Packing list for Israel for Female travelers

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My trip to Israel was simply amazing. However, I definitely felt like I could’ve been better prepared to experience Israel with the right kind of essentials. So, I came up with this simple packing list for Israel to help those visiting for the first time.
First, you need to zero in on the length of your trip so you can prepare yourself accordingly. I was in Israel for 10 days and could pretty much pack everything in a medium-sized trolley bag.
Next you need to know in which month you will be traveling and whats the temperate like then. Being prepared for one season is a great tip for light packing instead of packing for all sort of weather conditions. So be sure to check the forecast before starting your packing spree.

Packing Tips for Women Traveling to Israel

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So whilst you can easily walk around Tel Aviv in a pair or shorts and t-shirt, you need to dress modestly, especially around religious areas.

If you plan to bike around the city, a pair of cycling shorts will come in handy.

It is advisable to carry a thin wrap-around skirt and a shawl to cover knees and shoulders if you happen to enter or be around a religious site.

For a visit to the Dead sea, you can very much wear a bikini and it’s perfectly normal to do so.
floating at dead sea

Floating with a book at the Dead Sea – Check!

It might rain sometimes so carry a folding rain jacket just in case.
Pack a decent pair of clothing if you happen to be invited to Shabbat.

Few towns in Israel have cobbled stone pathways making them slippery during rains so a sturdy pair of boots is a must.

Covering your head is not a must but if you would like to style your clothes with scarves they would totally be fashionable and trendy in Israel.

Packing list for Israel for 10 days

So here’s a list of all women’s clothing essentials you will need for a 10 day trip to Israel.

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8 short sleeve T-shirts
3 Shorts
One long skirt/ cover up
One mini skirt
1 pair of High Heels for the Tel Aviv nightlife
1 pair of sports/walking shoes
1 pair of slippers
1 rain jacket
1 regular jacket
4 Long sleeved t-shirts
10 Pairs of socks
10 Pairs of Bra/ panties
1 bikini
A pair of sunglasses

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Apart from this, your usual toiletries and travel comfort essentials would be sufficient for a ten day trip to the Holy land.

Like always be street smart, aware of the culture and modest around religious areas to ensure you enjoy Israel to the fullest as a first time tourist.

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