Packing for the Perfect Day at the Beach

Beach days can be magical. All you have to do to get the most out of them is to pack the right gear. Here is my take on what you need to take with you to enjoy a perfect day at the beach.

The right swimwear

Top of the list has to be a swimming costume. Even if you are not planning to actually go in the water it is still worth buying one. Wearing a swimming costume enables you to soak up as much of the sun as possible. Topping up your vitamin D levels and maximizing the feel-good factor.

It does not matter what size or age you are, as you can see when you click here it is really easy to buy swimwear that is just right for you. Fashions still come and go, but, these days most retailers continue to stock old cuts to make sure they cater to customers with all kinds of tastes.

Something to sit on

Even if you are planning to rent a sun lounger, it is a good idea to pack a towel or beach mat that is big enough to sit on. That way if you arrive to find that all of the sunbeds are already occupied you can still enjoy your day at the beach.

Adequate sun protection

Protecting yourself from the sun is essential. So, pack and use high factor sun cream. When applying it, do not forget to do your lips too, they can easily burn.

You also need to protect your eyes. If you are in any doubt that good quality sunglasses are essential, I suggest you read this article. It explains how not protecting your eyes from the sun can lead to cataracts and other sight problems as you get older. It is also a good idea to buy and wear a wide-brimmed hat.

A wrap or a lightweight jumpsuit may also come in handy. You can put it on to give your skin a break from the sun, without running the risk of getting too hot. A pair of flip-flops or sandals is also a good idea. They will protect your feet from the hot sand and beach debris.

Some water

It is very important to stay hydrated in the sun. So, remember to pack at least a small bottle of water.

A basic first aid kit

On some beaches, you may come across biting bugs. Protect yourself from them by packing some bug spray and antiseptic cream to treat any bites you may get. It also makes sense to pack a few plasters.

Your electronics

For the beach, physical books and magazines are far more practical than phones, tablets or e-readers are. But, if you still want to take them that is not a problem. Just remember to buy sand and waterproof covers for them.

A big beach bag

Now you just need a bag that is big enough to carry it all.

Some inspiration for your next beach destination

If you like the beach, why not make it the focus of your next holiday. Instead, of just fitting one or two days by the sea in around sightseeing, book yourself a whole week at a beachfront hotel. You will be really surprised by how relaxed you are going to feel at the end of your holiday. Here are some fantastic beach destinations that most of you will really enjoy.

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