Nyang Nyang Beach [One of the PRETTIEST beaches in Bali]

nyang nyang view
Nyang Nyang beach view from the top

Nyang Nyang beach is a lovely, clean, exotic stretch of white sand in Bali, Indonesia. Even though Melasti beach stole my heart for its uniqueness, Nyang Nyang is surely one of the prettiest beaches I have “EVER” seen and that says a lot!

I was also extremely impressed by Atuh beach in Nusa Penida and Mawun beach in Lombok so those two come as close seconds among my top beach choices, during my recent trip to the island of Gods.

Visiting Nyang Nyang Beach

Nyang Nyang beach in Bali

The clean, pristine and offbeat – Nyang Nyang beach in Bali

As always, whenever I visit Bali, I like to stay in different parts of the island to enjoy the diversity. My favorite area is Canggu but sadly its way too far from the exotic white sand beaches. Still, for a booming digital nomad culture and laid back vibes, Canggu is my top choice.

Driving from Canggu to Nyang Nyang can be an easy 1.5 hour bike ride in medium traffic.

It is NOT easy to find Nyang Nyang beach especially if you miss the signage which is literally non existent. We had to cross it once and circle back to find the narrow path. I would not recommend hiring a cab to go to Nyang Nyang, bikes are way more cost effective and convenient.

You will see an open parking area once you follow the sign towards the left which will lead to a narrow path saying “beach”.

After walking down for a minute, you will find a shop selling souvenirs and a stand alone restaurant on top of the cliff. That’s when it hit us – we were “on a cliff” and all we could see was the ocean/beach far off in the distance, way below us.

That looked both exciting and daunting.

Nyang Nyang Beach Hike – To do or Not to Do?

One of my friends backed out totally and assumed he would faint if he had to make that hike down to the beach. I reassured him that if it gets exhausting we can always take a break or get back up (of course there was no way we will go back mid-way).

So we decided to relax in the cliff top warung (Small restaurant) and grab some light finger food.

nyang nyang view

THIS View from the restaurant only made us want to hike down more!

Hey! we need those calories for the hike, eh!

Anyways, refreshed and re-energized, we set off for the daunting task of making it all the way to the beach. Honestly, the beach looks so damn spectacular from the top that there is no way you will skip going down.

follow the path

And its easy just follow the white marked rocks hehe

You simply MUST do the hike.. oh and it turned out the hike was mid-level 10-15 mins of brisk walking, in between slipping on rocks. Pretty simple and very much do-able… oh and you might encounter Monkeys on the way.

Plus there are stunning view points mid-way to soak in the aerial views. Quite honestly the hike was the best part about visiting Nyang Nyang beach, for me.

beach views

Views are so surreal

What to Expect at Nyang Nyang Beach

Suddenly the lush foliage clears up into an open garden. That’s when you know your hike is over and your have arrived at the beach… well a few steps away.

Nyang Nyang beach is simply breathtaking. There were literally just 5 other people on the entire beach and a small warung selling fresh cocounut water and Bintangs – which is all you need. Grab a umbrella (Also put out by the beach side warung, at no extra fee – no beds though so bring your sarong) and enjoy the lovely clear blue ocean and blemish free white sands.

Taking a dip is highly recommended even though there are small corals – so try to swim in, instead of walk. Water is lovely and refreshing. Even if you choose to chill by the beach, just looking at the pretty corals splattered across the shore is a good pass time.

We spent a good half day driving to Nyang Nyang, hiking down, eating at the restaurant on top and chilling on the beach. I would say its one of those perfect day outs in Bali – Go for it!

Nyang Nyang Beach Map

Check out these hotels near Nyang Nyang if you want to spend a few lazy days in the vicinity. I could see people hiking down when we were returning – apparently, its a perfect sunset spot too.

So have you been to Nyang nyang beach in Bali? If not, add it to your beach bum list.

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