Stunning Blangsinga Waterfall [Aka Tegenungan Waterfall] in Bali, Indonesia

blagsinga waterfall
My silly risky stunt just coz I like living on the edge - DO NOT try this at the falls

On my adventure day out with fellow bloggers from JournalistonTheRun and TravelOntheBrain, we covered a few new places in a single day. After a fun couple of hours at the spooky abandoned theme park of Taman festival , we went for a quick lunch at Sanur beach.

While enjoying the delicious food at a local beach shack, we pondered upon the closest fun mini adventure we could opt for. Already tired from the heat and walking around Taman festival, we thought a waterfall would be a great idea. It sounded refreshing in the sweltering heat at least.

A quick google search showed us the nearest waterfall was a good 30 mins drive from Sanur. Zeroing in on Blangsinga waterfall as our next destination, we headed off where the GPS guided us.

Blangsinga aka Tegenungan Waterfall in Gianyar – Photos, Tips and What to Expect

Once we parked our vehicles and followed the signs to the waterfall, we saw a small ticket booth. We had to buy an inexpensive entry ticket here for around IDR 15,000 (Approx 1 USD) per person.

blahsinga entry fee

Janet buys her $1 entry ticket to the waterfall at the counter

Next we saw a sign leading to the waterfall and we could easily see a steep hike down.

blagsinga falls

Way to the falls is clearly marked with this sign

Depending on which village you enter from, the name of the waterfall varies from Blangsinga or Tegenungan. Don’t be confused though, they are both the same waterfall, with different entry points.

Luckily, a cool new D’Tukad river beach club has just opened few months ago and it makes the walk down that much more entertaining. With thumping beats, amazing decor and cool vibes of D’Tukad club, there’s never a dull moment in your mini trek down to the waterfall.

d'tukad river club

The kick ass D’Tukad river club

Before you head all the way down, I would recommend chilling at the beach club for a while (you can also opt to relax here on your way back up, when you will surely be more sun stroked and tired).

From the top, you must take these killer waterfall shots but be careful as there are no ropes or barricades at this edge.


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Surely, they make for stunning pictures but don’t get too close to the edge (like I did), else you will have locals shooing you away. I noticed they closed this area for pictures right after I pulled this silly stunt (DO NOT do this) –

blagsinga waterfall

My silly risky stunt just coz I like living on the edge – DO NOT try this at the falls

Another excellent spot for pictures is all the way down from the waterfall bed. Blangsinga can get pretty busy and it was easy to see it was a popular Instagram spot of Bali.

At 25 meters, the water gushes down Petanu river and looks absolutely amazing. Wear sturdy, comfy non slip, footwear for the trek and especially if you want to take pictures from strategic spots.

Tegenungan Waterfall bali

Sturdy shoes are a must for this slipper terrain

There are several shops selling cold drinks, Bintangs and snacks or head to the amazing D’Tukad River club for a relaxed day.

Tegenungan Waterfall

Chilling in this pool at D’Tukad is definitely my idea of relaxing after this adventure

How to Reach Blangsinga Waterfall

Blangsinga is closest to Ubud but can be easily accessed from Canggu, Sanur and all parts of Bali. Roads are good right up to the fall and barring a short trek in the hot summer sun, there are no challenges to reach Blangsinga with a GPS.

blangsinga Tegenungan Waterfall

Our heroic girl boss gang made it easily on our scooties – so can you 🙂

Blangsinga and Tegenungan Waterfall Map

So have you seen any waterfalls in Bali? Blangsinga waterfall surely needs to be on your bucket list of Bali explorations.

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