Datca to Bodrum Ferry – Slow Travel on the Aegean Sea

Kairos Marina
Kairos Marina

When my friend suggested we take the Datca to Bodrum ferry with our campervan and his dog, I was skeptical, to say the least.

Since we had been campervanning across Turkey for around a month, I was already used to the van life and enjoying the stunning roads Turkey had to offer. Plus with my motion sickness, I wasn’t so sure of faring well on the high seas.

My other apprehensions included taking a dog and van on board – like, was it even possible or allowed?

Kairos Marina sunset

Stunning Kairos Marina at sunset

On the other hand, having spent 4 weeks in Turkey without being on a ship or a boat, even though we crossed 3 seas, was something we definitely wanted to change.

Taking the Datca to Bodrum ferry was a sure shot way to get a taste of being “on Turkish waters.”

Datca to Bodrum Ferry – Amenities and What to Expect

Datca has strong winds almost all the time hence you see the entire scenery lined with windmills.

I was very worried about the ferry ride due to this fact. Strong winds translate to rough seas. I don’t even fare well on smooth waters so I was very nervous about the ride.

Our ferry “Fahri Kaptan 2” from Datca to Bodrum started from Kairos Marina in Datca Mugla.

datca ferry boat

Our boat – Fahri Kaptan 2

The marina itself was extremely pretty, lined with cafes and over priced supermarkets. Be sure to get your snacks beforehand if you don’t want to end up paying more at the marina or on the boat itself.

Kairos Marina

Kairos Marina lined with cafes

The deck was small and cute. I spent the entire time just standing on the deck, enjoying the splendid scenery lined by windmills and other ships.

With the sun on my face and wind in my hair, it was the perfect 2 hours and I wasn’t motion sick even once. The seas were not rough at all even though the winds didn’t change.

This Datca ferry was fully equipped with all basic amenities, clean washrooms, coffee/ tea stall and ample space on both top and lower decks.

datca bodrum ferry ameneties

Tea/ coffee stall on ferry

lower deck datca ferry

Lower deck – Indoors

Upper deck datca ferry

Upper deck – open air

As we started cruising closer to Bodrum, spotting the exotic sea side houses definitely gave me goals. I was wondering what it would be like living in one of those fancy cliffside mansions overlooking the sea.

Waking up to fresh sea breeze every day – well, I could certainly get used to that.


Fancy cliffside apartments in Bodrum

As we approached the marina in Bodrum, I noticed hoards of visitors and ships. This marina was way busier than the quiet Kairos marina where we embarked.

bodrum marina

Hoard of ships at Bodrum marina

Our experience was certainly enhanced by the fact Datca is much more serene and has not yet been taken over by tourists.

Datca is certainly not on all tourist maps and still very much unexplored with huge stretches of isolated beaches sprinkled across its stunning coastline.

I was thrilled we were going the other way around from Bodrum to Datca as the experience would certainly not be the same.

Datca Bodrum Ferry Costs, Time and Booking Information

Kairos Marina

Kairos Marina

Time taken to get to Bodrum from Datca by ferry is a little under 2 hours vs over 3 hours by road. The difference is not as much and the ferry cost (especially with our van) was certainly not cheap, as per Turkish standards.

We ended up shelling out a little over $100 for this 2 hour ride. The per-passenger rate was just 115 Turkish lira (Around $6).

Booking can be done online on this site – https://bodrumferibot.com.tr/termal/ and here are the latest prices – https://www.bodrumferibot.com/fiyat-bodrum-datca?lang=en

Please note you can only use a Visa card for the online booking.

Ofcourse, you can also buy tickets at the Marina itself but I would recommend prior booking if you are on a set schedule.

All in all, taking the Datca to Bodrum ferry is a great way to slow travel and certainly an excellent add-on to your Turkish itinerary.

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