Escape Room Amsterdam – Solve The Mystery or Stay LOCKED!!!

Mystery has always been an important factor in fueling my adventures around the globe. Sometimes mysterious mountains beckon me, sometimes it is the tales of those who go off the beaten path and then there is this new rage of escape rooms which thrill me to no end.

After trying Ticket to Mystery in Bangkok and LOST in Hong Kong, I decided I simply HAD to try an escape room Amsterdam during my two month Euro trip.

For me, it has become more of a “travel must-do” to shake my brain cells and be encompassed totally into a game with a team of good friends.

Why You Need to Try Escape Rooms?

These mystery games take me back to the golden days of when we used to use our brains rather than rely on internet for everything, the days we actually played with friends without looking into our gadgets and the times we were childishly perplexed by the simplest things that were more often than not – right in front of our sight.

As Oscar Wilde wisely said, “The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.”

Role playing as your favorite detective character – be it Sherlock Holmes, Scooby doo or Nancy Drew, even if for an hour, can be very exciting. You think, talk and walk like a detective for 60 minutes. If you don’t solve the mystery you are doomed forever – or till the game master rescues you (Which is usually within minutes, don’t worry).

So for me, these escape rooms bring excitement and thrill of solving crimes using the power of your brain and random clues given to you – as a team. Its fun all the way .

The Best Escape Room in Amsterdam – SHERLOCKED

sherlocked amsterdam

After trying escape rooms in other cites of the world, I was really happy with the game style, level of intrigue and difficulty of clues at Sherlocked.

At this escape room in Amsterdam, you have two mind bending games – The Vault and The Architect. Depending on number of players, you can choose one or simply ask their friendly staff to suggest an opt game.

As soon as you confirm your booking, you will be sent a mysterious email. Their unique, interesting, booking confirmation email had me in splits and looking forward to the game day!

The location itself is underneath the old Amsterdam stock exchange giving it spooky vibes which are perfect for the game. Our game master was just the right amount of eccentric, adding to the “mystery” element.

If this does not make Sherlocked the best escape room in Amsterdam – what does?

Solving the mystery of The Architect

escape room amsterdam

The “in”famous Five Trying to Crack The Architect

We played the mind-bending game – The Architect and even with our collective mind power, we were not able to demystify it in 60 minutes.

However, the game itself was thrilling, exciting and extremely well curated. They had several clues which made us go “WOW” when cracked the code.

Mid-game there was a very extreme twist which had us alarmed and excited (In a good way). By the end of 45 mins, our adrenaline was pumping and we felt so close to escaping but alas… we could not.

So, wouldn’t you want to the know the answers to the secrets hidden by the members of the Crossed Keys?

Well, you would have to try your luck at cracking the game yourself. Be prepared for some exciting twists and turns is all I can say.
How to Book your Game?
Phone / Email – +31 (0)20 261 6433 /
Cost – Starting from €129 based on location and game

Escape Room Amsterdam Discount Code – Ready to book? Use this discount code for €10 off your first game with Sherlocked “wanderwithjo”.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your escape room Amsterdam at Sherlocked NOW! Have you tried any mystery rooms in Amsterdam? Tell me in comments below 🙂
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Disclaimer – Me and my friends were mysteriously invited to try the exciting game “Architect”.

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