Colonial Grandeur at Metropole – The Crest Collection, Bangkok

During my recent trip to Thailand, I had the luxury to stay at a classic colonial style apartment at Metropole – The Crest Collection, by The Ascott Limited in Bangkok. Boy, was I in for a surprise. I was amazed by the lavish lobby as soon as I stepped in. From then on, it was one lovely surprise after other as I checked out every nook and corner of this elegant living space.

The lovely lobby at Metropole

The lovely lobby at Metropole

Complete Review of Metropole – The Crest Collection

colonial architecture metropole

Metropole is situated in the lovely Thonglor district of Bangkok. Thonglor has everything from cafes to salons, chic pubs to fancy diners and more. It is definitely one of the best places to stay when you are traveling to Bangkok.

Comfy couches in the inviting lobby area

Comfy couches in the inviting lobby area

It is so convenient that I could just go for a 5 min stroll and reach a 7*11 store, diner, cafe, salon or a pub. Oh and did I mention that Domino’s Pizza is just adjacent? For lazy people like me who want everything as near as possible, this was an ideal retreat. However, if you in the mood to explore more, the skytrain is simply a 10 min walk away and links to all key points in town.

That being said, location is surely not the best part about Metropole. Their colonial style architecture and decor is what made me go absolutely ga-ga over this property. I felt like I went back in time – a few decades, give or take, to the “Golden Age” as I strolled around, admiring the interiors for the first hour or so.

Stunning corridors at each level

Stunning corridors at each level

Since I like to bring unique experiences to my readers, I knew Metropole would be the perfect fit. After hopping from hotel to hotel for days at end during my travels, I was pleasantly surprised to find something so different that it was quite refreshing.

A Sneak Peek into Metropole’s Studio Apartment

Metropole offers different categories of apartments, catering to various requirements and taste. I had a chance to stay in one of their fully equipped studio apartment for two days and let me tell you, I simply didn’t want to step out of the hotel…and for most of the time, I didn’t.

Elegant and stylish rooms

Elegant and stylish rooms

These tastefully designed studios and deluxe apartments are ideal for any kind of traveler – business or leisure.

Toilet sundries

Toilet sundries and the oh-so technical electronic bidets.

Every thing you might need in a service apartment is included – washing machine, hot plate, utensils, microwave, coffee maker, espresso machine, electronic safe, cupboards and even a bath tub (umm.. yes you need one, trust me its a necessity not a luxury).

Fully equipped kitchenette in Studios

Fully equipped kitchenette

With an in-house fitness center, swimming pool, spa, bar and cafe, I didn’t really find a reason to go out, except for my shopping spree and to explore Thonglor.

Prim Nurture Retreats Spa

Prim nurture retreats is the in-house spa of Metropole and is surely one of the best spa experiences I have ever had. Period.

I had the luxury to get myself pampered with a Thai Thermal Therapy course. This 140 min treatment includes Thai Massage + Thai-Himalayan Thermal Compress. For these 140 minutes, I truly believed I went to heaven – no jokes.

Was provided comfy slippers to slip into upon entering the spa

Was provided comfy slippers to slip into upon entering the spa

I was asked to fill out a short questionnaire to inform them of any medical conditions or preferred pressure points. The decor was warm, cozy and inviting.

Rose flavored water and questionnaire

Rose flavored water and questionnaire

Comfortable clothing was provided and I was taken to a quiet and cozy room. After a nice foot scrub, it was time for my massage. The pressure was just right – not too much (which is the case with the Thai street massage parlors) and not too less. Post massage, Himalayan pink salt was used in the thermal compress to detoxify the body – Just what I needed.

Sophisticated decor at Prim Nurture Retreats

Sophisticated decor at Prim Nurture Retreats

After my 140 mins of bliss ended, I was served with refreshing organic tea and got a chance to meet lovely Min, the managing director. I was offered a nail treatment at her studio – Thonglor nails, which is right down the street, where I enjoyed a lovely manicure, pedicure and nail art. If you are in the mood for some further pampering, you must head down there as well. Luxurious spa “and” nails – that was one relaxing day for me, thanks to Min.

