My Ultimate Adventure Bucket List

As a traveler, my mental bucket list is always growing. As a thrill seeker, there are few experiences which just cannot be skipped.

Here’s my ultimate adventure bucket list:

adventure bucket list

Be mesmerized by aurora borealis. – This one has been on my bucket list for over an year now. The only deterring factor to make this a reality is the sub-zero temperatures and now solar max. I hope the effect is not very drastic but we will find out soon enough. Till then, I need to buckle up and prepare myself to brave the cold in order to be amazed by the northern lights.

northern lights

Come face to face with the mighty Gorillas in Rwanda – As a wildlife enthusiast, looking into the eyes of a mighty silverback gorilla is something I have always dreamed of. This is the ultimate adrenaline rush for me. Imagine standing in front of a full grown 200 lb gorilla – now that’s something, isn’t it? So I need to make my way to Volcanoes national park for the trek of a lifetime real soon.


Hire a RV to cover the Australian outback – I have always envisioned an adventurous road trip and camping beneath the stars in the Australian outback. The vastness and serenity of the Outback is something I want to experience first hand. Maybe take a year and drive across Australia in a campervan to take in the flavor. It does sound tempting so, hopefully I can check this one off my list soon.

Ayers uluru


Surf amidst bioluminescent plankton – Now, I have already swam with bioluminescent planktons in the beautiful island of Koh Rong in Cambodia. I did not see many planktons that night but the small neon blue stars glittering on my skin whist swimming in the ocean at night, was still one of my best experiences till date. So, next on my list is surfing on bioluminescent waves. Maldivies would be ideal for that as Reethi beach is known for the bioluminescence. Luckily it doesn’t sound as far off or requires a lot of planning as the other items on this list unless I want to ride the red tide like in this video which would be awesome –

Sky dive over Mt. Everest – I have always wanted to sky dive.. till about 4 years ago when I realized I might be scared of heights. Once I had to jump off a cliff in Rishikesh and I got cold feet and backed out. You think I can jump off a plane? Ah, well, it’s still something I would love to do one day if I can gather the courage.

mt everest nepal

Certainly there are plenty more destinations and experiences on my bucket list like visiting the Caribbean islands, New Zealand, Honduras, Morocco, Prague, Greece, Seychelles and well.. the list goes on. For a traveler, the wanderlust never goes away. So as long as the burning desire to travel and see more of this beautiful world is not quenched, I will keep exploring new places – One place at a time.

So, what is the’ un-miss-able’ item on your adventure bucket list? I would love to know.

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Disclaimer – This post contains sponsored links but the bucket list ideas are 100% my own.


  1. Is sky diving over Everest a thing?? Are people doing this? Cause as cold as that sounds, it also sounds pretty epic….but who am I kidding, I’m terrified of heights so I’ll leave that to everyone else!!! 🙂

    • Well you will be surprised at how many people are doing it. Here’s a popular skydiving website for Everest and you can see how it looks/feels – I often go to such sites and then I get the chills – I have Acrophobia too but I need to get over it. Well if its some consolation (to myself) I did manage paragliding but I guess that’s how far I will go.

  2. WOW!!! The aurora borealis has always been on my list as well as the gorillas in Rwanda, but I had never heard about the surfing or sky diving! Amazing!

  3. Seeing the northern lights and the gorillas in Rwanda is definitely up there. I also want to go on an African Safari!

  4. I also want to be blown away by the aurora borealis! I love this list, especially surfing the bioluminescent waters!

  5. The gorillas in Rwanda are definitely high up on my list as well as the northern lights. Ahhh! Too much to do so little time.

  6. Your list is pretty epic. The eyes of the gorillas in Rwanda are so dark and deep! I also want to see the Northern lights, luckily we can see them in Canada and Scandinavia – we have options =)

    • Ah right.. I wanna go and look into those dark deep eyes one day 🙂 I need to chalk these off my list soon. Oh yes lots of options for Northern lights – I think I would like to hunt for them in Iceland first.

  7. What a fun bucket list- love it!

  8. Surfing through bioluminescent plankton looks amazing! I’ve been surfing at night a couple of times under the moonlight but never like this.

    • I have just swam and walked along the beach in bioluminescence and it was INCREDIBLE! I can’t even begin to imagine what an experience riding these neon blue waves would be like.

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