6 Unmissable Kuta Lombok Beaches for Sun Seekers

tampah beach lombok
Lovely clean stretch of Pantai Tampah

When in Lombok, Indonesia, the first decision to make will be, where to go – Senggigi or Kuta Lombok? In all fairness, I have only been to Kuta and simply got “stuck” there. During my three trips to Lombok, I only ever explored Kuta region thoroughly. Hence, I can pretty much ascertain you will find the best Kuta Lombok beaches in this guide.

As has always been the case with me, when I like a place, I keep going back. Kuta Lombok pulled me back to its pristine shores like a charm. So, what drew me there? The beaches for sure were the number one attraction, apart from good parties, cheap massages and the laid back lifestyle of the small island.

6 Pristine White Sand Kuta Lombok Beaches

When we talk about the top Kuta Lombok beaches, I would not hesitate to leave out the popular “Kuta beach“. Even though the best accommodation options surround this beach and I lived in the area for several weeks, I never really felt the urge to plop a sarong and spend a lazy beach day there. It’s just too crowded for my liking.

However, drive 15 mins or so around Kuta to find stunning palm fringed white sand beaches, you will instantly fall in love with. Here are my top 6 picks

Seger Beach

gunung seger lombok

Seger hill top view

Seger Beach Lombok is a lovely option for hill top views, sunset points, fresh coconuts, chilled Bintangs, short treks and surf spots. Just a short 15 min drive from Kuta Lombok, this beach is a popular sunset viewing spot atop two small hills (Gunung Seger).

The 360 degree bird’s eye view from the hills makes the 5 min steep hike totally worth it. Bring your snacks, music and beer for the sunset chill sessions. They often have new year eve parties and popular events on the hill top as well.

Just remember if you are planning to go for a swim or surf, be careful of the under currents and sea urchins.

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Mawun Beach

Mawun beach Lombok

Mawun beach Lombok

Nestled between mountains, Mawun beach is like a big cove. Shimmering white sand and clear blue green waters make it perfect for swimming and sun bathing. You can rent out sun beds here and enjoy a lazy beach day amidst stunning settings.

Tanjung Aan Beach

Tanjung ann lombok

Lovely white sand stretch and swings at Tanjung ann

One of the prettiest Kuta Lombok beaches, Tanjung Aan is another excellent option for sun seekers and beach bums. Lots of stranded wood cubanas, swings and shacks, allow respite from the scorching sun without having to pay any rent. You can buy cheap sarongs here, go for a refreshing dip, take pictures and enjoy the sea breeze. Tanjung Aan is an obvious addition to your Lombok itinerary.

Selong Belanak

pantai selong belanak

Vast white sand stretch of Selong Belanak

Selong Belanak is one of the most popular beaches in Kuta Lombok. It is a good 40 mins drive from Kuta so not exactly in the vicinity but surely worth a visit. Lots of surf schools and beach shacks line this bustling hangout. However, the shoreline is huge so its easy to find a spot all to yourself, minus the crowds.

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Mawi Beach

kuta lombok beaches

Stunning Mawi beach

Mawi beach is a lovely hangout for surfers and looks pretty amazing for swimming too. However, when we actually went in the waters, we got caught in the under current and sharp rocks, resulting in several injuries. I would recommend being very careful here and watching the tides and under currents as the waters look calm but are filled with sharp rocks and tricky to get out of. Also, the road to Mawi can be extremely challenging so make sure you are an experienced bike rider or if you can, rent a dirt bike for scaling the rough patches easily.

Tampah Beach

tampah beach lombok

Lovely clean stretch of Pantai Tampah

Tampah beach is perhaps the most under-rated beach around Kuta Lombok. The locals also claim that it is the “Cleanest beach in Lombok“. Daily cleaning and no bracelet vendors are two big perks here. Perfect for relaxation, swimming or renting snorkeling gear to uncover underwater wonders.

Kuta Lombok Beaches Map

Here’s a map where I have marked all of these lovely white sand beaches of Kuta Lombok. I would say, two days are sufficient to explore all of them. However, spending at least a day chilling at each spot would be ideal if you have more time.

So have you been to any of these stunning white sand Kuta Lombok Beaches or have some hidden spots to share? Tell me in comments below 🙂


  1. This is seriously a really useful guide if you are traveling to Bali for the first time. These beaches are a great choice even though I lived in Bali, I didn’t know about all of these. Thank you!

    • Glad this was useful, Olivia. There’s SO much to explore in and around Bali always – even now that I have spent a total of 2 years in Indonesia, there is ALWAYS more to see/ explore and do!

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