With Min, my best friend for that day lol

With Min, my best friend for the day lol

Chow Cafe n Bar

Chow is the in-house restaurant and bar at Metropole and it is simply fabulous. Not so much for food, but for the cocktails and the awesome decor. With stunning paintings all over, excellent plush upholstery, a pool table and most delightful cocktails, Chow matched the grandeur and charm of Metropole to the T.

Artistic decor at Chow Cafe n Bar

Artistic decor at Chow Cafe n Bar

If you happen to be in Chow and are feeling adventurous, I would highly recommend “Winter is coming” the powerful concoction by Adrian – the talented mixologist at Chow.

Killer intoxicants by Adrian

Killer intoxicants by Adrian

Chow is open from 0600 – 0200 hrs so you can literally go down for a drink or a bite anytime.

Top Crew at Chow

Top Crew at Chow

Overall my experience at Metropole was unique, interesting and rejuvenating. The entire staff was courteous and helpful at all times, I could see a wide smile on their faces 24/7 – which is so important to me, as a guest. So if you are headed to Bangkok, don’t forget to check out Metropole and I promise you won’t be disappointed. If you happen to be in any other part of town, check out this complete Bangkok accommodation guide or other best sleeps in Bangkok.

Pool and Noodles anyone?

Pool and Noodles anyone?

Contact & Bookings-

Metropole The Crest Collection by The Ascott Limited
Address: Thonglor / New Petchaburi Road, 2802, Bangkapi, Huaykwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand.

Special thanks to Asst marketing manager of Ascott – Yada for organizing this stay, Min for spoiling us and pampering us to the hilt, Adrian for getting us slightly tipsy (okay, not slightly) and the entire staff for the hospitality. 

Disclaimer – My friend and I were guests of Metropole – The Crest Collection. However, I really did feel I had stepped into a page of a history book and entered a time machine. All opinions remain unbiased and ‘Winter is coming’ had nothing to do with it, I promise *Hic*!


  1. The Metropole looks stylish. I’d love to stay there!

  2. Really its the Crest collection. The corridors look so classy. And that 140 minutes of heaven! That’s a long time ! Would stay there just for that. 🙂

  3. Jennifer Dombrowski October 8, 2016 at 5:26 am

    Is it actually a historical building or just designed to look Colonial? Apartment stays aren’t usually my thing, but I’d like this one because it’s more like a hotel than a self-service apartment.

  4. Wow. I didn’t know you can find an apartment like this in Bangkok. Love the architecture and the interior design! If I stayed there too I definitely would be making the most of the place and won’t go out much. Hehe. The spa treatment def sounded heavenly!

  5. What a great hotel. Love the concept of having apart-like rooms where you can do your own laundry. This is the one of the biggest “pain points” for hotel travel. It;s wonderful how you got spoiled…physically (spa) and nourished (drinks and food). Would be very interested in staying there. Great pics by the way 🙂

    • Oh def a big plus to have all facilities at hand, even if you don’t use them. I like to atleast have an option for coffee and noodles – so basically a microwave is just about perfect.

  6. Great recommendation Jo!!
    Bangkok is my home in Southeast Asia and I love Thonglor area, so funky, full of trendy cafes and with many hidden gems. I didn’t know about Metropole The Crest Collection, need to check it out, as I love to stay in artistic and unique places. Tks for sharing baby!! Happy Travels,

  7. Thanks for the heads up about Metropole. Looks elegant and refined – exactly the sort of hotel I aim for! I love their colonial style architecture and decor 🙂

  8. I’m going to Bangkok in May and was looking at places to stay and this looks like such a delight! I also like everything to be in one place or at least close by so this is great for me!

  9. Wow–I love the design of this place! Looks so cool and the spa and restaurant look fantastic as well. I can definitely see why you wouldn’t want to leave with everything the apartment has to offer. It’s so great that there is a small kitchen and washing machine, too!

  10. Wow this looks awesome. Very comfortable yet still cosy at the same time. I’m heading to Thailand soon but not BKK unfortunately, otherwise this would have been a great option for a place to stay at!

  11. Love the interior design! Looks like an amazing place to stay abroad

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