Kelingking Beach [AKA T-REX] – Most Instagrammable Spot In Nusa Penida

Kelingking beach in Nusa Penida , Bali is one of the most sought after attractions for first timers and day trip visitors to the pristine island.

Quite honestly, I loved it so much, that if I was ever to revisit the Nusa islands, I would surely go back. Plus, you can really spend an entire day, chilling and exploring Kelingking beach. Sadly, due to lack of time, I had to break my day up and combine it with Angels billabong, which left us exhausted, especially with the arduous drive.

Why Kelingking beach is so popular

No doubt, this T-Rex shaped Kelingking secret point beach in the middle of the blue ocean makes for the most Instagram worthy shots. It is flocked by tourists trying to take selfies and travelers trying to be creative with their drone photography – basically, everyone trying to get the best picture at this overly popular spot.

Even though Nusa Penida has a LOT to offer, Kelingking almost single-handedly steals the show as the top Instagram spot, giving rise to its immense popularity.

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My Trip to KelingKing Beach Nusa Penida

It just so happened that the evening I arrived in Nusa Penida and checked into my hostel dorm at Full Moon Bungalows, I met a Swiss guy and we connected instantly. We both were eager to see the popular attractions and Kelingking was definitely top of our list.

With our bikes and explorer modes on, we headed towards the west coast of Nusa Penida. As we heard, all the top picturesque spots were on the west but as we learnt later, Atuh on the east was quite spectacular as well.

Heading towards the west, we purposefully avoided Broken beach as we were told the roads were the worst. We wanted to be extra careful on our very first day so we decided to be smart about it and headed to Angel’s billbong instead.

The road was a DISASTER, to say the least. I have never ever rode a bike in my life over such huge potholes and steep cracked roads – never! I now know why Nusa penida is notorious as a highly accident prone destination. Many a times we just wanted to turn back as it was no fun riding on pathetic roads in dust and sweat. However, we kept our focus and kept riding – after all we had come “that” far.

All the way we were wondering if this road is so horrible how bad would the road to Broken beach be!?

Lo behold! With our non existent research skills, little did we know that Angel’s billbong was right next to Broken beach.

We took comfort in the fact that we could see both attractions in one go and now that we conquered the worst road on the island, every other road would be a piece of cake – which turned out to be true.

Later we sipped some fresh coconut water and grabbed a bite to re-energize and decided to cover Kelingking also in the same day. I mean, after all it was just a 15 min ride from these attractions.

All I knew that there was NO WAY I wanted to drive all the way back on the same road again next day for Kelingking so we braved another ride in the scorching sun to see the famous T-Rex attraction!

I am glad we did.

Kelingking secret point beach

Clear blue waters at Kelingking

Kelingking beach turned out to be my absolute favorite spot on the west coast of Nusa Penida. It was simply stunning, even though I was half dead with the bone crushing ride in the blazing sun – I LOVED it!

As you can see even with my complete lack of energy, taking this Instagram worthy shot was simply a MUST! This surely is the top thing to do on Kelingking beach Nusa Penida.

Kelingking beach gopro

Kelingking beach – Gopro shot

KelingKing Secret Point Beach – Should you Go Down or Walk on T-Rex’s Back?

I would say a big yes if you are up for it. However, I would say NO if you feel you are pushing yourself.

Nusa Penida can get quite hot. I was sweating profusely and the drive to Kelingking is tricky to say the least. So, if you are covering several attractions on the west coast in the same day with this beach like – Angels Billabong and Broken beach, then don’t exert yourself by doing this steep hike.

Kelingking beach bali

The famous T Rex back – Kelingking beach

If, however, you have enough time on the island and only covering one attraction a day, then surely you must go down to the beach. I heard cases of people getting heat stroke by the time they climb down to the beach and have to be air lifted by the coast guards – You wouldn’t want to be that stupid traveler, would you? So, know your limits and judge accordingly.

Kelingking Beach Map

3G/4G signals are poor in Nusa Penida so I would advice to save this google map offline when you ride to Kelingking.

The road from Angels billabong to Kelingking is quite a lovely ride with trees offering shades on either sides and well-paved paths.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to Kelingking beach now and get that Instagrammable shot you have always dreamed of.


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