Human Slingshot Ride in Ibiza

Human slingshot ride was on my bucket-list since the time I heard fellow travelers and friends raving about the one in Singapore. So, I made my way to Clarke Quay to try the fabled ‘Reverse bungy’ during my maiden trip to this country. Needless to say, I chickened out after seeing this huge slingshot ride hurting those who were brave enough 160 kmph into the air like a cannon ball. I was nauseous simply looking at it!

Once I was back home, I was kicking myself for months wondering how it would be and why I wouldn’t try it. As someone who loves adventure and that amazing adrenaline rush, how could I have missed this wonderful chance to go flying off in the horizon at insane speeds? I wondered….

Anyways, luckily I got another chance while walking on the streets of Ibiza looking for the best parties in town. Not expecting it at all, my friend and I came upon a human slingshot ride, right in the middle of their bustling party district.

We checked our alcohol and adventure levels and decided we had to give it a go. With less tequila in our system, our nervousness levels were increasing and we thought it might be smarter to get some shots beforehand.

Heading to the first club we found (Paradise disc), we gulped down some tequila shots and danced for couple of hours – that took the edge off. So we thought it was “time” to push ourselves out of the comfort zone – into thin air.

As soon as we arrived next to the human slingshot ride, our adventure levels started dipping massively and the nauseating, unsettling feeling was back in my tummy – especially after looking at the riders before us! It wasn’t a pretty sight.

I almost chickened out again but then I remembered how I missed the reverse bungy in Singapore and how I have been regretting it ever since. Determined not to add another regret to my overflowing list, I made up my mind and paid for the ride.

My First Human Slingshot Ride

As soon as we paid for it, everything was a blur. Things happened so quickly that I could barely digest what was going on.

I kept pushing the “slingshot ride death” stories I read online out of my mind. After all, not everything you read online is true – right? Well, that was one way to convince myself to stop overthinking.

Within seconds, we were strapped in and ready to go.

The worst part of the ride are the first few seconds. For anyone who does not know how a slingshot works, let me explain. Basically a slingshot needs to be pulled back to be pushed forward at death defying speeds. So imagine being pulled back real slow, knowing any second you will be catapulted in air going round and round at gut wrenching speed and then drop down into nothingness. Now, that is the most unnerving part.

After few creaking seconds of being pulled back we were thrown into nowhere and screamed our guts out. Luckily for my friend, she closed her eyes so she didn’t witness any of the horrific mid-air events.

Well, since I recently discovered a slight phobia of heights, just being several meters in the sky is reason enough to shit my pants. Lucky for me I survived without shitting them and was so proud of finally trying the slingshot. I had to buy their DVD to prove to myself that I actually went through with this insane feat and heck I loved it!

Video of my Scream-A-Thon at the Human Slingshot Ride in Ibiza –

Have you ever tried this gut wrenching ride or would you want to? Tell me how you feel about this in comments below.

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