Do You Know The Benefits of Sleeping on Natural Latex Mattress?

Latex is a natural material derived from the sap of a rubber tree. The elastic nature of latex mattress allows it to adapt perfectly to the shape of the body. Those of you who have slept on a latex mattress know that it feels amazingly soft at first touch but hardens up as the body settles deeper, providing full support to the body. Many individuals with musculoskeletal illnesses like back pain find relief in a latex mattress.

Latex mattresses come in different types of firmness levels which suit a wide range of sleepers. The key selling points of these mattresses include their natural bounciness, contour ability, and temperature regulation. The contour ability of the mattress offers relief from back and shoulder pain.

Types of Latex Mattresses

Latex mattress consists of either all-natural latex foam, a mix of natural latex with synthetic latex foam, or entirely synthetic latex foam. Here’s how you can differentiate between natural and synthetic latex.

  • Natural latex: It is also known as NR latex, all-latex, pure latex, or organic latex. It consists of 95% of the natural latex foam which is derived from the sap of rubber trees. This natural latex is mixed with a small cure package to turn it into bedding material. Natural latex beds are hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and naturally resistant to bacteria, dust mites, and moulds.
  • Synthetic latex: It is also called SBR latex and is created from petrochemicals to substitute the feel of latex foam. Synthetic latex offers a similar feel to natural latex at a much less cost. Natural latex mattresses are costlier due to their natural properties. Latex hybrid or blended latex mattresses are either fully synthetic or combine a mix of at least 30% natural latex with synthetic latex.

Here is a list of some of the most significant benefits of sleeping on a natural latex mattress:

  • Highly Comfortable

A natural latex mattress offers ultimate comfort. You will at first feel a soft sinking feeling on a latex mattress. A buoyant supportive sensation will immediately follow this feeling. This happens due to the natural springiness of latex, and it feels immensely comfortable.

  • Promotes Pain Relief

Latex mattresses are a perfect option for those of you who often experience back or joint pain. Various health professionals like physical therapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths suggest latex mattresses for pain relief. This is because these mattresses come with comfort and cushioning properties of the latex, as well as its property to promote natural spine alignment. In any case, if your sleep is being disturbed due to pain, a switch to a latex mattress could help significantly.

  • Natural Spine Alignment

Another major benefit of latex mattresses is its functionality to promote proper spine alignment. Heavier body parts like the shoulders and hips sink into the latex, whereas the lighter parts are strongly supported to align the spine naturally. This ability to support the natural curvature of the spine is highly beneficial for health and wellness, as well as keeping body pain away. Moreover, blood circulation is improved on a latex mattress due to the excellent pressure distribution it offers.

  • All-Natural

Latex is a derived from the sap of the rubber tree called Hevea brasiliensis. A highly comfortable foam mattress block is processed from this milky-white sap. When you lie down on a natural latex mattress, you feel a comforting springiness due to the natural properties of the latex. The best feature about them is that you do not have to worry about toxic chemicals or metals being present in the mattress, unlike other mattresses available in the market.

  • Natural Resistance to Mold and Dust Mites

A natural latex mattress is an ideal choice for a naturally hygienic and healthy sleeping environment. Latex is naturally moulded and dust-mite resistant, without the use of any added chemicals. This factor alone is a huge benefit for people living in warm and humid climates. Mattresses which are not at all mould resistant result in huge problems like visible mould growth. No individual wants to sleep on a bed which contains dust mites, mould, or chemicals. Hence, getting a natural latex mattress is the best thing you can do for your health.

Investing in a natural latex mattress will profoundly enhance your sleep quality and keep you away from developing a bad sleep pattern in the long run. Disruptive brands like Sunday Mattress offer luxurious, and some of the best latex mattresses made of 100% Belgian latex and are entirely sourced from Belgium. These mattresses provide a unique feel that’s made them a favourite among many sleepers.

Happy sleeping!

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