Fun and Easy Adventure Activities in Jayalgarh, Uttrakhand

I hadn’t spent a lot of time exploring Uttrakhand prior to my recent trip with Great Indian Outdoors (GIO). Thankful to have had the chance to indulge in adventure activities and high altitude treks, I felt rejuvenated and confident in my own abilities. Getting to explore off beat locales like – Chalkot, Kund, Jayalgarh, Auli, Chopta, Deoriatal and the likes was just the icing on the cake!

Jayalgarh formed the last leg of my ten day adventure trip. I was looking for new adventures and I wasn’t disappointed. With around 24 hours at hand, I got down to trying out everything this Himalayan eco lodge had to offer.

Jayalgarh Himalayan Eco Lodge

Jayalgarh Himalayan Eco Lodge

Adventure Activities in Jayalgarh

Short hikes

After trekking to Deoriatal and Tungnath, hiking seemed like child’s play to me. So when I was asked if I wanted to hike to the rappelling point (1 km) or take a cab (3 km), I put myself down for the hike without a second thought. I am glad I did so, as I simply loved walking through jungles and villages. I even waved to some kids and women collecting the fresh harvest. After spotting a Crimson sunbird, I was even more excited about our short hike.

Walking around the fields or upto the river in Jayalgarh is something I would highly recommend as the top activity to do in the area.


Hike to the rappelling point amidst tall trees 🙂


This was my second time rappelling and I hadn’t done it in the last 6 years. Even though the cliff we were to rappel off seemed small, I was a bit nervous when I was all geared up and ready to leap off. The guide who strapped me in informed me of their ropes and security which renewed my faith. After some encouragement from the guide, I was jumping off the cliff in just a matter of seconds.

Rappelling in Jayalgarh


This was my first time trying Zummering and I simply love to try new adventure activities. Zummering was a bit too easy for me as I simply had to propel mysefl atop a tiny cliff using ropes and hi end gear. It didn’t challenge me as much but I saw some kids doing it so I would suggest adding Zummering to your family adventure trip.


rapids in jayalgarh

Navigating our way through Grade 2 rapids

rafting jayalgarh

Lazy stretches call for a selfie!

Next morning, we decided to opt for rafting down a lazy 10 km stretch on the river Alaknanda. The rapids were small but plentiful and as always, white water rafting never disappoints me.

Bridge slithering

Getting ready to slither off this bridge

Getting ready to slither off this bridge

This was a new and fun activity for me. Slithering is basically exactly like rappelling, minus the rock. You get to go down a bridge, into the river, using two ropes to pace yourself. The entire setup was also very elaborate and I enjoyed it from the start till the very end when I was shoulder deep in water and finally swam to the shore.

bridge slithering

And there I go.. right into the cold waters of Alaknanda

Ducky boat

For the longest time, I thought it was a kayak but on a closer glance, I saw the difference – it was a ducky boat sorta like an inflatable kayak! I was told to hop on and row it. We even went straight into the rapids on the ducky boat which swayed fervently in the rapids. This is highly recommended for kids and adults alike.

maneuver the ducky boat

Trying to maneuver the ducky boat

I wasn’t exhausted when the day was over, in fact I was yearning for more. Maybe it’s time to plan my next adventure getaway already? Kayaking is also an option here or you can choose from any of these 10 awesome spots for Kayaking in India.

Now that was a fun filled 24 hour, wasn’t it? If you are looking for a short active weekend getaway from Delhi, Jayalgarh is the answer.


  1. Wow. Uttarakhand is where I can go at INR costs not the USD or Euro costs. Would try some day

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