Enticing Buffet On the Waterfront, The Lodhi

Note – On the Waterfront is now closed 🙁

Delhiites being big time foodies, there are umpteen unique and interesting food joints cropping up all over town. On the Waterfront, at The Lodhi hotel is one some such awesome place for dining in style with a very interesting ambience and equally amazing grub.

The Lodhi is one of the top luxury hotels in India and is located in the heart of New Delhi. Boasting of contemporary Indian decor, this hotel is already renowned among travelers, locals as well as expats.

The Lodhi Hotel, New Delhi

The Lodhi Hotel, New Delhi

With their fan following in tow, they came up with an amazing concept restaurant called – On the Waterfront. I had the opportunity to review the classy joint recently.

My review of On the Waterfront, The Lodhi

on the waterfront

OTW specializes in pan Asian cuisine in a very chic environment.

Decor and seating arrangements

The overall decor at OTW is minimalist, which is the idea behind the rooms, lobby and other parts of the hotel too.

Seating arrangement at OTW

Seating arrangement at OTW

Comfortable seating with soothing decor

Comfortable seating with soothing decor

However, the most distinguished part, which adds to their charm and is perhaps one of the top USP’s is the “jetty”. Its a glass room with a glass hallway going up to it, surrounded by water on all sides.

the jetty

Glass path going up to the Jetty

In evenings, there are “mashaals” (fire torches) lit up in the water bodies, making “jetty” the perfect place to dine in style. The “jetty” needs to be booked in advance for small gatherings and private parties. Even though the jetty is fully air conditioned but due to glass walls, it is still very hot during the day.

TipBook “jetty” in evenings to maximize your dining experience. 

Chilling in the Jetty

Chilling in the Jetty

Buffet presentation

The buffet was laid out in a lovely manner. With several counters serving fresh food from the live kitchen and chef’s to cater to all your foodie delights, the buffet had it all.


buffet survey

Buffet survey – round one by mommy

Noodles bar

Noodles counter – pick what you want and have the chef make it for you – fresh!

Live pasta counter

Live pasta counter

mexican tacos

Chef preparing Mexican tacos with a smile

cold cuts

Cold cuts – Yumm

Desserts galore

Desserts galore – Plenty for your sweet tooth

Delicate tit bits

Delicate tit bits

on the waterfront

Chefs at work

Food at On the Waterfront

OTW is proud of their dimsums and sushi, among other stuff. I would say they are right to be.

This colorful sushi was perhaps the best Sushi I have ever had and I really tried to get a hang of the taste while I was in Indonesia, but could not. I was never a sushi fan but I am almost converted now.


This sushi tastes as good as it looks – trust me

When dimsums were served, as usual I went straight for the chicken dimsums which are my favorites. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find the vegetable dimsums to be more delectable and flavorsome. Hands down, they won the dimsum contest in my head.

dimsum baskets

Dimsums served in traditional dimsum baskets

My next favorite was the half baked, half fried fish. I have no idea how they did it but it was flavored and cooked to perfection.

Baked and fried fish

Baked and fried fish

Other delights were fresh wood fired pizza and Carbonara pasta cooked in the live kitchen and served piping hot on our table. Soon, I was switching plates and found myself trying everything off the appetizing buffet.

my plates at otw

Plate 1, plate 2 and Plate 3 – with more to follow

We topped off our brunch with small portions of desserts – As you can imagine, by the end of it, we were all pretty stuffed.

Overall, we had a truly delightful brunch at OTW and would love to go back and check out the jetty one fine evening.

Booking information – [CLOSED NOW]

Website – NA
Timings – 12:00 – 24:00 hrs
Reservations – +91 11 4363 3411

Disclaimer – We were guests of On the waterfront, at the Lodhi hotel. However, all food choices and opinions about the restaurant remain my own and unbiased. 


  1. I had no idea that Delhiites were such big time foodies. Of course, given the growth of the industry and how many fabulous options are there, even if you weren’t before you would be now. The Lodhi looks incredible. I want to book the jetty for dinner to just experience it — and, of course, your descriptions and pics of the food are pretty darn tempting too!

  2. I’m getting super hungry just looking at all the yummy looking food. I’ve never been to India and this hotel looks so beautiful and modern.

  3. So much good food! I’m terrible at buffets and always eat way too much. I’m sure my stomach would explode at this one. haha! And, the jetty. What a fantastic place to relax and eat!

  4. Live Learn Venture July 6, 2016 at 6:24 pm

    Wow — this place looks gorgeous. I think I would spend most of my time eating sushi and then dessert hehe! 😀 Everything looks delicious!!

  5. That’s awesome! I remember a hotel in Thailand with a noodles bar like that – I had 5 bowls of noodles for breakfast. It was sooooo good. And this was at a hotel. I’d probably get incredibly fat eating here.

  6. Your post made me really want some dimsum. It’s been forever since I’ve had it. The chefs look quite skilled and I really like the minimalist decor.

  7. Andrea Berkholtz July 7, 2016 at 1:55 pm

    The dim sum looks amazing and so does the room in the jetty!!! I can picture how romantic that must be at night! Great looking hotel too

  8. I love all the big windows. I can just imagine how dreamy the place must look at night with the torches lit up in the Jetty.

  9. That food looks amazing! I have never heard of half fried, half baked fish but now I really want to eat it. And I wouldn’t mind having noodles made to order or the caramel eclairs either….

  10. This looks exquisite – especially that dimsum, and the pasta, and the eclairs…. Seriously, it looks incredible!

  11. Really loved the article. Would love to know the prices 🙂

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