How to Generate Extra Cash While Traveling the Globe

It’s easy to overindulge when traveling on a budget and run into trouble when the cash begins to run low sooner than expected. Rather than ignoring the problem and hoping it’ll fix itself later in the year, here are some of the productive things one can do to top-up the cash reserves while away from home.

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Drawing or Painting Portraits

While it is a little unofficial, it’s possible to use your natural artistic talents to draw or paint portraits for people. One can be discreet about it by offering to make something for one of the backpackers staying at the hostel or guesthouse rather that setting up at a popular tourist location and risking getting in trouble with the law.

You could offer a 2 for 1 discount when couples order separate portraits. If you’re any good at creating funny caricatures of fellow guests, then this is also a fun way to inject some humor into your art too.


freelance work as nomad

Whether you’re a budding writer, a programmer, a virtual assistant or a graphic designer, there are many services that can be offered online while on the road. It doesn’t have to be a full-time gig either. Fit your tourism excursion around bookings for your assignments and bring some extra money in via PayPal or Payoneer. Sites like Upwork and Fiverr are places to start building up a portfolio before going it alone where you will be able to charge more for your services.

PADI Scuba Diving

If you’re staying near a beach where PADI scuba diving trips are offered to tourists, the operators are often looking for English-speaking, PADI-qualified divers who can help them out. The role is likely to be an unofficial one and the pay isn’t fabulous, but the perks are good. If it works out, the gig will maybe last until the season ends.

English Teacher

The old standby for many people on the road is to offer to cover a few English language classes at a local school. As long as you have previous experience with teaching or a teaching-related qualification (a TOEFL or something equivalent) then there will always be a demand for new teachers.

The larger cities usually have their fill of incoming foreign teachers looking for a placement, but try smaller towns that are usually crying out for a good English teacher but find it difficult to attract them. The pay won’t be as high, but the living costs will be lower and the experience of staying in that part of the world will be more authentic.

Getting Musical

musical on streets

Would you like to learn more about how to teach students to love music? Getting students to be enthusiastic about learning to read and play music is a challenge with some groups, but the online master of music in music education degree provides everything one needs. The online MMME program is easy to join and is ideal for anyone who already has a love of music and wants a way to share it with others.

Don’t despair if your money is running low when away traveling. It’s always possible to hit pause and find a way to get the dollars rolling in. It won’t be the largest amount of money you’ve ever earned, but in many parts of the world, traveling doesn’t cost the earth.

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