Unwinding at the Exotic Bintan Lagoon Resort

Bintan Island in Indonesia is popular among travelers from Singapore due to its close proximity with the country. With lovely pristine beaches, exotic golf resorts, amazing water sport options and dense mangrove forests, Bintan is an upcoming tourist destination in the Riau Archipelago.

One of the major highlights of visiting Bintan for me was our stay at the ultra luxurious Bintan Lagoon resort. This resort is a one stop destination for all kinds of travelers. It is spread across vast 300 hectares and has its own ferry terminal for visitors from Singapore. With its own private beach, two huge 18 hole golf courses, 470+ villas and luxury suites, 50+ land and water activities, there is no dearth of entertainment options in-house. So if you are a serious golfer or just a lazy beach bum, adventure enthusiast or a luxury seeker – Bintan lagoon resort has it all!

Room and Ambiance at Bintan Lagoon Resort

As soon as you enter the resort, you are bound to be impressed by the grand scale of things. From the massive lobby to the impressive swimming pool, they surpass your expectations and you are left with a great ‘first impression’.

bintan lagoon resort

First impressions last forever, right? Check out this stunning view!

Still, when I entered my room, I was taken aback by the sheer size of it. It was huge with a lovely veranda and a hot tub in the bathroom (this is a must for me, you see!).

My lovely room at Bintan Lagoon resort

My lovely room at Bintan Lagoon resort

All through the day, you can lazy around in their lounge chairs to enjoy the amazing views of palm trees overlooking the lagoon shaped pool, which keeps tempting you for a dip.

View from a lounge chair

View from a lounge chair

On the other side of the resort, there is a private beach where you can go for a swim or simply to enjoy one of the many water activities the resort has to offer.

Private beach at Bintan Lagoon Resort

Private beach at Bintan Lagoon Resort

Bintan Lagoon Resort Activities

With over 30 water activities and 20 land sports, it is tough to choose which activity to opt for.

ATV Ride

Riding an ATV was definitely my kind of adventure. It was my first time, so it was that much more exhilarating when I rode this bad baby. Riding on sand dunes, rocks and bushes with epic tracks done up by the resort, was simply an incredible adventure.

Me on the badass ATV!

Me on the badass ATV!

Almost hit a tree and got stuck in sand, plus as a first time rider my thumb was pretty sore as you have to pull the clutch/break constantly to ride steadily. Overall, a fantastic experience which I would not mind opting for again.


I have been Kayaking in Laos, Thailand and few other places; finally realizing that I am not very good at paddling – at all! I skipped this activity but few others opted for it and had a great time especially with the awesome views and clear waters.

Kayaking in Bintan

Kayaking in Bintan. Photo Credit – Juno Kim from RunawayJuno


Again, archery is something I suck at. Tried it once in Mukteshwar and didn’t even hit the board, let alone get close to the bull’s eye. However, it can be fun if you have a slight sense of direction and can aim (unlike me!).

Apart from these 3 popular activities at the resort which our group tried and enjoyed, there are several more like – fishing, jet ski, banana boat, surfing, snorkeling, water skiing etc.

Disclaimer – My stay at Bintan Lagoon Resort was complimentary as part of Trip of Wonders sponsored by Indonesia tourism board. However, all inputs, ideas and opinions are, as always, my own. 


  1. You brought back those wonderful memories. 🙂

    I could have stayed a few more days here. The place has so much to offer!

  2. Bintan is fantastic. Had no idea that there was something that close to Singapore. Beautiful rooms, great beach and both kayaking and atv’s. All things I love to do so this has to go on my list. We fly through Singapore frequently and we can do this for a side trip.

  3. A week on a tropical island is just what I need! Bintan would be the perfect stop when flying through Singapore. Note to self: must remember to take time out soon!

  4. Wow this resort looks amazing! Your room looks very nice. Would love to visit, Bintan Island in Indonesia once. I have been to Bali, Gili, Java and Sumatra. Will defenitely visit Bintan Island next time. Thanks for sharing!

  5. That lagoon looks amazing. You wouldn’t be able to get me away from it. I’ve never done an ATV ride, but I bet that was an awesome experience too. My best friend from college moved to Indonesia for a few years and she always raved about it. I will need to add it to my bucket list.

  6. I have been to Singapore for ovee 100 times but l never knew that a ferry trip to Bintan is really worth it. I should come there soon!!!!!

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