BIG BERRY – Workation on the Kolpa River in Slovenia

As per Wiktionary, workation is ‘A vacation that combines business and leisure.’

As a travel blogger, this is the only kind of vacation I can ever have. This can be both positive as well as negative. However, I value my freedom to roam the world over everything else and hence, workations trump for me.

I am not the one to keep my laptop behind on my worldly adventures and there’s never a day of complete digital detox (Unless I am in the remote jungles of India).

So for me, every vacation is a workation and if I say Big berry in Slovenia is the ultimate workation destination – You better take my word for it 🙂

Reasons to Choose Big Berry as your Workation Destination

Working at Big berry

Working and chilling at Big berry

Mobile houses at Big Berry are the epitome of relaxation, luxury, nature and comfort. If this is not the perfect ingredient for productivity, then what is?

Here’s why Big berry kolpa needs to be on every digital nomad’s bucket list –

Healthy Body leads to Healthy Mind

Fun filled activities by the river Kolpa, coupled with the goodness of local organic produce ensure you stay fit on the go.

organic big berry

Goodness of local fresh produce every day at Big Berry

From various water activies like canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding and slides to daily yoga sessions; from cycling to hiking; from rock climbing to berry picking, there is something for all sorts of travelers and age groups.

Paddleboarding at Big berry kolpa

Paddleboarding at Big berry kolpa

Big berry believes in a healthy work – life – body equilibrium and that’s exactly what a good workation needs.

Productive Co-working environment

Big berry has an amazing work environment.

Just grab your laptop and sit in the lobby or the awesome open air verandah with other like minded people. Big berry’s in house and remote team is extremely talented and always around sharing their intellect.

big berry slovenia

Share ideas, collaborate or just do your own thing

From designers to photographers, social media experts to communication gurus, they are always around adding to the pleasant and resourceful co-working space.

Learning from others and finding fellow nomads working on their goals, is always a good motivation. So much better than sitting in a small dull cubicle at work – isn’t it?

work style slovenia

Sipping beer and working – so much better than sitting in an office!

Rejuvenate your Senses amidst Nature and Enhance Creativity

Say bye bye to writers block when you are amidst nature at Big Berry. Whenever you feel the need to take a break, just take a dip in the Kolpa river or hop on a bike and wander off to nearby forests and streams. When you come back you can focus better and the idea of the next break can keep you going.

In the evenings, you can simply shut down from the day’s work by star gazing at the spectacular sky. Next day, just hit refresh with a strong cup of local coffee.

big berry cubana

Hit refresh in one of the cubanas with a warm mug of coffee and healthy organic bf

If this is not the best co-living / working arrangement, then what is?

Lots of Down Time for Good Measure

We have all heard the saying – “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.”

This holds very true.

relax big berry

Take time off – Just relax in the cubanas overlooking the river

It’s important to just take a break and enjoy an evening drinking local Vazir beer with fellow workaholics. There need to be days/ times when you simply forget about work.

butterfly chairs

Comfy butterfly chairs whenever you need to just sit back and chill

Big Berry hosts movie nights where you can unwind on a bean bag with a glass of wine whilst watching your favorite flick.

If that’s not enough, you can always go back to your private open air Jacuzzi anytime.

jacuzzi big berry

My favorite place to relax at Big Berry – private Jacuzzi

Explore Amazing Spots Nearby

For the perfect workation, don’t forget the integral vacation part.

Spend your weekends exploring the lovely area of Bela Krajina

Take a tour of the old mill and check out the exotic Krupa river spring, enjoy local wines and home cooked food – all in the vicinity of Big Berry Kolpa.

Krupa river spring

Krupa river spring

You can choose to wander around for a few hours everyday or keep complete weekends for explorations. There is lot to see and do around and you can even make weekend trips to Croatia.

So if this is not the recipe for a perfect workation destination, then what is?

Ready to have a productive workation? Book now!

Website –
Address – Primostek 50, 8332 Gradac, Slovenia
Contact – +386 64 241 311

big berry

Big thanks to everyone at Big Berry for a memorable workation

Disclaimer – I was a guest of Big Berry Kolpa however, all opinions are unbiased and conjured up in the bubbly waters of my hot tub. 


  1. I love all the different, cool seating areas they offer! It looks like there’s something for everyone!

    • Absolutely. You can never get bored of this place. You can work/chill at the park, by the river (or heck ON the river), butterfly chairs splattered all around, lobby areas etc .. etc.. no dearth of cool chill spots.

  2. This looks cool, I know its been around for a while, and I have always wanted to go try it out. Hopefully one of these years ill be in the right area at the right time to do this!

    • I know what you mean Kimberly. I have been reading about Big berry for a good two years now and finally got a chance to visit 🙂 SOOOO worth it and totally knocked my expectations outta the door.

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