Bela Krajina Slovenia Travel Guide [Things to do, Itinerary & Attractions]

Bela Krajina aka White Carniola lies on the front foot of the ‘chicken shaped map’ of Slovenia.

Slovenia turned out to be my favorite European country on my current Euro trip and rightly so. As an outdoor/nature lover, the region of Bela Krajina captivated me and left me wanting more. I could totally envision myself spending a few months adventuring around this small country, while keeping Big Berry as my workation base.

From small towns, quaint villages and greenery all around, the region of Bela Krajina was where I spent most of my time in Slovenia. Later I decided to check out the capital of Ljubljana for a few days, which did not disappoint either.

Overall, my time in Slovenia was well spent and I would highly recommend it to all wayfarers.

Check out my complete Bela Krajina travel guide for the best experience in Slovenia.

Things to do on Bela Krajina Slovenia

With so much to see and do in Bela Krajina, you can be spoilt between relaxing and exploring. I could spend all day kayaking on river Kolpa or just laying on the well manicured gardens of Big Berry. Cycling in the nearby forests and walking around town are all good options too. However, with just four days in hand, I had to divide my time into – exploring, relaxing and working.

I believe I managed to juggle all three very well and here are my favorite things to do in Bela Krajina.

Visiting the lovely Krupa River Spring

Krupa river spring is one of the prettiest natural attractions in Bela Krajina region. If you are looking for the best Instagram spots in Slovenia, this would be right there on the top of the list.


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The water is sparking blue with fresh green foliage all around. This makes for stunning landscape views – right out of a fairy tale. You might have to pinch yourself to be sure you are not dreaming. This place is pure magic.

Krupa river spring

The stunning Krupa river spring

The spring is the source of the beautiful 2.5 km stretch of river Krupa. There are a couple of benches where you can sit in solitude while trying to grasp the immense beauty that surrounds you.

A must visit on your trip to Bela Krajina.

Stand up Paddle boarding with Kolpa Adventures

Looking for adventure sports in White Carniola? Well, there are plenty of fun water activities on the Kolpa organized by Big Berry  like canoeing, kayaking, water slides, swings, rock climbing (you fall in the river if you miss) etc. However, stand up paddle boarding by Kolpa adventures, was the most interesting of the lot for me – Especially since it was my very first attempt.

With my crooked balance and weak swimming skills, I hopped on to a paddle board and starting rowing. Oh, did I mention that paddling is not exactly my area of expertise either?

paddleboarding slovenia

When you cant paddle or stand – but still have fun!

I bet the people chilling by the river had fun watching me try and stand up on the paddle board, shaking profusely, scared shit of falling into the river with my feeble swimming talent. After finally standing up for a few pictures (That’s proof I did it !!!!), I perched on my knees and decided to learn basics first. Started paddling to get a hang of it and ended up in the shrubbery on either sides of the river. After a fun one hour of trying and failing, I declared stand up paddle boarding is not a sport for me.

Even then, it was a whole lot of fun and my friends Ola and Lavina were instant experts and participated in the fun Big Berry challenges as well.

Tour of Old mill at Domacija Kuzma

Want to learn how bread was made in the golden era? Th old mill at Domacija Kuzma is the perfect showcase of centuries of different methods and tools used for making bread.

Tour guide and lovely owner of the mill Urška Kuzma showed us around and explained the entire process. Later, we went down to the spring to enjoy some downtime among nature.


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Urška gave us some shots of Rakija to see if we could distinguish the flavors and guess the herbs used. Rather, we ended up a tad tipsy. It was just lovely to sit and chill by the river , though if we had more time, I would love to go kayaking here.


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Cycling in Primostek

Primostek is a small village in Metlika, Bela Krajina. At Big Berry Primostek, you can simply take one of their awesome cycles and explore the lovely area of Primostek. Cross forests, bridges, Kolpa river and ride along long winding roads. You will probably see a handful of cars of the streets but that’s about all.

Cycling in primostek

Lovely forest in Primostek

Its a lovely ride in any direction you choose to go in Metlika. My friend and I parked inside a forest and had a lovely view point overlooking the river. This was one of the hightlights of my trip for sure.


Our awesome spot amidst trees and shrubs, overlooking the river

Wine tasting at Malnarič winery

Your trip to Bela Krakina is not complete till you try the amazing local brews and wines. This area is perfect for vinyards and hence is home to several amazing wineries.

wine slovenia

Time to try Samoel’s kick ass wine

We visited the amazing Manaric winery owned by the wonderful, friendly, always smiling – ‘Samoel‘ and he made sure we had a gala time trying his fantastic wines. Fun conversations over delectable Rose was call of the evening.

Local food at Domačija Šrajf

Chef and owner Sonja Škof floored us with the awesome home cooked food. We were served with a full 5 course meal made from fresh organic produce.

bela krajina food

With Sonja coz she fed us well – *Burp*

If you happen to be in Bela Krajina, a visit to Domačija Šrajf to try Sonja’s wonderful cuisine is a must.

Night Activities in Bela Krajina

There are many things to do in Bela Krajina at night too, especially if you are staying at Big Berry.

Our first night was spent relaxing in our open air, private hot water jacuzzi attached to our mobile house. Red wine and candles added to the effect, making it a wonderful first night in Slovenia.

Lovely Private jacuzzi at Big Berry

Lovely Private jacuzzi at Big Berry

The next night was a movie night and we gathered around on bean bags with Vazir beer in hand. We even went on a midnight berry picking spree on impulse.

Lastly, star gazing is one of the perfect evening activities in Bela Krajina. The sky is almost always dark and cloudless, making it excellent for star gazing. If you are lucky or stare into the sky long enough, you can surely see some shooting stars and even the milky way.

Where to Eat in Bela Krajina

Gostisce Veselic

Gostisce Veselic

Fresh fish at Gostisce Veselic

This was the very first dining option we tried in Slovenia and we all loved it to bits. I tried a lovely local fish which was cooked to perfection and my friends had equally delightful meat dishes. You simply cannot go wrong with anything you order at Gostisce Veselic.

Fresh Organic produce at Big Berry

organic big berry

Goodness of local fresh produce every day at Big Berry

At Big Berry, you can order any amount of awesome fresh organic goodness for breakfast. You get options of all sorts of local produce like ghee, bread, eggs, jam, juice, yogurt, butter, milk and more to kick start your day. Personally, this was among the best bread I have ever had in my life.

Gostilna Muller

Gostilna Muller

Dining and wining at Gostilna Muller

Our lovely dinner place on last night was Gostilna Muller with excellent outdoor seating and cozy indoors. After a wonderful cheese stuffed chicken breast and unlimited salad buffet, I was too full to even move. This was practically after every meal in Bela Krajina, I would say.

Domačija Šrajf

Domačija Šrajf

No fuss, home cooked food in homely atmosphere at Domačija Šrajf

Sonja’s home-cooked food surely makes the cut.

Where to Stay in Bela Krajina Slovenia?

Big Berry in Primostek is the absolute go to choice for your stay in Bela Krajina. With so much to see and do, there is never a dull  moment here. Perfect for workation, families, friends or couples; these mobile homes are keys to complete rejuvenation.

big berry kolpa

Perfect place to live in Bela Krajina – Big Berry – Work, Play, Relax!

Tons of fun activities like yoga, rock climbing, volleyball, star gazing, kayaking, paddleboarding, swing, slides, canoeing, cycling, picnics, movie nights etc are on the charts if you choose to stay at the wonderful Big Berry.

Disclaimer – I was a guest of Big Berry Kolpa river for a wonderful four days. All activities were wonderfully hosted by Big Berry and immensely enjoyed by us.

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