Kowloon Peak Hike to Suicide Cliff – [One of the Best Hikes in Hong Kong]

kowloon peak hike
Suicide cliff

Kowloon peak hike is undoubtedly one of the top rated hikes in Hong Kong. As a first time traveler, I had no idea of where to hike and what to expect.

Luckily, during a Couchsurfing meetup, I was told to skip the popular Dragon’s back and opt for Suicide cliff instead. Gus from Couchsurfing clearly marked out the route on Google maps and warned me beforehand of the tricky ascend.

Instantly, I knew I would love it and prepped myself for the wicked adventure.

Suicide Cliff Hong Kong – To Hike or not to Hike?

suicide cliff hike

Do it if you want to be rewarded with these views

Okay the name itself can be pretty daunting and it lives up to its claim to fame as this arduous hike sees 7 deaths a year. So first things first, if you are not very adventurous or a careful/ experienced hiker – Don’t do it! I mean, it’s not really worth risking your life, eh?

That being said, I am not an experienced hiker but extremely careful. Hence, this risky hike was simply amazing for me and made it to my top adventures of 2018 list.

So grab a sturdy pair of hiking shoes, plenty of water to stay hydrated and head off for an adventure of a lifetime.

Kowloon Peak Hike To Suicide Cliff – Which Path to Take?

Now there are several different trails to get to the top. So if you are not entirely sure about your adventure intake, please opt the semi-paved path instead of the steep inclined bush (Which we took).

There are warning signs all over so you will know which path “not” to take. Of course we ignored them as we were already on an adrenaline rush and took the steepest path which was also the shortest.

So eventually out of the 5-6 different trails you can take, we choose the toughest one but depending on your fitness and adventure levels, choose one you are comfortable with.  If you aren’t entirely sure and find someone on the hike, talk to them and they would be happy to advice.

No matter which path you choose , keep some basic tips in mind before you embark on this hike.

Tips for Hiking Suicide Cliff Hong Kong

Please note that the most daunting path WILL involve climbing. However, there are trees and bushes on either side of the narrow path which make it easier; I was holding them and using them as support to push myself up.

suicide cliff at kowloon peak

Scrambling through the foliage. Pic by @LusoDrifter88

Also, be aware that you might encounter snakes on the rugged path, as we did. So be careful when you hold on the branches for support and be conscious of where you step.

You will be walking on the edge of the cliff and it gets windy up there (Can even rain so carry your rain jacket). Once you have hiked a fair bit up, avoid looking back continuously especially if you have Acrophobia. You don’t want to lose your nerve.

suicide cliff views

Spectacular views while hiking, but avoid looking back if you have Acrophobia

Just stay calm and take your time.

I was perhaps the slowest in our group of three and super careful of each step. I was constantly checking the stability of rocks before stepping on them and watching out for snakes before holding a tree branch. So what? Slow or not, I made it to the top – and back, safely – thats what counts. So don’t make it a “need for speed” game and pace yourself properly. Plus, I had to take pictures literally at every Kowloon Peak viewing point (And there were plenty).

suicide cliff view points

Stunning view point en-route to Suicide cliff hk

suicide cliff view points

Taking pictures gave me an excuse to relax too 😉 shhh..don’t tell my friends!

While coming back down from the cliff, you can either trek up further on the Kowloon peak hiking trail and take the paved road back down, or hike further up to Lion’s rock. You can also go back the same steep path but I would definitely not recommend it. Going back down would be way trickier on that route.

If you walk further up to the observatory, you can see a semi-paved path to go back down to the main road – Take that! It’s fun, easy and uneventful but there is no way you can go back down the same suicidal path – Just don’t do it!

Also, check the weather before making this hike – avoid rains!

Don’t forget your mosquito repellent unless you want to be eaten alive – remember you are hiking amidst bushes.

You can’t really go on a hike without water. Minimum 1.5 liter of water is recommended especially if you plan on hiking further up to the peak or Lion’s rock. You might even need hiking poles for this route unless you want to crawl and climb like I did.

