Floating Market Lembang [What You Need to Know Before You Go]

Floating market Lembang Bandung, known as ‘Pasar Apung Lembang’ in Bahasa Indonesia, is a colorful, vibrant and modern attraction in North of Bandung. Even though I spent an year in Bandung, with weekly trips to Lembang, I visited this beautiful market once with my folks.

This Bandung floating market is quite similar to its counterpart in Thailand, though much smaller. You can find vendors selling stuff from their lovely cute boats on a big water body in the middle of the market.

One can easily spend a few hours at the Lembang floating market as it has various restaurants, kid zones, delightful local cuisine, souvenir shops and budget shopping options, apart from the usual vendors on boats. The lake taking up major part of this attraction is called the Situ Umar lake.

Why You need to Add Floating Market to your North Bandung Tour Itinerary?

Floating market Lembang Bandung

Posing in one of the fruit shops – but hey, can you tell that these aren’t real fruits?

A stroll around the Floating market Lembang, brings a multitude of wonderful photo opportunities.

On our way back from Tangkuban Perahu, my folks and I decided to check out this much talked about Bandung attraction and even though we weren’t expecting much, we were pleasantly surprised. I did read a lovely floating market Lembang review which enticed me to make it my next stop.

There is a lot to see an do around here. Plenty of chic restaurants line up the riverside like Rockpool, Mie & Bakso, Warung Lotek etc.

floating market lembang

Chilling by the riverside in one of the chic restaurants is an “activity” in itself

Apart from that there are several other attractions especially for kids like –  Miniatur Kerata Api with miniature trains to gawk at; Taman Kelinci a small petting zoo type enclosure for kids and Kampung Leuit a small replica Indonesian village, among others.

Floating market Lembang Bandung comes complete with all facilities like Mushola (Worship place for Muslims), clean WC’s and ample car parking space.

Best part about this floating market is no two vendors would sell the same product. You get a wide variety of food and items to choose from and the uniqueness of the entire place can brighten your day.

pisang goreng

A vendor selling pisang goreng – Indonesian Banana Fritters – Enak!

To purchase anything in the market you need to buy coins first – similar to how a food court works. I would recommend getting around IDR 50,000 ($4) per person to start with – you can always buy more later. Money goes a long way in Indonesia 😉

Floating Market Lembang Photo Diary

floating market lembang bandung indonesia

My folks at the Floating Market entrance

Lembang Floating market makes for perfect photo opportunities.

While kids and families enjoy the various attractions and cuisine, group of friends flock to the market just for Instagram shots and those fun filled floating market lembang youtube videos.

Floating market bandung

How Instagrammable is this place?

floating market lembang photo

Photo opps everywhere!

The market is clean and modern. Riverside cafes give a European vibe to the place and various shops and zones offer ample clickable options. Even as a non-blogger back then, I took all these pictures. I know I would probably go crazy taking pictures if I was to revisit now.

Lembang floating market

Mommy and daddy feeling like kids at the Lembang floating market

floating market bandung bandung

Amble spots to post here for entire family 🙂

riverside patio floating market

Surely riverside patio’s were my fave 🙂

Indonesian village replica

Traditional Indonesian village replica

Food on boat

More food on boats – yay

traditional floating market

Walking around and admiring the traditional look and feel!

How to Reach Floating Market in Lembang from Bandung City

It’s easy to drive down to the floating market from Bandung. However, if you don’t have a international license, simply book an Uber or local full day taxi.

I would suggest to take full day cab so you can visit nearby attractions in Lembang too like Tangkuban perahu, strawberry farms or even cafe Luwak manufacturing units at Kopi Luwak Cikole (It’s quite interesting to see how this famous “poop coffee” is made).  We covered all these attractions in a day trip from Bandung so its easy to see all these spots without feeling rushed or tired.

floating market boats

Row after row of vendors on boats

Where to Stay Near Floating Market?

There are so many choices for your hotel dekat floating market Lembang so its not easy to choose. Click here for top 10 hotels near floating market Lembang, as per Tripadvisor. Even though I was living in my rented apartment in Bandung, I heard great things about these Hotels in Lembang.

Floating Market Bandung Entrance Fee

Entry to the Lembang floating market comes at a very affordable tag.  Floating market Lembang harga tiket is just IDR 20,000 ($1.5) per person, which is a cover and can be used for soft drinks after you enter. So, its practically FREE!

Floating market Lembang in North Bandung

Floating Market Lembang Bandung Information

Since many people asked me floating market Lembang buka jam berapa, I thought I will add this useful info for all wisata floating market Lembang.

Address –  Jalan Grand Hotel No.33E, Lembang, Kabupaten Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat 40391, Indonesia
Opening hours – 0900 – 2000 Hrs Daily
Phone –  +62 22 2787766

Floating Market Lembang Map

Even though the market is not hard to find, its important to keep this floating market lokasi handy and save it on your google maps app

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So have you visited the Floating market Lembang Bandung? If not, add it to your list of attractions and if you are are still not convinced, read other reviews on TripAdvisor first.


  1. I am fond of floating markets. They are not just about shopping but beyond that. This place looks absolutely ‘Instagrammable’. Loved the pictures of your parents.

    • You should visit this 🙂 been to Bandung?
      Thanks yeah I love traveling w/t folks – wish I was blogging back then , pics would’ve been better for sure 🙂

  2. How long should I spend my time there?

    • Well thats up to you 🙂 If you want you can spend all day chilling, walking around and eating at various shops. Or, you can just quickly take a look and be done in an hour.

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