Nelayan Beach Canggu, Bali [Hidden Gem for Artsy Souls]

Nelayan beach Canggu in Bali was a big FIND! Here’s how I discovered this gem which is hidden in plain sight in the bustling , popular district of Canggu.

Since I was living in Canggu, the only semi-pretty attraction nearby was the lovely cliff top temple of Tanah lot.

As a person who is not fond of black sand beaches, I had to travel all the way to Uluwatu, Jimbaran or Nusa Dua to quench my thirst for pristine white sand beaches in Bali.

Bored! One day, I decided to simply get out of the usual Batu Bolong , Berawa and Echo beaches in Canggu and find my own piece of paradise.

Surprise! Surprise! I saw online that there was a beach called Nelayan literally 1 km from me.

Strange! Hadn’t I covered the length and breath of Canggu by now, I thought to myself?

Apparently not!

Nelayan beach is right next to the lovely Serenity eco yoga retreat (I stayed there for a week and absolutely LOVED it).

First Look at Nelayan – Black Sand Beach in Bali

At first glance, I wasn’t impressed by the beach stretch at all.

Oh! Another black sand beach in Bali, I sighed.

A small parking lot and a tiny warung selling instant noodles and Bintangs was about all the beach had to offer. I mean hellooo…where are the famous smoothie bowls Bali is famous for?

warung nelayan

Small warung next to the parking lot

Then I saw a rusty shower (costing IDR 2000 for usage) and some abandoned old fishermen boats. That’s it!

shower beach

Shower for 15 cents anyone?

With no people in sight and no pretty palm trees or blue-green waters, I almost returned from the parking lot.


I am so glad I decided to take a short stroll on the beach before I gave it 0/10 and walked off.

To my surprise as I walked around 20 steps to the left on the beach, I saw a spectacular abandoned fisherman hut. It was covered in cool graffiti in funky colors. Imagine my surprise and delight at seeing this. Immediately, I knew I wanted to take pictures here and then my eyes wandered off to the hut next to it.

Lo behold!  It was a beach with a whole stretch of old huts covered in the coolest art I have seen in Bali , till date!

I was literally like a kid in Disneyland, gawking at all the awesome art around me.

nelayan beach

Totally enjoyed my time strolling around Nelayan taking pictures

I hopped from one hut to another admiring the work and then back to the first one to take pictures.

Alas it started raining but that didn’t damped my mood. I took shelter in the warung (And a Bintang). Once the rain stopped, I rushed back to the huts for more pictures.

Nelayan Beach Photo Galley for Art Lovers

Want to know what sort of graffiti and colorful artsy huts you can find at Nelayan beach? Well, here are my pictures to inspire you to hop on your bike and visit this artsy black sand beach in Bali NOW!

Graffiti bali

Fun graffiti EVERYWHERE!

nelayan beach bali art bali art fisherman huts

nelayan beach bali

Stealing his bottle was So much fun 😉

nelayan beach bali

nelayan beach art street art bali

How come there is no information online or offline about this amazing beach, I wondered?

After my awesome time at Nelayan beach, I told several people about it but noone had really heard of this sweet spot in the middle of the madness of Canggu.

I was so proud of having discovered this little gem and of course I could not keep it to myself and sharing it with all of you 🙂 So, if you happen to be in Bali and love art & graffiti, a visit to Nelayan beach is an absolute MUST!

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