Broken Beach aka Pasih Uug – Nusa Penida’s Popular Attraction

My recent visit to Nusa Penida was undoubtedly induced by gawking at pictures of Broken Beach and Kelingking on Instagram. These two are perhaps the most popular spots on the island and I can see why.

Broken beach is locally known as Pasih Uug, and is a lovely 360 degree limestone formation with a cut through arch in between which lets the waves in. This makes for a unique and eye popping natural attraction driving hoards of local as well as global visitors.

Broken beach - stunning attraction of Nusa Penida

Broken beach – stunning attraction of Nusa Penida

Nestled in the beautiful west coast of Nusa Penida, this beach has perhaps the worst roads ever. As they say locally, ‘Be careful – the road to Broken beach is.. well, broken!’

I didn’t quiet realize how bad it was till I rode a bike in the blazing heat to this attraction of Nusa Penida.

Boy! This road really was broken. Filled with rocks, cracks and bumps, as well as steep slopes, it took all of my concentration to drive to the beach. Since I am from India, I am used to bad roads but I have never seen such a horrible path.

Word of cautionIf you don’t have a lot of experience riding a bike, just hire a tour guide you can pillion with or if in a group, get a cab. Save yourself a bike accident and avoid ruining your vacation out of self confidence!

Most of my leisurely evenings on the quiet island of Nusa Penida were spent hearing stories about bike accidents and deaths so let’s have a safe vacation, first and foremost.

Tips for Photography at the Broken Beach Nusa Penida

Broken beach arch

Broken beach arch

  • Best time to visit Broken beach is as early as possible to avoid the maddening crowds and day tourists from Lembongan. Hence, that makes it the best time for photography as well.
broken beach

Avoid the crowds, you don’t want those tiny dots in your pictures (aka people)

gopro beach photography

SO Glad I carried my GoPro for this wide angle shot

  • There is a spot overlooking the arch where they often put a chair so you can take pictures from a higher viewpoint – use it. It gives excellent birds eye type view.
Broken beach photo

Trying out this “photo spot” with my friend!

  • Ground level shots are also great here and having an object (yourself or a friend) in your shots will enhance your photos – showing the landscape with perspective of a person.
Pasih Uug

Ground level shots with an object can turn out really well

How to Reach Broken Beach

Well, you can kill two birds with one stone here. Broken beach is practically next door to Angels billabong, so follow signs to either of the attractions and you are golden. Also save your map offline on the phone as signage is not excellent and connectivity on the island is poor.

broken beach nusa penida

Birds eye view of broken beach

Broken beach Map

Here’s a google map for the Broken beach in Nusa Penida if you wish to save it offline and navigate better.

So if you happen to be in Nusa Penida don’t miss Broken beach and other gems of it’s mesmerizing west coast.

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