Once you are at the Suicide cliff hk, obviously you want to take pictures. Now, be extremely careful as there is a bend at the nose of the cliff and that’s the cause of most deaths in the area. Either crawl up slowly to the edge or avoid the edge totally and steer clear of it.

suicide cliff hike

Walking carefully towards the nose of the cliff! Shot by @LusoDrifter88

There are several other spots in the vicinity for epic Instagram worthy shots.

kowloon peak hike

This picture was taken further up from the actual Suicide cliff hike – so you can still get great shots minus the risk of falling

And lastly, don’t do it alone. Bring some hiker friends along so you can take care of each other and have fun along the way! Remember that , it is called the ‘Hong Kong Suicide Cliff‘ for a good reason.

suicide cliff view point

The 3 Musketeers finally scrambled to the top – time to gloat 🙂

Why is Suicide Cliff one of the Best Hikes in Hong Kong

Well in all honesty, I am no expert on hiking in Hong Kong. With just a few awesome hikes under my belt and several trails to uncover, this is just my personal opinion (and that of fellow hikers/ locals whom I met). So, don’t take my word for it and try it out yourself.

Just for the adventure levels, I would recommend doing this Suicide Peak Hong Kong hike. Also after trying the other popular paved hikes in Hong Kong, I realized the off beaten path was surely the better one to take.

Plus, gawking at the stunning Hong Kong city views, minus the man made roads and hand rails is way more spectacular – won’t you agree?

suicide cliff

Surreal 360 degree views from Suicide cliff

How to Reach Suicide Cliff Hike Start Point

Nestled in the south tip of Kowloon peak hike, the starting point can be a bit tricky to find.

First you need to reach the Clear Water Bay bus stop.

In order to get there take the MTR to Choi Hung Station. Then, opt for Exit C1. Walk for a short 120m to the bus stop and take bus no 1A or 11 to Good Hope School stop. It is just 2 stops away and you will see the Clear Water Bay sign.

clear water bay

Clear water bay – This is where the bus stops

You might have to yell “stop” or motion for the bus driver to stop as the buses don’t stop anywhere until prompted – not even on the designated stops. We missed our stop and had to walk 30 mins back to the starting point.

Once you are are the stop, follow this map below to the red pin point. The dotted path on the map is the off beat trail which again divides into 3 different routes with various difficulty levels; from easy – tough.

Choose your path wisely because once you do, there is no looking back.

While returning to civilization, if you take the semi-paved path I suggested above, you will end up on a well paved road. Just walk along the route till you reach Clear Water Bay stop (Around 1.5 km). Its hard to find an empty bus in the evenings so you might have to walk or hitchhike to the MTR station.

kowloon peak

Beautiful paved roads once you are on your way back

Map of Suicide Cliff on Kowloon Peak in Hong Kong

So, would you like to do the Kowloon peak hike to suicide cliff? If so, which path would you choose? Tell me in comments below.


  1. Sucide Cliff was the best hike in Hong Kong, IMO. I loved it! Not the most arduous, but defo the one that provided the best views over HK. Got some stunning pics out of it. And yeah, mosquito bites, too.

    • With my fitness levels it was challenging for sure, plus tricky with the rocks and “on the edge” path. LOVED it to bits for sure 🙂

  2. I love a good hike and this is a challenging hike I must put on the list when I finally visit Hong Kong for the first time later in the year. The name says it all, Suicide Cliff, it almost dares any hiking enthusiast to take the challenge. Great read.

    • Absolutely….and I agree with you! You MUST do it and do share how much you loved it 😉 I am THAT confident you will and since you are a hiker, go further up to Kowloon peak and lion’s rock too!

  3. Looks amazing! How long do you think it would take to do both Suicide Cliff and Lion’s Rock, starting on one side and coming down the other?

    • Hi Patricia, Thats not an easy question haha. There are SO many ways to hike up Suicide cliff and it depends which route you choose, for an easy route to both, I am guessing 5 hours should suffice but I didnt hike Lion’s rock so can’t say for sure, though my friend did and returned quite early. It also depends on your fitness levels.

  4. Not the steepest route, there are way more “suicidal” ones 😛 The Skyline Crag side though is definitely a nice one.
    Now you have also a sign saying that the semi paved route is dangerous, even if it is not at all on your way up to Kowloon Peak.
    Here all the routes possible, if you want to give them a try. But get ready for it! 😀

    • Hi Lurgi, wow what an insightful guide with maps. I def need to come back to HKG for longer and explore other suicidal routes. Found many helpful tips and adventures on your blog 😉 keep it up.

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