hours of research. Handle what comes your way with the right spirit. Adventure or not, you will have the perfect honeymoon when you have each other’s company.

The blend of adventure with some quiet romance is a perfect recipe for a great honeymoon. And the best part is discovering each other as you discover the world together.


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