Best Carry-On Backpack for Digital Nomads by Standard Luggage Co

As a travel blogger, who spends a lot of time on the road, I am in love with my usual  set of backpacks, which I carried all over  Asia, Europe, South Africa and India without any major issues. However, with passage of time and the new innovations in the travel industry regarding minimalist travelling, I began my search for that ideal luggage travel companion.

I am almost always working on the go, so my laptop constitutes of one luggage item, my camera is another and then my main bag for clothes and all miscellaneous items. This means, even though I am traveling light, I am carrying atleast three different items which has been a hassle, needless to say.

Did I find the perfect backpack for digital nomads?


You bet I did!

Lo Behold, Enter – Standard Luggage, and their creative carry-on backpack as a solution to all my luggage needs.

Why is the Carry-On backpack by Standard Luggage a good choice?

I checked off the main points and it ticks all the boxes. For example –

Does it have a separate laptop pocket? – We all know it is important for me to carry my laptop everywhere and to keep my precious baby safe. This bag offers well padded special laptop pocket so I can tug it along easily and safely wherever I go.

Is it waterproof? – It is 100% waterproof plus it comes with a cover to protect from dirt too.

Does it fit in cabin baggage (For those low cost airlines, when you don’t want to end up paying extra for check-in bags)? – Yup, it is the perfect size for cabin bags.

Where are my backpack straps? – You won’t see them at first, but the straps are tucked away nicely in a separate zipper at the back.

carry-on backpack by Standard Luggage

Totally digging my new carry-on backpack by Standard Luggage

My careful analysis of the Carry-On Backpack

Since this was a recently launched product, my untrained eye strained for details to set it apart from the other products of similar range available in the market. Having done that,  I was pleasantly surprised by its usability. Not only can this bag be used as a normal backpack, but with a few dynamic adjustments, could be used as a professional shoulder bag, and an even more stylish suitcase, should by any chance you need to head straight to your place of work  from the airport or the railway station.

The expandable capacity option available also turned out to be a super hit. The Carry-on backpack comes with a zipper that allows the bag to expand from its normal capacity of 35L to 45L, just in case you needed to do a journey where there are no baggage size and weight limitations, like road,rail etc. In case you were to travel by air, then the 35L suitcase is perfectly designed to conform to the exact dimensions demanded by most airlines.

adventure backpack

Took the carry-on for a test hike and it scored full marks!

The front loading feature, too, was an excellent innovation as not only it offered easy access to all the stuff, but came with a 15 inch laptop sleeve. This piece of magic not only took care of storing the laptop conveniently for security checks at the airport, but were handy for keeping the power cords and other electronic devices as well.

If all this is not enough, the built in pockets and zippered pouches do a fantastic job to store a lot of small but important stuff. Things like sim cards, locks and photographs can get easily misplaced, but these pockets fit the bill to a tee. The bag also comes with a waterproof cover, which can come in handy anytime. The biggest and unbeatable selling asset of the Carry-on backpack is the attached lifetime warranty.

With so many plus points, this fantastic and perfect backpack for nomads from Standard Luggage looks like a best seller,which it fortunately is. My perfectionist mind, however strove to look for the negative points, and rather reluctantly I have to point out just one. There is no space provided for a water bottle. However, I must say that does enhance its professional appeal as a suitcase/ shoulder bag for the times you are headed to a meeting straight from the airport (this almost always happens with hectic media trips). This is also the reason, I term this bag as the best for digital nomads (not just nomads and backpackers).

My perfect travel companion now on..

My perfect travel companion now on..

My final thoughts, however, tend to an agreeable decision of having the Standard Luggage carry on bag as my travel companion. Surprisingly, I even wonder how I managed to travel all over the world, all these days without having one.

Watch this video demo of this perfect work-life travel bag –

At $179, free worldwide shipping, lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee, this bag is a steal! Go on and buy it now. And here’s the icing on the cake. Just for the readers of my blog, StandardLuggage has offered a flat 10% discount on all orders on their site. Simply use coupon code – WANDERWITHJO-10 at checkout to avail this special offer on or before 30th October. Visit their website now to place your order.

Disclaimer – I was offered the carry on backpack by Standard Luggage for review purpose. All opinions are unbiased and my own.


  1. Looks like an awesome carry-on with all the essentials! Waterproof is a big thing for me so I’m glad this is waterproof. My laptop is too heavy I think but I’m sure it’d fit (I think I need a thinner laptop lol). Thanks for sharing your review!!

  2. An awesome bag. A highlight for me is the waterproofing and that it is a perfect carry on size! I don’t normally bring my laptop on travels, but another great feature for sure.

  3. Love it – I have been looking for a one bag solution as carry on to save lots of mulah with those pesky budget airlines. You may be on to a winner here!

  4. That looks like a perfect backpack at a great price. Love the laptop sleeve. It’s great that it is waterproof and the right size for the cabin. Definitely something I would use.

  5. Pretty cool backpack! Everything you need in one little bag!

  6. This is a pretty cool backpack. I agree with you when goes to low budget airlines, they are tricky into getting you to pay extra fee for checked in baggage! So nice to see we have another option for good backpacks 🙂

  7. Looks like a great backpack. I have a couple, but I’m not crazy about them. I’ll have to check this one out.

  8. The backpack is always a big topic for conversation. This particular one looks pretty nice, however I’m not a fan of the colour orange ahah. Do they have it in another colour?

  9. Perfect timing– I’ve been shopping for a new bag. I’ll check this one out!

  10. This post is right on time! I have been on the hunt for a new multi-purpose travel bag. I’ll definitely be checking this out.

  11. Spot on! I just broke the strap of my bag pack and I was thinking to buy a new one. I guess I can consider this one!

  12. great just ordered mine, hope the bag is as good as this review.

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